Thursday Update on Begusarai Sept 20th

Thursday Update on Begusarai Sept 20th

Poonam and bindya are sitting outside police station. Poonam says drink water at least. Let me bring you water. She goes to take water. A car comes and some thugs stop by bindya. She says who are you? They say we are sending you to your husband. One of them is about to stab her. Other says take her to the side. don’t do it here. They say you really love your husband? We will send you to him. He wants to cut bindya’s throat. Reporters come there. The thugs run. Poonam comes as well. The media persons ask Bindya what happened? Who wanted to kill you?
Constable calls inspector who is sitting with dadda ji and mitlesh. he says we are coming there don’t worry. Inspector says to mitlesh you didn’t have to do this. you wanted me to do what you want and you sent
your thugs to kill her there. Mitlesh says i haven’t. I could kill her myself. Mitlesh says you better talk to dadda ji. Inspector says media has reached there. This will be a breaking news. I cant help you anymore. Sorry. He leaves.

Reporter asks bindya what you want? She says i came here to file an FIR. Mitlesh has killed my husband, he was jealous of priyom and wanted to be bahu bali. I never thought he would kill him. He bribed the cops. These thugs would have killed me we as well. If you didn’t come.
Mitlesha asks dadda ji what to do now? He says go home.

Reporter says a girl called us and told us about the attack on Bindya. Poonam recalls she saw thugs going towards police station and she called media. Bindya says poonam? I wont forget your favors. She hugs her.
Cops are still trying to break the door. they come out and says what is happening here? Go from here media. Inspector comes, reporters ask him questions. He says I went to badi haveli to record statements. I will get arrest warrents and arrest mitlesh. Till then please stop all this and let law prevail. Bindya is dazed.

Lakhan asks poonam how is bindya? She says yes. She was worried now better. He says i saw on TV. he says are you okay? you haven’t eaten anything. Drink this milk. she says i don’t want to. He says i am not requesting you. I am asking you. She takes the milk. Lakhan says don’t think too much. You need rest. Poonam says lakhan am I doing right? Lakhan taks the glass form her and says right wrong? Who am i to judge that? But you said that if this gives her satisfaction then who are we to stop her. She will be at peace after investigation. And about you, you are doing right. See, doing this all is not forcing you against this family nor bindya. i know its not easy. But Bindya will feel like someone is there for her without asking any questions. I want this to solve. So whatever happens tomorrow you need to rest to fight it. The song ‘ore piya’ plays in background.

Dadda ji gets a call and is really dazed. He calls mitlesh and says you are going to be bahu bali. you growl like lion. This will create stress. dont say anything in return.Mitlesh says yes.
Inspector says i am going to arrest him.
Maya says this is not right badi aamma please do something.
Servant comes and says badi amma police is outside.
Reporter says to bindya media is with you. She says thank you. it is possible for you. My war doesn’t end here.

Media asks Inspector if he is there to arrest mitlesh. Inspector comes in and says to badi amma sorry but I am here to arrest mitlesh. I cant help you its in media now. So mitlesh has to come with us now. Maya says badi amma.. Badi amma says i am calling mitlesh. Mitlesh comes downstairs. Inspector says you are under arrest. Mitlesh touches badi amma’s feet. Badi amma says you will be out soon. Dont worry. mitlesh goes with the cops. Media asks mitlesh different questions. Inspector says let us do our work. You will know the truth soon. They leave. Bindya comes there and sees Mitlesh. Maya is sobbing. Bindya sees Mitlesh’s face.
Badi amma stops Bindya. she says you have made fun of us. She says mitlesh made fun of my husband by saying he did it by mistake. Badi amma

says you have another mission by doing this. Bindya says yes mission is there. Mitlesh should feel the pain he gave me. badi amma says you are hurting the family that trusted you. bindya says the trust that died with Priyom. Bindya says we are not breaking and mitlesh will be free son. I swear that. Bindya says I sworn something too. To your son in law. That i will get his murderer behind bars. Lets see whose promise is stronger. Badi amma goes in. Poonam comes to Bindya and takes her in. Poonam says let me bring you something to eat. Bindya recalls her moments with Priyom.

Mitlesh is in lock up. He recalls Priyom dying and the shot fired from his gun. He says bindya do what you want. You cant give me more painful punishment than losing priyom. If there is one way that could bring you back priyom. I should have listened to you. come back my brother. He hears priyom’s voice. He sees priyom standing in front of him. Priyom says i wish i could come back. I wish you had listened to me. Mitlesh says now i would listen but dont go. I dont permit you to go. Suddenly priyom disappears.
Inspector says to constable Mitlesh wanted to work with Khera. Is it the same patna one? Constable says is he in begusarai? Inspector says I want to see who this khera is. ring his file.

Maya says what will happen to my kids now. He is crying. Lakhan says please control bahbhi. Guddi tries to console her. Badi amma says i have decided something. She says i have seen my one son dying. Wont see other’s life ruined. We have to be united to save mitlesh. We have to give statement that priyom died in accident not with a bullet. Guddi says but.. badi amma says we will lose mitlesh with buts. We should have save statement. We will say priyom met an accident. that is why we didn’t get post mortem done and did his funeral without informing police. Mitlesh was in house. Poonam comes and says we would lie to cops but.. how will we lie to our conscience. I dont know if it was intentional or not. But all i saw was mitlesh shot Priyom. Badi amma says bullet was fired right? She brings a gun and says i will kill myself. I cant bear losing another son. I should kill myself rather.

Lakhan holds poonam’s hand and swipes her tears.
Bindya sees Priyom’s picture and cries. She recalls their moments together.
Bindya falls asleep. Two men come in. Lakahn grabs poonam’s mouth and says be quite. she says they are here to kill her. Lakhan says nothing will happen to her.
Lakhan goes after the thugs and hits them.
Choti amma hears the voice and says who is there? Bhushan says it was from bindya’s room. Lakahn beats the thugs down. Poonam turns the lights on. Bhushan comes and says what is happening here? Lakhan says now thugs will attack haveli.

Choti amma says in heart is it beeji behind all this? badi amma says its late. Go sleep. Poonam says buck up Bindya and you have to take care of yourself. You should rest now I am leaving.
Poonam says thanks to Lakhan. He says don’t say that. You are with her nothing can happen to her. Poonam says good night, they both look at each other and leave.

Maya reads papers about mitlesh’s case. Badi amma says enough Maya. The lawyer says we will convince the judge and mitlesh would be free. Bindya will lose this case.

Bindya tells the lawyer this all happened my priyom’s death. He says i can’t take this case. she says why? He says i will be out of city. She says i know what you are trying to say. You cowards can’t do this. she tries to convince different lawyers but no one listens.
A woman Neha says to her secretary as the bindya to meet me.
Bindya comes to her office. PA asks her to wait. Bindya says who is this neha? I hope she helps me. Neha says I have called to help you. Neha says sit down relax. I want you to win your case. I haven’t lost a case in 10 years. Bindya says how you got to know? she smiles.