This is Love February Teasers 2020


This is Love February Teasers 2020

Ruhi and Aliya get trapped in a human trafficking racket. Later, Karan seeks (Karan)Raman’s help while Yug, Read This is Love February Teasers 2020.

Glow Tv This is Love February Teasers 2020.

Monday  3  February 2020 

Episode 1700

The Bhallas continue to be troubled by the strange lady, who calls and threatens (Karan)Raman. Karan is overjoyed on noting this, and decides to befriend the lady.

Episode 1701

The Bhallas begin the Holi celebrations by performing the Holika Dahan Puja. Later, trouble brews as the family find Bala’s wife missing.

Tuesday 4  February 2020 

Episode 1702

Yug confronts Karan after suspecting him of plotting against the Bhallas. Later, (Divyanka) Ishita’s plan to trap Muskaan is disrupted by the deceitful Karan.

Episode 1703

Muskaan threatens Ranbir and compels him to harm (Divyanka) Ishita. However, Shagun calls the police and gets Muskaan arrested.

Wednesday 5  February 2020

Episode 1704

The Bhallas learn that Muskaan is out of jail while Sahil Shah visits them with revenge on his mind. Later, Aliya makes a shocking confession.

Episode 1705

(Divyanka) Ishita assures Rohan that she will not let Aliya marry Yug while Aliya makes arrangements for her marriage.

Thursday  6  February 2020 

Episode 1706

(Karan)Raman defies (Divyanka) Ishita and makes arrangements for Yug and Aliya’s wedding. Later, he secretly meets Karan and proposes a deal to him.

Episode 1707

The Bhallas prepare for Aliya and Yug’s wedding while Karan plots against (Divyanka) Ishita and Rohan. Later, Muskaan attempts a daring escape.

Friday 7  February 2020 

Episode  1708

(Karan)Raman warns (Divyanka) Ishita not to meddle in the wedding while Karan manipulates a baffled Rohan. Will (Divyanka) Ishita be able to stop the wedding?
Episode 1709
A furious Rohan attempts to stop Aliya’s wedding. Elsewhere, Muskaan plans to kill the entire Bhalla family.

Monday 10 February 2020 

Episode 1710

After the Bhallas regain consciousness, Sahil Shah accuses (Karan)Raman of killing Muskaan. Later, (Karan)Raman gets shocked to learn about Muskaan’s secret accomplice.

Episode 1711

(Karan)Raman berates Yug for deceiving him while Karan spots a heartbroken Rohan. Elsewhere, Sahil Shah decides to destroy the Bhallas.

Tuesday 11 February 2020

Episode 1712

Ruhi and Aliya get trapped in a human trafficking racket. Later, Karan seeks (Karan)Raman’s help while Yug remains suspicious of his activities.

Episode 1713

A violent Aliya attacks the goons while Karan gets injured during the scuffle. Later, (Karan)Raman reaches the abductor’s secret hideout.

Wednesday 12  February 2020

Episode 1714

Shahil Shah tells the police that Muskaan is alive while Ruhi is concerned about Karan’s well-being. Later, he is shocked by Rohan’s changed attitude.

Episode 1715

Sahil seeks Seema’s help to trap Ruhi in his evil ploy. Meanwhile, (Karan)Raman’s employees go on an indefinite strike while Karan falls for Ruhi’s charm.

Thursday 13 February 2020 

Episode 1716

(Karan)Raman’s employees continue their hunger strike while Sahil is confident that the Bhallas are trapped in his evil plot.

Episode 1717

Sahil wreaks havoc at the market while Karan catches Sharma red-handed. Later, (Karan)Raman suspects (Divyanka) Ishita’s strange behaviour.

Friday 14 February 2020

Episode 1718

The Bhallas are puzzled by (Divyanka) Ishita’s odd behaviour while Simi is threatened at gunpoint. Later, Karan spots a drunk Rohan in the car park.

Episode 1719

A panic-stricken Simi fails to reveal (Divyanka) Ishita’s intention to Shagun. Later, (Karan)Raman spies on Yug to learn his motives.


