This is Fate Update 10 Wednesday June 2020


This is Fate Update 10 Wednesday June 2020

Preeta say that if they were to consider what Shrishti was saying then they would have to find the phone and find tu the name of the person behind all the mess. Samer calls her saying that he thought she was just dumb but she has evil mind.

This is Fate Update 9 Tuesday, June 2020
Preeta calls her, she warns her to nit hit her, she praises her, Samer seeing the opportunity says that she said a lot of bad things to him, she asks him to not say anything to him otherwise she will beat him really bad. Karan says that she is very clever and they will be able to save his brother.
Sherlin enters the room and is shocked to see that Prithvi is watching cartoons, she turns the TV off asking him how many fingers she is showing, she continuously asks him but he says that he only wants to watch the cartoon, he gets really pissed.
Shrishti asks Preeta to take her with them asking them to stop till the next morning, Samer says that they must get to the clue before anyone else, Karan says that they must get before and leaves.

Prithvi say that she would have told him before and must have called him, she says that she called him every time but he never took him serious, he says that he did this because she usually says irresponsible things, they start to argue, Sherlin says that they must go to the accident spot before Karan otherwise they both will be ruined and will rot in jail. Prithvi hugs her saying that she is always there for him and is ready to help him.
Shrishti is trying to talk with her cell mate, she is not interested but Shrishti says that they have left her, Samer asks her to calm down because she cannot do anything, they start to talk and she realizes that they caught him near the tea café and if they do not have this information then they will never be able to find the phone, she gets angry realizing this.
Karan and Preeta are in the car, he starts to smile, Preeta ask him why is he smiling, she asks him why he was smiling, he ignores it but she asks him what he was thinking about, he says that he was thinking about her and what she is thinking, she is not impressed but he says that he is thinking of her past encounters when she was in the back of his car and wanted to meet him, she does not understand asking him to stop, Karan immediately stops the car, she does not understand and asks the reason he says that she told him to do so, she makes him realize that she only meant that he must stop talking nonsense and have a sensible talk regarding their plan.
Karan says that Preeta is very irritating, he says that she is lying and how much she wanted to meet him and was in the back seat of his car, when he was with his girlfriends and she got jealous, he says that he does not understand how she became his friend, he says that when she came to his life he has not been able to be in any relationship. She says that she has not pulled him and he is free to do what he feels, she asks him why she is not his girlfriend, he says that she is the type of girl who a person would want to spend his life with. She gets shocked and ask if he was telling the truth.
She asks for his opinion and he says that he would a person who would fall in love with the word of marriage after seeing her, she interrupts him asking him to focus on the road, he says that he has forgotten the conversation that he was planning to have, she says that she knows what he wanted to talk of.
Prithvi and Sherlin are moving towards the scene, they try to navigate, Prithvi says that he must call Karan because they must know where he has reached, he advises that she must do anything to make him say something, he says that he knows they will reach there as soon as possible and if they do not get the clue then they will end with all their planning. Sherlin says that he ignores Karan and does not even talk with him, so now if she calls him then they will be suspicious.

Prithvi ask Sherlin to atleat talk with Karan because it can be fruitful for them. She says that if she ever tries to talk with him he will come after him because he strongly feels that Sherlin is cheating Rishab and if she calls him then he will again get conscious and come after Prithvi, she asks him to drive fast because they have to reach the spot before them to find Billa’s phone, she says that he has become like Sarla, he asks her to not talk of Sarla.
Sarla is calling when Bi jee comes and ask why she is calling them when it was decided that they will not call them back, She gets angry and says that she will now not call them, JAnki makes the call and Karina picks it up when she says that she wants to talk with them, Karina says that she cannot as they both are I the police station,

just then Rakhi comes and takes the phone, she says to Sarla to not worry as Karan is also with them and nothing will happen, she assures to Sarla that they are both in the police station and as soon as they will come she will make her talk. When the phone ends, Sarla gets tensed.

Rakhi says that she has done something which is not right and she must not have done this, Karina says that she never listens to her then why she should listen to her, Karina says that he will tell her when the time is correct and cannot act.
Prithvi and Sherlin reach the accident spot and get shocked to see that there is a police man standing there, they think of what they can do now as they will not be able to search the truck just then he gets on his bike and leaves.
Prithvi gets happy and they both decide to leave the car and go search for the mobile, they head for the truck, Prithvi says that has gotten to very happy to see the truck, he pushes her away and says that they must just take the mobile,
Preeta is constantly asking Karan to drive fast, he says that he cannot because it is a car, she says hat she has to get to the spot before anyone because she is very angry and will do all that is possible to make the true person behind the accident go to jail. They both are talking when they ae about to get into an accident and just get away.
Prithvi says to Sherlin that they must only get the mobile and will do everything after that, when he tries to open the door it is locked Karan and Preeta are in the car and constantly arguing.
Sherlin is trying to open the truck with Prithvi car keys, he seeing this gets angry and asks her to not do this because it will not open she finally steps away and he finds a wire, just when he is about to open the door he asks her to not move from one place to another because he is not able to concentrate, She gets angry and starts to taunt at him for being a useless fellow, he opens the door and orders her to look out for anyone who is coming, he is searching but is not able to find it, he thinks that he does not want to be seen with Sherlin because otherwise Sarla will end the relation and he does not want this to happen.
Sarla is very tensed, Bi jee asks Janki to bring a glass of water, she asks why Sarla is still tensed, she says that she is because they both are hiding something from her, they both said different things and she feels that something has happened to them both, Bi jee tries to explain to them that nothing has happened but they do not listen, Sarla leaves saying that she will come after she has met her daughters. After Sarla leaves Bi jee starts to ask Janki why she said this, she says that Karina said that Preeta is in the police station because Shrishti is there and she feels that Rakhi only said her part to make them get free from the tension and she strongly feels that Shrishti has been arrested and they must protect their children.

Prithvi is searching the truck anxiously for the mobile hut is not able to find it, eh thinks of weather it will be in the back side, Sherlin asks him if he found it but he says that he has searched everywhere and now thinks that they must look at the back side.

Preeta says that they are just a few minutes away, Prithvi is still not able to find the mobile, Karan stops the car a few steps away, Sherlin wonders who it is and is shocked to see Karan and Preeta, she calls Him and he thinks that he must ask her to shut up s that he can focus, she again calls him and just when he is about to shout she tells that Karan and Preeta have come, he thinks of where to hide and feels that he will be caught.

Sherlin wonders what she will stay if they both come towards her, Karan and Preeta try to

enter the truck but it is locked. Sherlin asks Prithvi to come with her, he is about o come but Preeta calls and he heads back, Sherlin looks at them again calling Prithvi to come out, Preeta comes after which Sherlin hide and Prithvi gets into the truck.
Karna and Preeta go to the other side and are shocked to see that the truck is open, she ask him to hurry as they are not allowed near it,

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