This is Love March Teasers 2020 Glow Tv


This is Love March Teasers 2020 Glow Tv

The inspector gives some shocking news to the Bhallas, Later, Ishita finds a mysterious letter addressed to her, what could it be? Read This is Love March Teasers 2020 Below.

Glow Tv This is Love March Teasers 2020

Monday  2  March  2020 

Episode 1740

Sahil Shah holds Ishita at gunpoint. Elsewhere, Rohan is frightened to find a bomb in his bag.

Episode 1741

Sahil threatens Ishita that he will kill Rohan if the police get the evidence. Later, Raman, Ishita, and Karan struggle to save Rohan while Sahil implements a trick.

Tuesday 3  March  2020 

Episode 1742

Sahil Shah kills Rohan brutally while Raman, Ishita, and Karan are in a helpless situation. Elsewhere, Yug and Aliya take an unexpected decision.

Episode 1743

Sahil points his gun at Raman during Rohan’s funeral while Karan vows to avenge his death. Later, Vishal hides some sensitive information from Yug.

Wednesday 4 March  2020

Episode 1744

Raman, Ishita, and Shagun learn some shocking truth about Vishal’s brother who is a drug addict. Elsewhere, Ruhi consoles Karan.

Episode 1745

Yug and Karan decide to join Raman’s company. After finding a bloodstained shirt in Vishal’s bike, Raman sneaks into his house to meet Naveen.

Thursday 5 March  2020 

Episode 1746

Raman and Ishita discover a shocking truth. Elsewhere, Karan makes an unexpected offer to Sahil Shah.

Episode 1747

Karan thrashes Sahil Shah’s men. Later, he gets into a heated argument with Ruhi while the latter gets his hands on a vital piece of evidence.

Friday 6 March  2020

Episode 1748

Karan and Raman trick an overconfident Sahil into confessing his crimes. Meanwhile, the Bhallas celebrate Sahil’s arrest as he challenges the police.

Episode 1749

Raman gets romantic with Ishita while their families celebrate Sahil’s arrest. However, their happiness is short-lived as a huge shock awaits Ishita.

Monday  9  March  2020 

Episode 1750

Ishita is arrested after Sahil executes his evil plan against her. Later, Karan attacks Sahil’s men while Yug and Ruhi try to prove Ishita’s innocence.

Episode 1751

Raman faints after failing to secure Ishita’s bail. Aliya is disappointed with Yug’s behaviour while Vishal makes an unexpected confession before Sahil Shah.

Tuesday 10  March  2020 

Episode 1752

Raman and Karan execute their plan to get Ishita out of jail. Later, the Bhallas are shattered after Neha accuses Yug.

Episode 1753

Ranvir prevents Vishal from committing suicide while Ishita tricks Sahil’s lawyer by executing her plan. Later, Ishita slaps Yug and supports Neha.

Wednesday 11 March  2020

Episode 1754

Karan tricks Shamshad while Aliya decides to trust Yug regarding his relationship with Neha. Later, she fumes in jealousy when Neha flirts with Yug.

Episode 1755

Simi keeps a watch over Neha while Shamshad plots to kill Raman. Later, Ruhi gets an alarming message as the Bhallas are worried about Raman.

Thursday 12 March  2020 

Episode 1756

Karan takes a risk for the Bhallas while Aliya and Neha get possessive of an injured Yug. Later, Simi finds an unexpected surprise in Neha’s bag.

Episode  1757

Karan reveals Shamshad’s next location to Ruhi. Later, Ishita stops Shamshad as he tries to execute a secret deal.

Friday 13 March  2020

Episode 1758

The inspector gives some shocking news to the Bhallas. Later, Ishita finds a mysterious letter addressed to her. Elsewhere, Mani and Simi learn the truth.

Episode 1759

Ishita pleads with Padma to help her trap Manish. However, he does the unthinkable, leaving the Bhallas confused.

Monday  16  March  2020 


Manish’s bold act helps Sahil seek bail while Ishita finds some vital clues. Later, the Bhallas are stunned to meet Shaina Shah.


Shaina reveals a shocking truth about Sahil and decides to help the Bhallas. Later, she visits the police commissioner with a bold task in mind.

Tuesday 17  March  2020 


Raman puts forth an odd demand to Sahil’s men while holding them at gunpoint. Later, Neha is accused of robbery.


With his entire world crumbling, Sahil Shah becomes enraged while the Bhallas rejoice his downfall. Later, Karan reminds Ruhi about her pending decision.

Wednesday 18 March  2020


Shaina’s warning falls on deaf ears while Simi opens up to Raman and Ishita. Later, Sahil Shah is stunned to cross paths with his wife, whom he had assumed to be dead.


Sahil abducts Shaina and takes her to a secluded spot where he threatens her. Later, the Bhallas learn about her sudden disappearance.

Thursday 19 March  2020 


The Bhallas give their consent to adopt Shaina’s child while Sahil tortures her in captivity. Later, Ishita plans to trick Sahil and rescue Shaina.


Ishita and Raman execute an ingenious plan to get Sahil arrested. Later, as they play their trump card, Sahil attempts to outsmart them.

Friday 20 March  2020


Ishita and Raman bring Shaina and Samar home after Sahil’s arrest. Elsewhere, a lawyer offers to help Sahil while Karan and Ruhi share a moment.


The Bhallas perform a puja for Shaina while Raman brings them some good news. Later, Karan and Ruhi plan for their marriage.


Monday  23  March  2020 


Raman finalises Yug and Aliya’s wedding, while a stranger spies on the family. Later, the joyous Bhallas celebrate the couple’s Haldi ceremony.


Raman leaves for Mumbai unaware of the danger approaching him. Later, Ruhi is tensed after losing Aliya’s wedding bangles.

Tuesday 24  March  2020 


Yug and Aliya’s wedding goes off without a hitch while the family miss Raman’s presence. Later, the family breaks down upon learning heartbreaking news.


Mani and Bala tell Ishita about Raman’s death but she refuses to believe. Later, Ishita loses her cool when a priest visits the Bhallas. Is Raman dead?

Wednesday 25 March  2020


A disheartened Ishita attempts to kill herself. Later, she receives a shocking piece of information over the phone.


The investors decide to back out, leaving Ishita worried. However, Karan offers to help her. Elsewhere, a mysterious man secretly meets Shagun.

Thursday 26 March  2020 


Arijit Saxena offers to help the Bhallas in their new project. Later, Ruhi consoles Karan while the family is tensed when Ishita doesn’t turn up.


Shagun demands that Mani take Ishita to a psychiatrist. Later, Yug assures Ruhi of success in the project.

Friday 27 March  2020


Karan and Yug lock horns while Ishita is puzzled with the family’s behaviour. Later, Karan gets suspicious of Arijit Saxena.


Karan is annoyed when Ishita announces Yug as the project head. Elsewhere, Shagun is infuriated when Arijit ruins Mani and her dinner date.

Monday  30  March  2020 


Yug and Karan lock horns about the presentation while Ruhi supports him in an argument with Aliya. Elsewhere, Ishita receives an anonymous text.


Arijit plays a diabolical joke on Ishita while the family worries for her. Elsewhere, Ruhi and Aliya get into a verbal argument.

Tuesday 31  March  2020 


Aliya and Ruhi plan to resolve Yug and Karan’s differences. Later, Arijit is in for a surprise while Ishita witnesses Ruhi and Aliya’s fierce argument.


Following an ugly spat, Aliya declares to leave the house with Yug. Later, a huge shock awaits Ruhi and Aliya during their secret meeting.

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