This is Fate Wednesday Update 1 July 2020


This is Fate Wednesday Update 1 July 2020

1st July 2020 Wednesday Update on This is Fate Update:Prithvi is thinking that his Holi cannot be complete without Preeta, Sherlin think that she will embarrass Preeta in front of everyone, Chachi comes from behind her asking what hatred filled plan is she thinking of now.

This is Fate Tues Update 30 June 2020
Everyone is sitting at the table and both Sameer and Tanvi laugh after seeing Rakhi, Preeta sees Preeta asking her to come with him, he takes her aside and is about to put colors on her, Rishab comes and holds his hand asking if he will not play Holi with him. Prithvi says that they have played Holi before, Rishab however makes fun of him and asks Preeta to put a teeka on him as otherwise he will also forget this. Manisha walks up behind them and gets very angry seeing Preeta and Rishab. Sherlin thinks that she will kill both of them today and it will be their last Holi.
Rishab makes and excuse and sends Preeta away, Manisha is also taken by her band members, Preeta asks Mahesh if he called him, Rehab also walks in, he explains that he thought she would be able to calm Rakhi as she is drugged, however she is fine, he thinks that he knows that Rishab lied to her but he made his lie a truth.
The performance begins, Prithvi comes and stands in between Preeta and Rishab, Rishab gets very nervous, the dance continues with its full swing, they take out their knives and start to throw them at the target.
Rishab sees Prithvi standing close to preset and is not able to bear it, he walks to her other side. Manisha throws the knife and it hits Rishab on his hand, she gets worried that she was not able to kill him but thinks that she will leave only after killing him.
Dadi and everyone comes to Rishab, he says that he is fine but she asks Preeta to take him upstairs and bandage his hand, Prithvi thinks that if someone tried to kill him then he should have died.
Dadi goes to scold the dancers and does not listen to their apology, everyone takes Rishab to his room, Samer helps him take out his shirt, Preeta asks Shrishti to bring the first aid box but Rishab hearing that he will be given an injection gets really scared and pressurizes that he does not need any medicine.
Rishab demands that he does not need the medicine, he asks her to not give him the injection, she starts to apply the medicine, he says that it is fine and there is no need for injection. He acts that it is paining, he request Preeta to not give him the shot because he is scared from it, she says that she will apply it even if she did jot planned to do it. He thinks that he will drink potion if it is her who gives it to him.

Shrishti offers Rishab to hold her hand because when she is also scared she takes her mother’s hand.
Prithvi calls Sherlin from behind asking her where she is going, she tries to act smart however he says that this is her biggest problem because she does not know what to do with respect to time, she ties to say that Preeta is his sister however he says that she is nowhere near to behind his sister and even though listens to everything that he says however when her self-respect is hurt she doesn’t see who is standing in front of her and its even though if it is him.
Sherlin explains that the only reason he was engaged with Preeta was that Rishab not go to her, however she is caring for each and every boy in the family, did he understand what she meant, he agrees.
Mahesh trios to leave the room but Rakhi calls him back asking him to sit with her, he asks her how much she loves him she say that she loves him more than herself, he asks her if she loves him more than her sons, she says that she loves her sons more than anything and also loves him more than herself, she gives her hand to him and explains everything,. He kisses her forehead, just then Chachi calls him from behind after which he gets nervous, she ask him to make Rakhi drink it so that she can come to her senses, when she leaves he makes Rakhi drink it all.
Sherlin get angry asking what he said, he says that he did a lot of things to make her get engaged with Rishab, so she must act like a good wife as she is not that material however if she acts like this than everything will spoil, however she says that he must not challenge her and she can make it clear for him that if she backs out form the marriage than he will take no time to propose to Preeta which will be a problem for him. He asks her to go to Rishab, she also deices and plans to do something which even Manisha was not able to do.
Rishab is very nervous and trying to do everything that will make Preeta to not give him the injection, he does not listen to anyone and does not even know when he is given the shot, Sherlin comes and makes Preeta stand while taking her position, she explains how she tried to calla every doctor, however Rishab takes the side of Preeta saying that’s he is the proper doctor and gave him the necessary medicine, she tries to scold Preeta but Rishab gets very angry and says that she must not say anything bad regarding Preeta in front of him. Preeta tries to calm the situation however Shrishti stops her saying that when Rishab is talking they must to come in between, Prithvi calls her from behind asking why she is doing things that will further cause the argument to grow, she sends everyone away, Prithvi comes in and when Preeta is about to leave he stops asking Sherlin to apologize which she does in front of Rishab. When Preeta is walking outside in the hall, Sherlin coming from behind warns her to sat away from Rishab, Preeta however says that she is scared that Preeta will expose, Sherlin explains that she will not be able to do anything because the last time when she tried to do it, she was stopped from coming t the house and he can do it again however Preeta is not scared saying hats he knows that Ruth of Sherlin and will expose her also preventing her to marry Rishab.
Manisha is in the kitchen and very frustrated that nothing is going according to plan, she is walking when she hears someone coming to the kitchen and hides immediately behind the door, it is Ganesh who comes to take out the tea, he is not able to find the tea set which are right in front of her, she fears that he will see her but she is saved as Preeta calls Ganesh just when he picks up the Tea set, saving Manisha,she explains him how to prepare the drink and what to add, Manisha thinks that she will add position to this drink killing Rishab and causing all the blame to come on Preeta and Ganesh.
Manisha is hiding behind the door and tosses out the poison, thinking that she brought the poison so she could have it herself after killing Preeta and Rishab and go be with Rithwik, just then Ganesh comes and purrs the drinks she again hides and when he leaves she comes out adding the poison, however she is caught by Rakhi.

