This is Fate Wednesday Update 22 July 2020


This is Fate Wednesday Update 22 July 2020

The doctor discuss with nurse that her BP isn’t stable, she must be given sedative. She tells the nurse to conduct blood tests first. She might have other health issues as well. The doctor leaves. Sarla at once wakes up and asks about Preeta. She cries that Preeta was having an operation. The nurse says as soon as her other daughter, Shrishti reaches; they will transfuse the blood of Shrishti. Sarla insists to go to her daughter, she is fine. The nurse asserts that Sarla is unwell and may take rest, they are conducting Preeta’s treatment. Karan holds Sherlin’s hand. She says she feels shy by his stare. Karan dares unveiling their truth at any cost, she and Prithvi can’t fool him. It’s his promise that he will expose them to the world. Prithvi gives him a thumbs up.

This is Fate Tuesday Update 21 July 2020

Shrishti reaches the hospital. She asks at the reception about Sarla, her mother called her to meet her. The receptionist says the meeting hours are over. Shrishti says only she can pay the bills and has a flight in the evening. The receptionist agrees to look for the patient record. The nurse comes from behind and recognizes Shrishti Arora. She was taken inside.

Karan was frustrated of Sherlin’s insult. Sameer comes to Karan and finds him fuming. Sameer says Sherlin just got married and began to show her colors, they wonder what she will do now.

Shrishti asks the nurse what happened to her mother. The nurse says her sister Preeta is also in the same hospital. She is unconscious and had a severe injury on the head. Shrishti trembles out of worry and runs towards ICU to meet Preeta. The nurse tries to stop Shrishti, as Preeta is still under observation. They doctor and nurse tells Shrishti to go outside, no one is allowed inside. Shrishti cries and kiss Preeta’s hand. The nurse convince Shrishti that doctors are treating her. Shrishti request the doctor to inform her about the improvement, she is just outside.
In the corridor, the nurse tells Shrishti that her mother is also unwell. The hospital admitted her as well. Shrishti was tensed for her mother as well.

Karan throws away everything in his room. He was furious as Preeta didn’t come over. Sameer comes to stop Karan. Karan says Preeta ruined his and his brother’s life. He spotted Sherlin with Prithvi. And when he asked her what she was doing with Prithvi, she spoke filth. Sherlin always smiled at his taunts earlier, but misbehaved with him today. She is a devil, and made him feel shy. She laughed at him that he couldn’t stop his wedding. It’s all because of Preeta Arora. Today, Sherlin disgraced him and slapped him in his own house. Sameer says there must be a reason why Preeta couldn’t come over. They must have known if Preeta had an accident or trouble. He even called City Hospital, asking if there was an accidental case of Preeta. Today, Preeta has dug a grave for people of this house. He cries that he was helpless. He is now determined and will never let Sherlin’s false intentions fulfil. He will kill Preeta if she comes in now.

Shrishti comes to Sarla who was asleep in the room. Sarla wakes up and hugs Shrishti. Sarla asks Shrishti if Preeta is fine. Shrishti asks who did all this, didn’t she go to her friend’s daughter’s wedding. Preeta had gone to bring Sherlin’s pregnancy report. How they ended in hospital. Sarla tells her not to cry, and herself cry for Preeta. She says she has gone through a lot. She went to the shop to buy the saree for her friend’s daughter. She spot Sherlin buying a bridal dress. Sherlin was marrying someone else, but she couldn’t see the groom’s dress. She came to Luthra house, there Prithvi told her that Shrishti had an accident. She came outside and was kidnapped. Later, Sherlin and her groom threw her into a lake. Sherlin held her captive. Preeta came to save her from the goons, but the goons gave an injury over her head. Shrishti calls herself an idiot who thought Preeta was terrified and didn’t bring the proof to Luthra house. She was unaware Preeta was there to save Sarla. Sarla asks Shrishti if Sherlin and Rishab are married. Shrishti says she won’t spare that Sherlin, she will teach her good enough lesson for putting Sarla’s life at stake. Sarla asks Shrishti to first save Preeta’s life. She needs blood. Shrishti hugs Sarla and leaves for blood transfusion. She thinks Sherlin Khurana will have to pay huge amount for what she has done.

In the room, Prithvi tells Sherlin she has turned into a bitter person. She made Karan feel guilty in his own house. He was steaming but stood helpless in front of Sherlin. He claims to be impressed. Sherlin forbids him to butter her, he is helpless. She got every task done for them. He couldn’t handle a single thing. Prithvi now shouts at Sherlin to stop it.

Sherlin orders Prithvi to focus on his work because Sarla and Preeta have ran away, he also shouts asking that he do the work, Prithvi says that she must not be so angry and remain calm, she ask him the name of the hospital, however he explains that he was not the one who was on the phone with Raj, she again calls him asking the name of the hospital, she ask him that she will come, Prithvi tries to stop her but she says that she is going to kill them and no one will be able to stop her.

Janki ask Bi jee to go back to their house, she stops her saying that they cannot leave as it will otherwise hurt the feelings of the Luthra family because Preeta and Sarla are not in the wedding, she says that she does not feel right because both Sherlin and Prithvi have something wrong with them, Bi jee asks that she stop because Sarla does not listen anything against Prithvi.
Sherlin is in her room giving blood she thinks that it was the matter if Luthra family and they were doing things for them but now she will make Sherlin teach as she has messed with her family and she will teach her a lesson.

The family is talking, Karina asks Dadi to give her another chance as it is the tradition of the family hat the bride always wins but Rishab has broken this, however when they force her she decides to give her another chance,Shelrin however refuses to do this that saying that she has to go to the Mandir to perform the ritual which she pledged, she dis this because of the fear of Preeta as she did not want her to get married with Rishab but she got married and now must fulfill her promise, she asks Karina for the permission which she gives and she leaves,

Karan is in his room trying to call Preeta however her phone si switched off and is not able to connect, he gets angry thinking that he trusted her to the extent and told her everything but she left him and was not there for him, Preeta starts to wake up in the hospital, Karan takes another drink, the nurse calls the doctor who asks that she give Preeta another injection because she is still restless and is thinking of the killer.

The robber is waiting for Sherlin, she comes and when they meet she slaps him asking why was he not bale to kill them, he explains but she does not listen, she asks if Shashti came, he says that as he went to the donors room, Sherlin decides a plan and says that he must inform her after making sure that Sarla and Shrishti are unconscious as otherwise It will be a problem for them, he goes to the room of Sarla and gives them both sedatives. He calls Sherlin informing that he has completed his work, Sherlin explains that she will now handle Preeta herself. She thinks of how Preeta threatened her of not letting get marred with Rishab but she has done it and now will kill Preeta as that is the only way she can attain her revenge.

Prithvi is driving his car thinking of Sherlin’s plan to kill preset and Sarla, he however refuses to believe all this but is not able to believe it that Sherlin will kill them, however he remembers what she said, that she is going to kill the as she has become a time bomb, he thinks of something which he has to do, he then thinks of something and calls

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