This is Fate Tuesday Update 7 July 2020


This is Fate Tuesday Update 7 July 2020

7th July 2020 Tuesday on This is Fate Update: Sarla is ready and is going to shopping, Bi jee bumps in to her and they both start to quarrel, Sarla asks her to keep a look where she is going, Bi jee says that she knows that Sarla is jealous from her but she does not care and will get ready and go to the party,

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Janki also comes and is excited for it, Sarla says that she is going shopping for her friends daughter wedding. Bi jee starts to joke and Sarla gets angry, she also says that she knows this but bi jee says that they will understand it when she is not with them, they both get angry and Bi jee apologizes, she leaves warning them to refrain from doing anything wrong.
Mahesh is trying to search for is dress but he is not able to find anything, Rakhi comes asking what the matter is, he says that he wants to dress for the party and that

she must advise him, she however says that he is their father and the party will have the same guests so he must not dress like this, eh heads to the dressing rooms eh thinks that he might have some affair and yells at him, he comes back dressed in a white Shalwar Kameez, Rakhi taunt him for being at the extreme level asking that he must remain calm, she also says that he will not look good in spikes because it only suites Karan, she explains that she felt like teasing him so she did it, after he leaves she gets confused.

Shrishti is preparing the hall for the party, everything if going wrong and she gets angry, Sameer comes from behind and tries to help her but she refuses to take his help and asks him to go and be with Tanvi who is always there for him, he leave and gets angry thinking of how she talks and wonders that he wants to talk with her and so will do it at any cost, he takes a mask and hitsh her with ti and then hides, she gets really angry and starts to say that she will punish whoever has done it, Sameer raises his hand, She asks him to get up and when he does she says that she has told him that she has a lot of work to dfo and will talk with him.
Prithvi wishes morning to Sherlin and is also searching or her, she is sitting in the wardrobe, eh asks her to come out but she insists that she will remain in it until they are married he forces her to come out and males her come by the bed. He explains that he has a surprise for her and she will really like it.
Prithvi shows Sherlin his outfit asking her how it is, he explains that he asked the master to prepare it and he did it in one night but her wedding dress was not prepared because he was told that it would take some time, so it will be prepared within two days, she however refuses saying that she will marry him on the same day and she also knows a shop which will sell them a replica and she is going. He asks her to go leaving him to take care of all the arrangements, she explains how happy she is saying that they both will be married with two hours, he asks her to make arrangements for the bachelors party and also ensure that no one knows of it. She requests that he remain clam asking if he is happy.
Karan is getting ready for the party, Preeta comes seeing him from, the door listening to his praises of himself, she starts to laugh, he asks her what the matter is, she says that he is a crack pot, they stars to quarrel over their arguments, Preeta says that she thought that she must say that he is looking like a waiter, he gets angry at her and tries to catch her however she runs and he follows her but is unable to catch and instead slips and falls on her.
Karna and Preeta both share a romantic moment, Karan asks her to look at him from his eyes and then she will understand what he is, because she likes people who are like her and so does not like good people, she must wear eyeglasses and then look only then will she understand what he is, he takes her hand and places it on his heart asking her to say that he is the hottest, she however remains quiet getting nervous without saying anything, he leaves her, she tries to get back up but he forces her down ,she asks him to stop, she says that he must not get up but rather get back, then pushing him get up, they tidy themselves .
Rakhi comes and asks Preeta that she searched for her everywhere and when she was not able to find her knew that she will be with Karan. She asks her to come and help her dress dadi, Preeta leaves but reaching the door turns back and looks at Karan, Rakhi calls her so she leaves.

Rakhi explains that Dadi is not able to select her Sari and she is really confused, Karan comes from behind and ask her to send Preeta back if dadi selects her dress quickly.

Sherlin bursts on the shop owner saying that she heard that their Shop had all the designs and was the best however she cannot find anything good, Prithvi wonders that If he does not say that it is beautiful then she will be there till the night, he praises one of the saris so she takes it and goes to try it.

Sarla enters the shop asking the shop owner to show her the latest and most beautiful designs, they also take images iof the dress just then she gets a call from Preeta.

Sherlin comes out and is dressed in the same outfit, Prithvi asks her why is she in the same clothes she explains that she doesn’t like it and throwing it at the helping girl leaves.

Preeta says that she has taken out the dress which she has to wear in the party according to the dress code, Sarla however argues that she will wear the same dress which she likes, Sherlin comes and sees the dress so she pulls it from her hand, and Sarla gets really angry. When she ends the call, Her friend finalizes the dress which is the same one which she has taken, she goes to stand outside the try room , there Prithvi is also standing and waiting for Sherlin, the owner comes out and asks her to come with him,. She explains that her friend has decided the dress and she only wants it, he takes her and taking the measurements of the dress leaves to get it altered. Sarla is sitting and looking at the sari wonders how good Preeta will look in it, she gets joyed with the intention, she decides to call Prithvi and then she asks him if he is coming to the party and also request that he come with his mother because she has to talk with her about the date of the wedding,, he agrees jut then drops a manikin in excitement, she gets nervous and then ask him to be ready.

Shrishti enters the kitchen and sees Samer, he offers her a juice but she declines saying that she will drink juice however he doesn’t let her so she ends up drinking the juice, they both starts a conversation and end up getting into another quarrel, she leaves making him wonder what he has done wrong and also what needs to be done in order to relax her mood, he decides to surprise her in the party.

Sarla sees Sherlin in the shop and wonders that she is really anxious for her wedding, Sherlin is wearing he Lehnga and the worker asks if she wants them to pack it, she explains that she will wear the same dress and they must hang the other dress, she is talking with Prithvi on the phone and they both decide the flower for their wedding, Sarla sees everything from behind the rack, she realizes that Sherlin will no longer be a Bachelor in her own party , she is planning to marry someone else.

Sherlin wonders that they have the best plan as no one will be able to understand that she is already married and so whatever happens she will not be loyal to Rishab.

Preeta is walking and sees Rishab in the hall she wonders that it is Karan and calls him, he assures that he is Rishab, just then Karan comes and they both starts to complement each other on their clothes, Preeta laughs, they both seeing this say that they must take a selfie, Rishab ask her to not hide her smile as she looks really good in it, Preeta leaves, Karan says that he wonders if they both have loved the same person, Sanjana hears what they both are saying from behind the corner.

Rishab jokes that they will change the girl, Rishab mentions that he is relieved that they are not like this and have different interests in girls, Karan receives a call and leaves Rishab also goes to change the dress. Sanjana sees this from behind and is shocked to see that Rishab is after Preeta.

Sherlin is getting out from the shop, a worker comes from behind and gives her the shopping bag which she left behind. she gets in a car, her mother calls her and says that she must be extra careful as Preeta is coming closer to Rishab, Sherlin asks her mother that she is very happy to understand that she loves her a lot and, she explains that she wants that she marries Rishab and if they come to know of her truth then they will reject her and Rishab will marry Preeta.

Mahesh comes and is very excited for the party, he calls Samer asking if there will be girls in the party, Smear ask hi to stop but he says that he is still young and the girls are still after him and he knows that they really like him, Samer ask that he turn back and when he does, dadi is standing there, she calls Rakhi but he tries to make her go away, dadi tells her everything and she gets mad leaving the , Mahesh ask if she is his real mother and why did she do this, she slaps him and explains if he did this again then she will hurt him even more, She also warns Samer but he mentions that he is still unmarried so she says that he can enjoy himself like he wants.

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