Sherlin is walking when Prithvi pulls her as aide asking why did she say those things to Preeta because she knows that Rishab has feelings for her, Sherlin however is very mad and says that’s he gets mad when she sees him looking at Preeta with loved filled eyes so she will from now on do what she feels and he must do what he likes.

Prithvi is shocked to see what Sherlin has just said and plans to know what is going on in her mind.
Rakhi confuses Manisha and wonders if it is her dream and that Manisha was in jail, she immediately hides, Mahesh takes her away she thanks her luck however Ganesh sees her asking her the reason why she is her, she pleads that’s eh just came to drink water however he is not convinced and asks her to leave otherwise he will call the police, she leaves thinking that she has done what she came to do and now none will be able to save Rishab.

Preeta is talking with eh doctor on her phone and thanking him for his help, she comes and apologizes to Rishab for giving him the injection, he says that he only got nervous because no now has ordered him like this before, jus then Sherlin comes and gets really rude with her, Rishab scolds her for talking like this to a girl, Prithvi Also comes and start to talk rudely with her, they both get into a fight but Preeta is not able to understand what is happening.
Tanvi, and Samer are both remembering their past events and having really good time, Shrishti is however really jealous, Samer takes her car keys and then says that he will drive the car, Shrishti thinks that she will not let anyone come in between them and so tricks her and herself sits in the front seat.

Preeta asks what is happening, Sherlin request Rishab to take her side, he however says that he does not understand what is happening, Preeta says that she will not apologize to her for anything that she might have said to her, Prithvi starts to shout however Rishab makes him go quiet and gets really loud.
Just then Samer comes with the medicine, Shrishti makes him sit and Ganesh also comes with milk, they all try to make him drink it but just when he is about to drink it spills, Preeta has the remaining glass, Sherlin takes it from her hand and offers it to Rishab, she however seeing that the paper has gone red quickly jumps and throws the glass away, when Rishab asks why she did it, she says that there is poison in it because the paper has gone read and it should be blue.
Dadi ask Karina what it could be, Karina says that she is very worried because even the Pandit has said that there could be something wrong with his Kundali and so they must get him married.
Rishab and everyone is very tensed asking Preeta how she knows that there is poison in his drink, she says that the vipes in her kit turned red and they all function the same way like a litmus paper and so she knows that there poison, Sherlin asks how it could be, Karina says that it can happen when there is something wrong with the Kundli and it can happen, Rishab however explains to her that is nothing like that.
Dadi and Rishab try to make Sherlin realize that Preeta could not have done anything to hurt Rishab, she is constantly blaming Preeta, Rishab warns her that if she wants to marry he then she should not say anything like this.
Preeta say that he must not stop her because she has no feelings, Prithvi also ask her to remain calms because Sherlin might be disturbed after the incident that happened to her.

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