This is Fate Wednesday Update 17 June 2020


This is Fate Wednesday Update 17 June 2020

Wednesday 17 June 2020 on This is Fate Update: Sherlin calls Prithvi and tells him that they’re in a big trouble because all of the Luthras are against Manisha and they must do something, he says that whenever he feels that they are winning something bad happens ruining it, he say that then he will marry Preeta, she will be with Rishab and Karan with Manisha, she gets jealous and say that she now thinks that she must marry Rishab, she say bad things to him and leaves from there, he says that he doesn’t know how to tell her that he want both of them.

This is Fate Tuesday Update 16 June 2020

Manisha is with her cousins, Karna comes and she purposefully says bad things to Shrishti, he gets very mad and asks her to say it to his face, he walk away, she goes after him and say that she does not like this decoration, he say that it was not Shrishti but the best decorators of the

city, he asks her to be polite because he doesn’t like the way she talks about his friends she says that she wants him to follow her directions because she does not want a husband but a slave. comes to the Luthra house and thinks of a way to enter their house in disguise and make Prithvi pay.
The ceremony is about to begging, Pandit asks Karan to come and sit with his bride, he is hesitant, then he is forced to come and sit with her.
Sherlin is seeing him and feels happy, Prithvi comes and stands with Preeta asking where she was, she asks the reason, he say that he got sad when she was not in the hall but now he feels happy.
Billa comes to the hall, the police comes after him, Mahesh seeing them goes to question them and ask why they are here, they tell him that Billa has escaped from the jail and they are trying to find him, he gives them the go ahead to check their house.

Billa thinks that he is ready to be killed but will do what he intends to and that is to kill Prithvi, he sits in the place of his disguised person, The ceremony begins and the Pandit calls her mother, her relatives say that they are in London and ask permission if her cousins can perform the ceremony, he agrees, Manisha seeing the opportunity start to create a scene, trying to taunt Rakhi, she understands what Manisha is trying to do. Manisha turns to Rakhi saying that she is thinking correct that Manisha is angry with her and she loves her eve more than her real mother, she say that so what if she was not given the mehndi function but will be blessed to know that she must be the one to do her ceremonial obligations, Manisha thinks that she has played a trump card because now Rakhi cannot do anything.
She calls her on the stage but when she tries to help Rakhi stops her and does everything by herself, Rishab and Preeta cannot bear the sight of this. She looks angrily at Karan. The Pandit concludes the ceremony.
Rakhi heads back and they start another ceremony, she picks Preeta to be the one to perform it, she calls her in the front, Prithvi asks her to go in the front, she makes her wear the jewelry, Rishab thinks that she is getting strong with each ceremony and what if they are left watching while she becomes a member of their family, Preeta is about to complete it when there is someone yelling asking her to stop.
Karan is left shocked to see Sophia standing at the door demanding some answers from him.

Someone yells at Preeta asking her to stop, It is Sophia she says that this wedding cannot take place as Karan only belongs to her and cannot marry anyone else, Manisha says that she cannot destroy her wedding day both Manisha and Sophia get into a fight and it get pretty intense, no none Is able to understand what is happening. They get into a fist fight and the quarrel takes a bad shape, Sophia says that it is her right, Rakhi comes in saying that Karan only belongs to her, she says that Sophia is the mental fan who used to be with Karan, she is just a long lost chapter.
Sophia asks him to tell the truth to everyone, he does not understand what she wants him to say, she tells everyone that she is pregnant with his baby, he gets shocked to hear this.
Sherlin sees the staff and thinks

that it is Billa, he quickly runs away and thinks that Sherlin might have recognized him, if he goes back to jail he will first teach Prithvi a lesson. He sees Sherlin coming and hides, she thinks f where he has run away and what if it was her imagination but she doubts herself and goes back so she does not miss the drama that is happening.
Karan disagrees and swears to everyone that this cannot happen and eh is not the father of her child, she gets emotional and says that she knows that he might not be interested but she is really telling the truth, Manisha disagrees and says that she and no one cares for her feelings, Sophia shows the medical papers and the logs of the doctors to prove that he is the father of her child, Rishab sees them and also starts to question him.
Karan gest angry and says that she must not tell lies, Sophia asks him if they met in a hotel two months ago, he gets shocked saying taught they met but there was nothing between them and nothing can happen, Manisha gets mad asking her to leave.
Rakhi comes up to Karna asking that he did wrong, she even slaps him saying that he has done and this is very wrong, she goes to console Sophia assuring that’s he is with her, she again starts to scold Karan saying that’s he felt proud in the fact that she was his mother but he has caused her to feel ashamed of him and even Sophia is ashamed. Rishab requests that she calm down and give Karan a second chance but she says that he always comes to stand with Karan even when he is wrong which is why he did such a heinous act.
Rakhi blames Rishab saying that it is because of his unconditional love that has caused this, on one side it is Manisha who is in process of marrying her and then there is Sophia who is with a baby, Rakhi gets very angry and is stopped by Shrishti and Preeta.

Manisha and Sophia start to argue over who is in love with Karan and should get to marry him.
Shrishti and Preeta tell Rakhi that Sophia is with them and has come to protect Karan, Preeta tell her that the child belongs to her, Rakhi gets shocked to hear this, Preeta ask Rishab to explain, he says that they all went to Sophia at her house, finally being able to convince her to help them in saving Karan from Manisha by pretending that she is about to become the mother of his child,
Kartika takes the side of Karan saying that he is not flirt but girls roam around him, she thinks that he might have called her first but because she was not in the city so he is forced to marry Manisha, Preeta and Rishab explain that it is not by love but forced as he was under pressure to save Rishab from jail.
Sophia at first is hesitant but when they assure that she would be saving Karan so she agrees, Rakhi gets relieved to hear this, Mahesh tells everyone the good news.

Rakhi9 and everyone starts to ask, Karan is not able to understand what is happening, Karina comes and says that it is Sophia whose life has ruined, Preeta also comes calling him a liar, they all starts to blame him and so he is cornered, Karan then takes a sigh of relief, Rishab comes in saying that they cannot let any girl face oppression, Rakhi says that the child will be just like Karna,, Karina asks her to stop.
Dadi goes to ask Sophia if she knows that the child is a boy or girl, as that she wants to decide the name of the child and has even done so, she tells the names making everyone joyous. Karan apologizes to her and they hug each other, she thinks of what they had planned regarding the fake tears, she thinks of the napkin and takes it out, Manisha gets angry asking her to stop

this fake acting, Rakhi acts shouting at Manisha, Shrishti seeing that it is getting out of hand steps in and takes the side of Rakhi.
Manisha says that she does not care for anything and will marry Karan no matter what the situation, Shrishti says to her parents that if they go on with the marriage than the child will also curse them, her parents request that she back out from this marriage, she asks them to not say anything like this, Preeta points that they are her parents and will never think of anything that is wrong for her, she says that when the media will come to the hall they will do everything in their power to make a headline of her situation.
Rakhi tries to explain what will happen and gets confused in the situation, Dadi says that Manisha should stop and she will find a someone e new , she makes her sit with him,

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