This is Fate Wednesday Update 5 August 2020 The Luthra family blames Preeta


This is Fate Wednesday Update 5 August 2020 The Luthra family blames Preeta

Prithvi is spying on Karan listening to him talking to arrange the best doctor for his father, Karna leaves he hides.
Prithvi thinks that he has luck on his side and so must thank his mother for it, Preeta comes asking for Mahesh he wonders how she came to know of him, so he must try to get her away as if she gets closer to them then his plan will fail, he leaves to find out.

This is Fate Tuesday Update 4 August 2020

Preeta gets to the operation theater, everyone gets shocked to see her, Rishab is very angry with her, she comes to them but they all are shocked, she thinks of Mahesh promise that they all will apologize to her and her entire family, Rishab is looking angrily at her. Sherlin wonders why they all are quiet and not saying anything, she knows that Karan is not there and Rishab will never say anything, Rishab comes forward asking her to leave, she thinks that he means that she should go to the doctor, however he along with is family say that she should leave this hospital as she is the one behind this all, Karan also comes asking how did she dare to come to them, blaming her for the condition of Mahesh.
She asks how she can say that because he does not know what happened, she respects him like a father so will not tolerate that she was the one behind his accident. Karina ask if he came to her house she explains that he came to her only because he wanted to take her with him, she turns to Sherlin asking if she was the one behind what happened, Rishab stops her saying that he wants her to leave, She explains that he used to say that he trusted her more than him, he however says that he made a mistake when he said this.
Karan says that they all used to trust her but not anymore she does not mean anything to them, that is why their father thought that their happiness went along with her, but not anymore, he asks her to leave, Rakhi also says that she does not think of her as her lucky charm saying that she must leave,

they all say that she is not good for their family and must leave, even Chachi says that she hated Sherlin but what she said today proved that she is not a good person, she being a guest thought that she was good but she is not worthy of being called a person. she blames that Sherlin told them, a story which they all are believing, Karan asks her to shut up because they are intelligent themselves and know what is wrong, she pleads that it is not her fault, he explains that it can because of mental stress, he came to her she instead disrespected her which caused the accident, he then goes on to blame her for the murder. She goes to Rakhi but she does not believe anything that Rakhi says that she has to leave,
The nurse comes out, Rishab asks for the condition, she mentions that they have to arrange blood for him otherwise they will not be able to save their father, she asks for donation for blood, they all step forward but she mentions that they need B+ blood which is not available with them so they must hurry.
Karina asks why Preeta is still standing there, she scolds her making Preeta run away while crying.
Prithvi is standing in the corner and thinks that it is because of Sherlin that Preeta will only come to her, he will be married and will live a happy life.
Preeta stops thinking of what the Luthras said to her, she feels someone, saying that it was not her, it is Prithvi, She asks him why he came here, he explains that he came with his mother but when he saw her, he asked his mother to go away and he stayed, he tries to say that the Luthras are not capable of her love and affection, they used to claim that they believe her to be a part of their family, however they do not deserve her, they are not worthy to be called family.
Preeta leaves, he stops her saying that the exit is the other way, she should not go to the Luthras and they should leave, she mentions that he deserves them as he came to her house and told the entire truth of Sherlin, she mentions that he believes her to be his daughter and so she will donate blood to him, he gets furious saying that she always thinks of a Luthra as important and now it will be Mahesh, he must stop her as then he will be ruined, he then wonders that if she knew his truth she would not have been so polite, so he is safe only Sherlin is in trouble. He thinks that he is very lucky as whenever he is in trouble than he is saved by some miracle.


Rishab calls someone to arrange for the blood, they all are searching for the blood. Sherlin tries to further instigate hatred in them against Preeta, she gets a call from someone, and it is Prithvi. She at first explains that she cannot come but he urges her to come so she goes to meet him.

Preeta requests the nurse to not tell them that she was the one who gave the blood, the nurse explains that she heard each and everything that they said to her, she felt really bad so will tell them everything, Preeta thinks that they will feel that she is trying to gain their sympathy and so she must no tell anyone.

Sherlin goes to the corridor, Prithvi pulls her explaining that Preeta has gone to donate the blood, Sherlin scolds him as to why did he let her give blood, Karan comes asking for the nurse, he is asked to go to the room where Preeta is, both of them plan to stop him n9o matter the consequence,

He is about to enter when Sherlin calls him, Preeta requests the nurse to take the syringe out and she hides, Sherlin says that she has to talk to him but he does not want to, he enters the room saying that they have arranged he blood, the nurse says that there was no need as they have managed to get the blood, the nurse mentions that it was someone with a big heart who donated it happily, Karan thinks that he should have gotten a chance to thank him.

Sherlin sees Preeta, she is happy and messages Prithvi who thinks that Preeta blood will be of no use and Mahesh has to die today, Karan is about to leave, he turns giving her a ball, mentioning that she has to give it to the persons who donated the blood as it is his lucky charm so he wants to gift it to her, he then mentions that people are not so loyal these days.

Sarla enters the house with the family, they start to look for Preeta, she is calling her saying that she wants to confirm about the decoration even though she knows that she likes the flower but still wants to confirm, Sarla asks Shrishti to go and search for her but she does not find her.

Prithvi is standing outside the door, he comes running asking them to call Preeta downstairs, as she is broken, she might try to attempt suicide, Prithvi explains that Mahesh got into an accident and she went to meet him but they started to scold her , even Rishab who pretended to be a nice person blamed her, Sarla gets emotional saying that she told her to not go as they are not worthy of her, Sarla says that even enemies do not say things like this yet they thought them as their own family, Sarla vows to never forgive them and not have any sort of relation with them, Prithvi asks her to calm down.

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