This is Love August Teasers 2020, All ends well for the Bhallas

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This is Love August Teasers 2020, All ends well for the Bhallas

Ishita is in a huge dilemma when Shardul calls Raman an imposter, Can Ishita expose Shardul? Read This is Love August Teasers 2020 Glow Tv.

July 2020 Teasers on This is Love

Glow Tv This is Love August Teasers 2020

Monday 3  August   2020 

Episode 1863
Raman hatches a plan to catch the culprit who falsified the company tender. Can he catch the mastermind behind the conspiracy?

Episode 1864

Arijit gets furious when he spots the Bhallas happily making plans for Diwali. While Raman surveils Khatri, the family is shocked to receive a strange gift.

Tuesday 4  August  2020 

Episode 1865
Arijit is shattered when Neeti goes missing. Later, Yug is overjoyed as he thinks that Aliya is pregnant.

Episode 1866

Yug plans a romantic date for Aliya while Arijit receives a piece of good news. Elsewhere, Neeti hides from Bhuvan.

Wednesday 5  August  2020

Aliya tells Yug that she is not pregnant. Later, Ishita is perplexed when a scared Neeti falls unconscious.


A furious Arijit employs Sanjay to surveil the Bhallas while they try to figure out Neeti’s origins. Later, Mihika is left dumbstruck after spotting Neeti’s chain.

Thursday 6 August 2020

Mihika agrees to track down the locket’s origin with Ishita. Later, Arijit learns about a surprise visitor as the Bhallas celebrate Lakshmi puja.


After discovering Neeti’s sketches, Ishita comes up with an ingenious plan. Later, Arijit gets emotional on seeing the same.

Friday 7 August 2020

Arijit lands in trouble when Neeti recognises him in front of the Bhallas. Later, he does the unthinkable to escape from the situation.


The Bhallas refuse to send Neeti with Arijit. Later, Arijit’s masterplan is revealed when he meets his secret accomplice.

Monday 10  August   2020 

Arijit and Shardul decide to find Raman. Later, Ishita is baffled by Neeti’s drawing and addresses Shardul by his name instead of Raman.


Arijit hatches a plan with Bhuvan’s help to secure Neeti’s custody. Elsewhere, Shardul is stunned when the police barge into his house.

Tuesday 11  August  2020 

Ishita suspects foul play when Arijit does not turn up at the Bhalla House. While the Bhallas celebrate Bhaidooj with Ruhi, Ishita secretly meets Raman.


Arijit and Shardul hatch a plan to find Raman’s secret location. Meanwhile, Ishita thanks Sudha for helping her keep Raman safe.

Wednesday 12  August  2020

Shardul announces Ruhi and Karan’s wedding with a plan to learn about Raman. Later, Ishita and Sudha are worried since the real Raman is away.


Ishita and Sudha find a way to delay Ruhi and Karan’s marriage, leaving Shardul confused. Later, Ishita is relieved as Raman regains consciousness.

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