This Is Fate Wednesday Update 15 December 2021


This Is Fate Wednesday Update 15 December 2021

Rakhi asks Preeta what Pammi said, Preeta reveals she doesnot know but can say that there is nothing going on between Sameer and Mahira, Rakhi is relieved explaining this is what she desired to hear because when Pammi revealed the news, she could not breathe for some time. Rakhi then reveals she has a girl in mind for Sameer, it is Shristhi, Preeta is also joyed to hear the news thinking they would make a nice couple, Rakhi reveals she knows what Preeta is thinking, they both would make a nice couple, Preeta agrees but explains she is worried after seeing them both fighting so often so fears if they would continue to fight after their marriage, Rakhi asks if she doesnot remember how much she used to fight with Karan but now they are living happily so she feels they both are a symbol of love.

Preeta hears Shristhi and Sameer fighting so calls them questioning if they were able to achieve anything with the new contact number, Shristhi says they have made a mistake by making him call because he can only stare at the mobile, Sameer also blames her for not being able to do anything, Preeta asks them both to come with her as they have not been able to find the entire truth.
Mahira is really angry, Sherlin replies they can end their friendship if Mahira feels she has deceived her, Mahira coming to her explains she only said what Shristhi told her, but this cannot mean she doesnot trust her as no matter what anyone says she would always stand by her as she knows this is what Shristhi desired that they get separated because then they would not be able to do anything. Sherlin is relieved thinking even after Shristhi revealed the entire truth she did not believe them, Sherlin sits on the bed and Mahira asks why she is so tensed, Sherlin reveals there is a lot going on because of which she seems worried, Mahira leaves however reaching the door turns explaining she will not believe anyone else however if she finds out that Sherlin is backstabbing her, she will not forgive her.

Mahira explains she will never believe anything someone says to her but if she ever finds out that Sherlin is deceiving her she would not let her walk away, Sherlin assures her nothing of the sort would happen so she must not be worried, Mahira leaves when Sherlin closing the door thinks if Mahira really believes that she is predictable as she is the only one who writes the futures of everyone who is in the Luthra family including her Punnu Baby, she is also aware of what would happen to them in the future.
Prithvi enters the room throw the window and is glad that there is no one in the room so he decides to get the mobile which has the proof against Him and Sherlin, he starts searching the room but is frustrated after which he sees the mobile on the side table, he is amazed for being able to find the mobile so easily when he thought he would have to make a lot of effort, he thanks god for making it then gets a call from Sherlin who questions if he has reached the house.

Prithvi assures he has not only reached the house but also found the mobile which is in his hands, he mentions he is Prithvi Malhotra who can do anything which he needs, he tries to get ready but Megha puts a knife around his neck threatening to kill him if he doesnot let go of the mobile, Prithvi is able to overpower her, he says there is only one person in the room who is him, he threatens to make her pay so starts clearing the table, he forces her explaining if he did not ruin the room anyone would suspect him but now they would think there was a robbery, she thought that she would get away after blackmailing Sherlin but now must delete all of the proof which she has against her.

Preeta along with Shristhi and Sameer are hiding, Shristhi questions why are they hiding as it seems they are playing a game, Preeta explains that Shristhi said that they must search the room to find the proof and it is the advice of Shristhi so they must follow it as she is really clever, Shristhi however prays that Shelrin first leave the room, as soon as Sherlin leaves Preeta goes after her while Shristhi and Sameer enter the room, Shristhi starts advising him but he requests her to first talk politely so they start searching the room.

Sherlin is walking when she turns questioning why is Preeta following her and should come out from hiding, Sherlin asks why was she following her, Preeta says that she is not just following her and why is Sherlin worried, she asks her why does Preeta think she has done something wrong so then Preeta explains that she knows Sherlin has performed a crime so her husband cannot suffer for her crimes, Preeta blames her saying she tried to misguide them with her muddy slipper but this cannot happen and they would not let her win by what she has done, Preeta starts blaming her saying that she has left a lot of clues and now would be proven guilty, she tries to make her confess but Sherlin doesnot accept anything and has a response for every blame, she tries to leave when Preeta holds her hand, in the struggle she falls on her stomach and hurts herself, Preeta is having a flashback at which Sherlin questions her to not stay quiet as she was blaming her but what caused the sudden change.

