This is Love November Teasers 2019 Glow Tv


This is Love November Teasers 2019 Glow Tv

This Month on This is Love November Teasers 2019 Glow Tv, What will Ishita do save the company from it’s financial crisis.

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Glow Tv This is Love November Teasers 2019 


A suspicious Ruhi spies on Karan to find out more about him. Later, Rohan’s mother meets with an accident.


Rohan and Karan visit Raman and blame him for Kaushalya’s condition. Aliya slaps Rohan and throws him out.

Friday 1 November  2019

Episode 1585

Raman stays back while Ishita and the family step out to celebrate the first day of Navratri. A drunk Rohan intrudes Raman’s house and tries to stab him!

Episode 1586

Ishita stops Raman from harming Rohan and rejoices when she sees him. Raman learns of Rohan’s intentions and decides to get Aliya married to him.

Monday  4  November    2019

Episode 1587

Ishita and Raman are happy for Aliya. Rohan shares his feelings with Aliya. Preparations for their Roka ceremony begins.


Episode 1588

Raman asks Rohan to take good care of Aliya. Rohan, Aliya and the others perform garba and have fun at their Roka ceremony.

Tuesday 5  November    2019

Episode 1589

Ishita and Romi worry about the losses the company is facing while someone is keeping a close watch on her. Who is the informant reporting her activities to?

Episode 1590

Ishita visits Sudha and learns about her vile intentions. After returning home, she worries about Sudha’s motives.

Wednesday 6  November    2019

Episode 1591

Ishita decides to stop Sudha from taking over Raman’s company. Romi tries to request a stakeholder from selling his shares to Sudha.

Episode 1592

Ishita asks Romi to pledge all her gold to buy the shares and save the company before it’s too late.

Thursday 7  November    2019

Episode 1593

Ishita misleads Raman about the jewellery. Meanwhile, Sudha decides to tell Raman that Ishita sold her jewellery to save his company.

Episode 1594

Raman scolds Ishita for keeping him in the dark about their company’s financial crisis. On learning that Sudha helped him buy a car for Aliya, Raman burns it!

Monday  11   November  2019

Episode 1595

Rohan and Karan are shattered when the doctor informs them about Kaushalya’s critical condition. Kaushalya requests Ishita to get Aliya and Rohan married.

Episode 1596

Ruhi pacifies Karan when he worries about his mother. Ishita confronts Raman for splurging on a lavish wedding ceremony for Aliya and Rohan.

Tuesday 12   November    2019

Episode 1597

Ishita gets tensed as she finds Raman in the kidney donation ward. Later, Rohan and Aliya take part in the haldi ceremony.

Episode 1598

Kaushalya tells Raman that she wants to get Karan married to Ruhi. Karan proposes to Ruhi. Ishita faces an unexpected situation at Aliya’s mehendi ceremony.

Wednesday 13   November    2019

Episode 1599

Romi retaliates when Vijender and his men create a scene at the event. Raman compels him to apologise to Vijender.

Episode 1600

Ishita and Aliya make arrangements for Karva Chauth. Ishita and Karan are happy as Ruhi accepts his proposal. Romi suspects that Raman is in trouble.

Thursday 14   November    2019

Episode 1601

Ishita confronts Vijender for abducting the lovers who sought her help. Vijender demands that Raman do a task for him.

Episode 1602

Vijender plans to put Raman in trouble. Suspicious, Ishita confronts Raman about Vijender. Later, Ishita celebrates Karva Chauth with the family.

Friday 15 November  2019

Episode 1603

Ishita is aghast to see the contents of the suitcase. She takes a drastic step when Sudha insists that the police arrest Raman, accusing him of murder.

Episode 1604

Raman keeps the family members in the dark about Ishita’s arrest. Sudha demands that he transfer his company shares in her name in exchange of Ishita’s release.

Monday  18   November    2019

Episode 1605

Rohan and Karan get dressed for their wedding. Meanwhile, Shagun gets furious as Ishita did not inform her about the arrest.

Episode 1606

Miffed with Ishita for keeping her in dark about her arrest, Kaushalya tries to prevent Karan and Rohan from marrying Aliya and Ruhi!

Tuesday 19   November    2019

Episode 1607

Ishita tries to motivate Raman to save his company after learning that Sudha has snatched his shares away. Later, they conduct Aliya and Ruhi’s kanyadaan.

Episode 1608

Ishita and Raman bid an emotional farewell to Aliya and Ruhi. Later, Aliya-Rohan and Ruhi-Karan prepare for their wedding night.

Wednesday 20   November    2019

Episode 1609

Ishita snaps at Sudha for insulting Raman. Sudha is frustrated as the shareholders refuse to cooperate with her and ask Raman to lead them.

Episode 1610

Aliya and Ruhi visit their house to perform the post-wedding rituals. Ishita is shattered when Simi reveals a shocking truth about Rohan and Karan.

Thursday 21   November    2019

Episode 1611

Sudha commands Ishita to shoot Raman if she wants to save Karan and Rohan. Ishita takes a drastic step to expose Sudha’s secret.

Episode 1612

Karan, Rohan insult Aliya and Ruhi when they confront them. Further, Ishita vows to avenge Sudha for exploiting Aliya and Ruhi.

Friday 22 November  2019

Episode 1613

Sudha humiliates Aliya and Ruhi after making a shocking allegation against them. Raman, Ishita and the family try to protect Aliya and Ruhi.

Episode 1614

Ishita gets Sudha arrested by exposing her evil plans. Later, Raman consoles Ishita when she worries about Aliya and Ruhi.

Monday  25  November    2019

Episode 1615

Sudha comes up with a cunning plan to secure her release from jail. Meanwhile, Raman gets a phone call from the bank that puts him in a spot.

Episode 1616

At the Diwali party, Sudha asks Ishita to beat her in a dance challenge, if she wants her to give employees their salary and bonus!

Tuesday 26   November    2019

Episode 1617

Raman’s family members help him to clear off his debts. The family is shocked when they receive a divorce notice from Rohan and Karan.

Episode 1618

Aliya teaches Rohan a lesson when he asks her to clean his shoes in return for signing the divorce papers. Ishita shocks Sudha with her countermove.

Wednesday 27   November    2019

Episode 1619

Sudha tries to stop Ishita from taking Karan and Rohan to her house. Ishita garners a judge’s support in this regard and takes Karan and Rohan with her.

Episode 1620

Ishita and gang trouble Rohan and Karan when they stay in their house. Sudha’s lawyer advises her to let Rohan and Karan reconcile with their wives.

Thursday  28   November    2019

Episode 1621

Aliya slaps herself and asks Ruhi to lodge a complaint of domestic violence against Rohan when he refuses to do the household chores.

Episode 1622

Sudha is frustrated to see her sons doing the household chores at Ishita’s house. Ishita worries that Sudha may target the Bhallas.

Friday 29 November  2019

Episode 1623

Simi and Santosh are hell bent on making Karan and Rohan’s lives miserable. Sudha takes advantage of the situation when Raman faces a shocking allegation.

Episode 1624

Ishita retaliates when Karan offends her. Further, Sudha visits Raman and puts forth a demand in exchange of clearing the allegations against him.

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