Monday 17 February 2020 

Episode 1720

Yug and Ranbir visit a night club while (Karan)Raman keeps an eye on their activities. Later, (Karan)Raman is shocked to see Sahil’s wife, Shehnaz.

Episode 1721

(Karan)Raman confronts (Divyanka) Ishita regarding her visit to the night club with Sahil. Later, she threatens Simi of dire consequences if she reveals the truth to Bhallas.

Tuesday 18 February 2020 

Episode 1722

Karan suspects foul paly as Rohan invites Ruhi and Aliya for dinner. Meanwhile, the Bhallas are puzzled with (Divyanka) Ishita’s unexpected behaviour.

Episode 1723

(Karan)Raman’s confusion about (Divyanka) Ishita increases after she exits abruptly while a clever Rohan has a plan for Aliya and Ruhi. Later, (Divyanka) Ishita faces a big hurdle.

Wednesday 19  February 2020

Episode 1724

Kiran hands over the diamond to (Divyanka) Ishita when she threatens to kill her children. Later, Aliya is petrified upon discovering Yug’s identity while Rohan consoles her.

Episode 1725

Rohan spikes Aliya’s drink and confesses his feelings to her. Elsewhere, (Karan)Raman gets tensed as (Divyanka) Ishita goes missing while Ruhi, Karan and Yug desperately search for Aliya.

Thursday 20 February 2020 

Episode 1726

Rohan is caught red-handed while Ruhi mistakes Karan and slaps him for misleading them in the party. Later, Bala decides to expose (Divyanka) Ishita.

Episode 1727

Bala confesses the truth to (Karan)Raman after being threatened by (Divyanka) Ishita. Elsewhere, Ruhi scolds Karan and Rohan for their cheap act.

Friday 21 February 2020

Episode 1728

Madhu faints after spotting (Divyanka) Ishita and Sahil in a restaurant. Later, (Karan)Raman takes a shocking step when (Divyanka) Ishita points a gun at him.

Episode 1729

(Karan)Raman and Mani seek help from the police to sneak into Sahil’s house in search of (Divyanka) Ishita. Will they find her?

Monday 24 February 2020 

Episode 1730

Rohan helps the Bhallas find (Divyanka) Ishita while Sahil Shah tells Shaina to put on an act. Later, she reveals her true identity to (Karan)Raman.

Episode 1731

(Divyanka) Ishita wakes up from a nightmare while Neha saves Aliya’s life. Later, (Divyanka) Ishita discreetly asks Rohan for help.

Tuesday 25 February 2020 

Episode 1732

Sahil decides to implement his next move against the Bhallas while they learn a shocking truth about Rohan.

Episode 1733

(Divyanka) Ishita slaps Rohan when he tries to expose Aditya. Later, the Bhallas beg a shattered Aliya.

Wednesday 26 February 2020

Episode 1734

Aliya takes an unexpected decision while Yug and (Divyanka) Ishita share an emotional moment. Later, (Karan)Raman comes across a shocking truth.

Episode  1735

(Divyanka) Ishita tells (Karan)Raman about Sahil Shah’s plan while the Bhallas prepare for Aliya and Yug’s wedding. Meanwhile, (Divyanka) Ishita has no clue about (Karan)Raman’s secret plan.

Thursday 27 February 2020 

Episode 1736

Sahil acquires the keys of (Divyanka) Ishita’s clinic while (Karan)Raman has a trap in mind for him. Meanwhile, Yug and Aliya’s wedding preparations are in full swing.

Episode 1737

The Bhallas celebrate Aliya and Yug’s pre-wedding rituals in high spirits while (Divyanka) Ishita and (Karan)Raman gather evidence against Sahil Shah.

Friday 28 February 2020

Episode 1738

Aliya seeks (Divyanka) Ishita’s blessings while (Karan)Raman finds a way to trick Sahil. Later, (Karan)Raman cleverly implements his plan.

Episode 1739

(Karan)Raman implements his trick to expose Sahil while the latter keeps an eye on his moves. Later, unaware of all this, Aliya and Yug enjoy their pre-wedding events.

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