Thursday Update on Begusarai August 30

Guddi comes in her room and says what Lakhan thinks about himself? all are afraid of him, Dolt comes in from window and ask what happened? Guddi says i feel like going away from this house, Dolt says then runaway, who can stop you, Guddi says i am serious, i feel like going from house and breath in fresh air, will you come with me? Dolt says why not, i will buy ice-cream for you too, she smiles, he thinks i will get successful in my mission.
Lakhan says to servants that everyone knows in Begusarai that if Lakhan is angry then what happens, he is about to beat them with stick, one servant comes forward and says i took clothes from your room but it was not my fault, i was asked to do all this, Lakhan ask who said you to do all this? Rekha is tensed.

Lakhan says who asked you? Bindya says who would? No one is your enemy. These are servants, Poonam must have asked her to watch all the clothes. Rekha says I guess Poonam gave her clothes for laundry and forgot. Bindya says I am uneducated but Poonam is educated. She should know that its unhealthy when the rat walks over the clothes. She must have forgotten. You are being at these servants instead of asking her. She says go you all. Bindya says I dont want to discuss home affairs in front of servants. Poonam could have asked me for clothes or maya if she didn’t have any. she could ask her mother in law.

Bindya says badi amma handled people otherwise people would have seen poonam is jeans shirt. The people who have seen this would talk about our family and ruin thakur family’s name. Lakhan says wow you are talking about dignity and honor. Wearing mask of dignity doesn’t make you dignified. In the same way gold drenched in mud doesn’t loses its worth. Poonam is the gold, even if she slips in mud she will be more dignified then you. He leaves, Bindya is mad and i tears.

Priyom is waiting with his men on the way. He says where are they? Whey have they not come so far. Suddenly the jeep comes. Priyom stops them, police points gun at them and they point back. Roshni’s mom says sandeep call avinash. Sandeep calls avinash. He says priyom and his men have stop us and asks to inform SSP. Priyom asks his men to put the guns down. he says I dont want bloodshed. I just want to talk for a moment. He takes out her bangle and says this is yours right? you left it at our place. She takes it back. She says what will you do if something happens to your mom? Like she slips from stairs in temple. She says i will take her back home and try to heal her. Priyom says you love your mom right? in the same way i love my dad. My dad has not done anything. You know the truth. Did you see my dad kidnapping you? She says i was attacked from back and then i was captivated in a bag. He says do you remember anything? Something that your kidnapper said. She says i heard bangles. Priyom says anything else. a jeep comes avinash comes out of it and says whats happening here? Who dared to stop my mom and sister. take them back home. The cops take them and leave.Priyom says i was just asking.. Avi says i wont hear a word. show your power to people of begusarai. Not to cops. Stay away from my family from now. Otherwise you will suffer the same your dad is suffering in jail.
Priyom says she heard some bangles. That means its some woman. We have to figure out who could that be.

Bindya is in tears and she recalls how lakhan insulted her. She throws away the stuff. She says how dare he say that to me. He said who gave me this life? They. Maa says you are not respected here. Lakhan insulted you in a moment. She says he called poonam gold. I want to throttle that poonam. Maa says would you want to go to jail by killing her. Don’t lose senses in anger make it your power. and then give it your direction. Priyom comes in. Amma covers her face. She leaves. Priyom says what is all this bindya?

Dadi says in heart poonam took me out of alcove. Bindya wants to seek revenge. Maya gives her tea. Badi amma says make something that lakhan likes. I am so happy that he took Poonam’s side. Poonam says in heart why didn’t he say anything to me? He always punishes me. Lakhan says poonam come here. Poonam comes out of kitchen. He says come with me. She says why you called me here? He gives her a bag and says take it. He closes the door. He says you ask a lot of questions. She takes the bag. She takes out its a skirt and blouse. He says go wear it. She says wonders why is he asking me to wear it. Poonam says does he want to test me. I dont know if he will be mad or happy if i wear them. What does he want. Poonam comes out in those clothes. He says why are you worried? Would i eat you up? He says you look good. He says you look good and they suit you.



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