Thursday Update 29th August on King of hearts


Thursday Update 29th August on King of hearts

Bua Dadi refusing to share room with Nani Maasi, and says she needs a big room. Kesar says DD’s room is big and asks do you want that. Nani Maasi tells DD that she will not share room with anyone. DD is irked and says Khuranas came to her house. Nani says you brought their bahu and that’s why they are here. Simran talks to Raj and tells that don’t know till when we have to bear DD’s decision or angst. Sid hears them and explains to Simran that until DD realizes that they can take care of Roshni, and let her come with them, they have to bear patiently. Raj says Sid is right. Bua Dadi argues and says they will take care of Roshni and baby. DD tells Nani that they will take care of Roshni and baby. Nani says as you wish. Bua Dadi brings parathas, lassi etc for Roshni. Nani Maasi brings theplas, Poha, etc. Sid says Bua Dadi brought punjabi food and Nani Maasi brought Gujrati food. Nani Maasi asks her to eat punjabi food at her house. DD asks Bua Dadi to go to her house, and why she is arguing in the morning. Nani asks what happened? DD says she has gone old. Everyone laughs. Bua Dadi says DD took her daughter from their house. Roshni says I am amazed to see your fight in the morning. She says baby might be disturbed inside me seeing you fight. She says she is not hungry anymore, and asks them to eat food. She goes inside without having anything.

Later DD tells that Roshni didn’t have food because of them and blames Bua Dadi. Nani Maasi says you have to show some maturity. She says Bua Dadi will not change in this age. DD says she will ask Roshni, what she wants to eat? Nani says let her stay alone for sometime. Roshni is in her room and crying. Sid knocks on the door and asks her to open the door. Sid takes a selfie and sends to her. Roshni opens the door. Sid asks her to bear them for sometime, and says my Roshni is hungry because of gujratis and punjabis. He says he will bring food and asks her to close the door. Simran comes to her room and apologizes. She says baby must be hungry and asks what you want to have? Roshni says Sid went to bring milkshake from me. Simran says no outside food, and asks shall I make gajar ka halwa for you. She goes to Nani and says I am thinking to make gajar ka halwa. Nani asks her to make it. Simran makes the halwa and gives hi five to Nani.

Sid brings milk shake from outside. DD asks it is for whom? Sid says Roshni is hungry because of them, so he brought from outside. DD says have you lost it, she has blood vomiting because of outside food. She says she has to bear his family because of his mistake. Sid says he is doing this to take care of Roshni. He says elders have no time to take care of my wife as they are busy fighting. He says he has an idea and asks them to follow a strict time table.

Sid says in morning time, Patel’s will take care of Roshni, and for lunch time Khurana’s will take care of her, and evening time will be mine. I have the right to take care of my baby. He says you people have come with this solution, but you were busy with fight. We can shift to other house if you refuses. DD says you are blackmailing me. Nani says this is happening because of you. She says Jamai is like Nani. Sid jokes that baby might go on DD. Everyone agrees. Sid announces his decision. DD says do whatever you want.

In the night Roshni have food. Sid says he will take her and his daughter on a drive. Roshni says they will have a son. They argues. Sid and Roshni are going. DD asks where you are going? Sid says we told you already that evening time is mine. Nani asks DD not to stop them and let them go. Sid thanks Nani. DD asks Nani, why did you let them go. Nani asks DD why you are trying to control them? DD says can’t they wait until Roshni’s life stabilises. Raj and Simran smile. Raj tells Nani that her saying is right.

Sid tells Roshni that his baby likes to have icecream. Roshni tells that everyone is seeing. Sid says it is safe and asks the icecream seller to pack all icecreams. A girl steals icecream. The seller catches her. The Inspector comes and asks did you steal? A girl refuses and rushes to Sid calling him Papa. Sid and Roshni are boggled.

a girl addressing Papa to Sid. Sid tells her that he is not her papa. Roshni tells don’t know why she is calling her husband as her Papa. The girl goes from there and Sid pays the money to the icecream seller. Sid feels some connection with the girl and tells Roshni that the girl might be from reputated family. The girl is seen having icecream. Roshni tells that the girl was damn cute. Sid hopes that the girl is safe. They sit in their car. The girl sits in their car’s decky. Sid hears the sound and asks Roshni. Roshni tells that baby might hungry. Sid jokes that he will make her eat corn after going home. The girl looks on in the car’s decky.

Next morning Sid wakes up Roshni and reminds him of his time table. Roshni tells him that she misses NGO kids, asking him to take her to meet them. Later DD asks Roshni, why she wake up early. Roshni says Sid woke her up and asked to do yoga. DD says Sid has become intelligent. They sit to do Yoga. Naani Maasi is giving aarti in the room and says JSK ( Jai Shri Krishna). Bua Dadi is irked with her bhajan and closes the music system. They start fighting. Nani asks them to think about child’s betterment. Beeji comes and asks Bua Dadi to come. They argue again.

They hear Sid’s voice and go outside. Sid tells that Roshni feels hot flushes and fainted. DD asks to call doctor. Nani Maasi says it happens in pregnancy. Bua Dadi asks why they are making Roshni do exercise. Beeji says it is called Yoga. Bua Dadi talks about her era. Nani Maasi asks her to keep quiet and they start fighting again. Sid asks them to calm down and says it is a limit. He says we shall take her to room. Simran says we shall give her bath with cold water, so that hot flushes go. Jigna says we shall put her in swimming pool. DD scolds her. Bua Dadi tells that pregnant lady can’t take birth during eclipse. Simran asks her to drink lemon water. Bua Dadi asks them to sprinkle Gangajal on her. Sid says he don’t believe in all this. DD says they will take care in the morning and asks them to stay out of it. Raj says this morning time is of Patel’s and asks not to interfere. Bua Dadi says if she takes bath then baby will be cursed. DD asks her to shut up. Sid asks can’t you talk good and asks what she is speaking about his baby. Simran asks her to keep nonsense talk limited to herself.

Sid asks Simran to explain to Bua Dadi. Bua Dadi and Nani Maasi start fighting again. DD splashes water on everyone through water pipe. Nani asks what have you done? DD says she was trying to remove the negativity from her house. Sid says it was fun. Everyone laugh. Sid comes out and sees little girl in his car’s decky. She tells him good morning. Sid calls Roshni and asks her to come down, as he needs to show her something. He takes the girl out of car’s decky and asks how did you get in. The girl says it was open and I entered inside. She says thief might have entered it. Roshni comes and sees the girl, and says she is saying right. Sid introduces himself and asks about her parents. The girl tells that her father is lost and her mum went somewhere. She gives him address shocking Sid. Sid says this is our building address. Sid says they will find her parents and takes her in his lap.


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