This is Fate Wednesday Update 15 May 2019

Prithvi calms himself down, he again calls but no one picks the phone, Karan is passing by and he seeing the ringing picks it up, Prithvi after the call is picked starts to sing without asking who it is, Karan hearing Prithvi’s heartily wishes gets really paranoid and when he makes him listen to his heartbeat, he gets amazed, Prithvi says that he has decided to wear the color which she likes, Karan is not able to resist and changing his voice starts to talk with him, he immediately knows that it is not her and after that Karan start to annoy him, saying that he is an idiot, Preeta also does not love him and she said it to him, Karan starts to yell, Prithvi also yells and they both get into a fight blaming each other.
Karan say that when he gets loving he gets really angry, Karan says that he is not the favorite of anyone and not even the dog like him, Karan says that he will be with her from now on, Prithvi says hat he must give the phone to Preeta and has no right to pick It up
Karan ends the call and leaves, Prithvi gets really angry and says that he is about to get married and now no one will be able to break their bond.
Sherlin is driving and thinking that she must tell Prithvi everything that she has found because he must plan it accordingly otherwise they will fail, she starts to call he again and again because otherwise they will get into a lot of problem, she calls him repeatedly,
Prithvi is very angry and says that Karan picked the phone and not even made her talk with him, he calls her again but she does not answer, he starts to wonder if Karan and Preeta have some kind of a relation.

Prithvi decides to speak to Preeta. He will clarify his position in front of her, she will surely forgive him. He tries her number but only then he gets a call from Sherlin. Prithvi was curt and cuts the call angrily.
Rakhi receives the call from Luthra house. It was Prithvi and requests to speak to Preeta. Rakhi calls Preeta but it was Shrishti who came downstairs. Rakhi hands the phone to Shrishti, she calls Preeta for once then wonders why Prithvi didn’t call Preeta on cell phone. She thinks Preeta must not have picked his phone and speaks over the call in Preeta’s tone. Prithvi was startled and drops his phone, he picks the phone and says he got a life only after listening to her voice. He loves her so much and can’t live without her. Shrishti laughs at Prithvi at once.

They have an argument after which Shrishti cuts the call. Prithvi dials the number once again. Shrishti takes the call again and place the receiver aside so that he can’t call again. Prithvi now gets Sherlin’s call. Prithvi asks if she can’t call anyone else but him. Sherlin was annoyed and questions why he didn’t take her call? Prithvi asks if she is his wife. Sherlin shouts at Prithvi that he must always listen to her call, no matter how busy he is. She warns Prithvi that her reality would soon be revealed by the one he trusts the most. All at once, Sherlin lose control of her car and has an accident. Prithvi was tensed and leaves home hurriedly.
Karan comes to the corridor, Preeta was speaking on phone to someone and calls him as Boyfriend. Karan was annoyed. Preeta asks about his mission of Rithwik. Karan was annoyed and instead tells her to continue speaking to Prithvi. Preeta realizes his annoyance, she explains to Karan that like Karan calls her Dadi as his girlfriend, she has an uncle whom she calls as Boyfriend. Karan asks what her favorite color is, is it Mauve? Preeta says no. He gets a call from his coach and turns to leave. Preeta tells him that her favorite color is white.
Kritika was in the same traffic where Sherlin’s accident takes place. She runs to Sherlin’s car and takes her to hospital with her driver. In the hospital, Kritika calls the doctor and sends Sherlin inside. She completes all formalities and decides to call Rishab. Rishab was driving, he teases Kritika that she was there to get her dress fitted. Soon they lose signals. Kritika texts Rishab about Sherlin’s accident. Rishab was shocked to get the news.
The site of accident was sealed. Prithvi wonders why there is so much crowd here. He recalls when he spoke to Sherlin last time, she was at this very spot. The police inspector there tells Prithvi there was an accident. Prithvi recognizes it was Sherlin’s car. He runs to the accident site, the inspector tells Prithvi that the victim is safe and admitted in a nearby City hospital.
It was night. Rakhi asks Sameer to drop Shrishti and Preeta home. Preeta says it would cause trouble to Sameer. Shrishti qualifies Sameer would have no problem. Sameer was ready to drop them off. Rakhi requests Preeta to come in time tomorrow, it’s a big day and no one can control Karan when he is angry. Rakhi then asks Sameer to call Kritika, she went to market for a dress in pink and wanted to get its fitting. Shrishti was upset that Kritika is wearing pink dress, while she had a single heavy dress that she had to wear and it’s pink. She calls Kritika. Kritika says she is in hospital.

Sameer asks Shrishti what happened, she says that Sherlin got into an accident, Shrishti then says that she must not talk rubbish, Preeta then takes the phone and asks her o saty in the hospital and keep an eye on Sherlin, She runs away and Shrishti also follows them.

The nurse says that they have no women who is alone, Prithvi then explains that they have talked to eacvhoher and she is really alone, the nurse however says that there is no girl who is alone and all of them have their families, then Prithvi gets rude and starts to argue with the receptionist, she also gets angry and then he leaves. Preeta also reaches the hospital, she asks for Sherlin’s room and goes to it.

Prithvi reaches outside and is very angry saying that he would have killed the nurse if she was alone, he start to call her again, just then Shrishti and Sammer pas him, he decides to go to her house t check if the warden made any mistake, just then he thinks that at her house her mother would d be there and she does not like him.
Preeta is looking at Sherlin, Shrishti and Sameer ask her what she has planned, saying that they know that she cannot feel happy at Sherlin’s accident, Preeta stays that she feels that Sherlin is preganant, Kartika is confused, Preeta says that she will test her for the pregnancy because she knows that Sherlin will become the mo0ther of some other guys son, She says that she feels sorry that Sherlin is hurt but do not like That she is getting married to Rishab.

Just the a nurse passes by and Shrishti starts to create a scene forcing her to get the tests ready and completed, she says that the nurse will have a pay a heavy fine if something happens to Sherlin, she starts to create a scene and Kartika asks Preeta to stop her, she goes and asks the nurse to hurry and ge5 the teats result they then say that she will get the results the next day.

They start to enjoy, Rishab comes and asks why are they enjoying because Sherlin is hurt, they all stars to make excuses, he goes inside to check on her, Karan asks what has happened, {Preeta says that she has made arrangements for her blood test so that they can be sure if her pregnancy, he also gest jopuyed on the news, Rishab comes back, Karan says that they can now postpone the engagement, Preeta and Rishab stop h9m, he gets angry, both of them make him understand the situation.

Karan says that he feels very annoyed to think of the news that Manisha is to be engaged to him and wants to delete this mode of his life. Manisha is looking at her engagement dress, she is very angry and thinks that she will wear it just for the sake of money, she calls Prithvi, he picks it up and starts to argue asking why she called him, she says that she will not wear the dress, Prithvi says that he will not listen to this rubbish but she says that she knows that he is not her boyfriend and she does not like his questions, she says that she is not ready to marry Karan and become a family of Luthra’s, he says that she must just get engaged, She orders Prithvi t bring a blank cheque, he say that he will back out if she pushes him any further, he says that he will not give any money an this will cause her to go straight into jail.