Preeta is left startled thinking of what might happen so then she explains that she has kept the angry in her but cannot hold it any longer so she must reveal why did she do so wrong with her, Sherlin is stunned with the questions of Preeta, she realizes what is happening and explains Mahira warned her about Sameer and Shristhi, she is sure they both would once again be in her room she tries to leave however Preeta does her best but is not able to stop her, she decides to warn Shristhi and Sameer, they both are in the room Shristhi sees the envelope but suddenly Sherlin’s mobile rings, she asks Sameer to turn it off but he answers the call and it is Rishab who questions what they both are doing with Sherlin’s mobile, they are left startled and not able to answer the question.

Prithvi threatens Megha to delete the video, she pleads with him to not hurt her as she is pregnant, he warns her to not act smartly as he is now with a child, she pleads him, but he insists that she delete it, she acts as if she is about to when Ruchika hits Prithvi with a rod, so he falls unconsciously on the bed, they both rejoice for being together.
Shristhi and Sameer are both not able to agree on an excuse which they can give to Rishab, he is stunned at them then reveals how he felt really nice talking with them both because he has been busy in the business activities and so requests them to in form Sherlin that he called when she comes back.

Sameer says that he would not talk with her, she goes to place the perfume at the place then takes the envelope so they both agree to take the letter, Shristhi shows the letter to Preeta who agrees to open the letter as it is the matter relating to murder, she reads the letter which states that there is some secret relating to Sherlin’s pregnancy, Shristhi is tensed asking what could be the secret, Preeta explains she knows what it might be about but the person might know something even further, Sameer is not able to comprehend it.

Preeta explains there are certain things which they know about Sherlin but the family is still unaware so she feels he might be trying to blackmail her because of that secret, Sameer mentions that this implies Akshay was blackmailing her but Preeta wonders what might be the reason, she still concludes that it was important enough that Akshay started calling her so saved her contact as Bakra number 3, she gets a call from someone, after it ends she is worried so when Sameer and Shristhi question she explains they are saying that Karan would be shifted to another jail, she says that it would be clear after she meets Karan.

Shristhi mentions she is thinking if they are able to prove that Sherlin also went to meet Akshay the same day he was murdered then they would be able to prove what had actually happened in that hotel, Preeta explains she feels she might have to talk with Megha alone as she was the closest to Akshay when he died so they would be able to know the entire truth including about the letter, Shristhi agrees to go with her, Preeta responds she would drop her back at their house however she says she would go to meet Megha with her, Preeta advises him to keep an eye on Sherlin.

Sherlin enters her room but is not able to find anything that is wrong with her room, she sits on the bed worrying what might have happened.

Megha and Ruchika have tied Prithvi, they are sitting when he starts to regain consciousness, he demands water but then suddenly shouts at them both to let him free, they start laughing, Ruchika asks Prithvi what is he doing, did he thinks he would be able to over power them so easily, Megha also questions if he thought she would hand the last chance which she has of any income so easily as it cannot happen, he tries to prove that he is Raja and not Prithvi, he was hired by Sherlin to get the proof, Ruchika questions where is his mask which he was wearing, then showing him reveals he has taken off his mask, Megha questions why does everything try to make a fool out of her, he has made a big mistake by giving them money within twenty four hours.

Ruchika says that if he doesnot give them seven million then they would enter his house and leave after doing what they desire, Megha mentions he doesnot have an idea what they can do with the video, Ruchika asks him to leave but then orders Megha to let him loose while she keeps a knife around his neck, she threaten to get him arrested if he ever comes back again they would file a complaint to the police, Prithvi at once tries to take the knife but then she advises him to bring the money as he only has twenty four hours to bring the money, he reveals he knows they both are broke which is why they are demanding the money so he is not scared, she however says she will not be scared and if he doesnot bring the money they would send the photos to Kritika and Rishab along with the entire Luthra family one by one, he is thrown out of the room.

Megha and Ruchika sit on the bed, she asks Ruchika why she asked for so much money as it is not right, Ruchika advises her to not worry saying that if they get the amount then it would be beneficial for her as she needs the money and twenty percent of seven million is a lot, Megha leaves in anger saying that Ruchika is mad.