This Is Fate Tuesday Update 7 December 2021


This Is Fate Tuesday Update 7 December 2021

Prithvi is in the room, Kritika enters explaining she has a request and that she wants him to come with her to the police station as she was going to meet Karan, Prithvi questions why is she seeking permission as she has to order him, Kritika asks if they can leave right now which startles Prithvi who hesitantly agrees saying that he just needs to take his wallet and keys, there is a constant call on his mobile, Kritika requests him to answer it because it might be something important however he refuses to accept there is anything important, Kritika is really worried but he blocks the contact explaining that the only thing important is that he goes to meet Karan with her.

Megha is threatening the person on the mobile saying that if she doesnot get the money then would reveal the truth that he was also involved in the murder of Akshay after which he would be locked in the jail instead of Karan, the doctor calls her from behind explaining she left her medicines in her office, Megha exclaims the doctor is really helping her but she is a single mother and now would get the best at her own time of need, the doctor agrees to drop her at the house, Preeta coming out from the hiding wonders what kind of a game Megha is playing because she is living in split personality because on one hand she was threatening the person while being nice to the doctor.

Preeta gets a call from Shristhi who explains that they have shifted to their neighbor’s house as their own house was being whitewashed, she reveals Sameer explained that the lunch would be prepared at their house, so she has prepared the food, Shristhi agrees to meet Preeta at the police station.

Karan is in the jail when Prithvi sees him so comes to him inquiring how he is because it is really hot as he is not used to such environment, Prithvi asks if he should bring the bat and ball for him which he would like to play as it is big enough, Karan starts laughing saying that he would not be in the cell for much long as he is innocent, after coming out he would make Prithvi pay for all that he has done, Sarla and Kritika rush to karan, Sarla reveals that she desired to meet him so came to the police station where she also found Kritika.

Karan responds how it feels nice to finally meet some nice people, Sarla exclaims he has done a lot for Preeta, karan replies he has not done anything as until now Preeta was protecting Kritika but he only fulfilled the promise that Kritika would go back with them, Sarla is not happy that karan had to give him to the police, she exclaims how she is glad to have a son in law like him, Prithvi gets mad thinking she was about to be his mother in law and can still be but she only seems to love Karan.

Karan asks Kritika why is she smiling, Prithvi exclaims he is also smiling along with Kritika and they are all really happy he is in the cell, Kritika questions why is he talking like this, Prithvi replies that Karan has said it himself that he likes staying in the cell, Sarla asks Kritika to tell Prithvi to leave if he cannot say anything nice so must not have come to meet Karan, Prithvi tries to explain himself but Sarla gets angry and turns towards him, he apologizes saying that he would leave if they do not want him, he asks Kritika to come out as he is waiting for them, Karan asks Sarla to not worry about Prithvi because he is an ill person, Sarla asks Karan to not be worried because they would make sure he is freed from the jail. Karan asks her to not worry, he even asks Kritika to be happy, they both leave Karan.

Shristhi and Sameer are both shocked to hear the news that Megha is pregnant with Akshay’s child, they all try to wonder what the story might be, Shristhi says this is what she was trying to explain to Sameer that there is something else going on but he did not believe her, Shristhi reveals that she is clever and can comprehend the things but he did not believe her, Preeta questions what did she think, Shristhi reveals a person can only murder because of two things, either rage or knowledge, she feels that there might be a connection amongst them, Preeta explains she after hearing Megha talking did not think that she can kill anyone, Preeta advises them they must first go to meet Karan then go straight to Megha’s house.

Sarla is standing behind them, she comes to Preeta saying that she after hearing her remembered Pragya because she was also the same and did what she once thought of doing, Preeta explains she cannot be as good as Pragya but if Sarla thinks she is like her then it is a matter of blessing, Sarla reveals she is really good, which is why she cares for everyone, Sarla explains how Preeta went to the Luthra house as a doctor but befriended Karan, who would have thought that the Luthra family would be her in laws, she knows Karan ill-treated her a lot, she now feels that Karan is really the only one who is suitable for her, Preeta places Sarla’s hands on her at which she explains she always has her blessings, Preeta picks the lunch before hugging Sarla, Shristhi once again hugs Sarla exclaiming she feels really nice to have a mother like her, she kisses her and Sarla advises her to take care of Preeta.

Prithvi is calling Kritika but she is not listening, he asks her to listen to him then questions if she is angry with him, Kritika mentions she is angry with herself as why did she ask him to accompany her to meet karan, Prithvi asks her to not be angry with herself because she is really innocent and cute but there is no need for her to be angry because he knows she is angry that Karan was rude with him, she must not worry because he does not feel bad as Karan is really rude but he would not bear that she is mis trusting her brother as he will not bear it anymore.

Kritika asks if he understands what he is saying because she cannot comprehend him so she tries to leave, Prithvi following her explains he cannot understand that she is angry with him because the only thing he thought is that she is angry with him for accompanying her to the police station, he explains the only reason he said it was because he thought that Karan might be happy in the police station as everyone needs some time for himself so he would also be relieved as there would not be anyone demanding photos and autograph from him, Kritika explains that Karan is never irritated with his fans but instead feels proud so he must never say it, she leaves explaining she is really disappointed with him, Prithvi tries to stop her but she leaves.

Prithvi exclaims that he is really happy that Karan is in jail because now he would be able to live freely in the house and desires that Karan is proven guilty because if he is in jail then Prithvi would be able to live with the women of his dreams however he needs to make sure Kritika I not angry with him otherwise he would be thrown out of the house.

The inspector exclaims this cannot happen because they at first brought breakfast then lunch and now once again have brought breakfast for him however they would not allow it because the police station has some rules, the inspector then allows it by ordering the constable to give the tiffin to Karan explaining that this is the best which he can do, the inspector gets a call but is shocked, and explains that they have searched the entire hotel but were not able to find his mobile.

Preeta and Shristhi are all tensed because of what is happening, Preeta explains that when she left the hotel Akshay’s mobile was still on the bed but where could have it gone, Preeta reveals that she saw Megha blackmailing someone saying that she had some proof against the person, Preeta is sure that the proof would be in the mobile, Shristhi also agrees explaining that it is the one place which has all the secrets of the person so they must find it.

Shristhi reveals that when they went to bring Megha to the court she was packing her belongings so they would not be able to find her there, Preeta reveals that she saw Megha collecting her pregnancy reports at the City hospital where she also worked so knows that the patients have to write their current address which she can ask the receptionist to reveal, Preeta calls the hospital explaining she needs to send some medicines to Megha but doesnot have her new address, the receptionist reveals that had the receptionist on the morning not taken a leave she would have taken the medicine to Megha because of the function, Preeta acts as if she knows about the function, the receptionist says she has found the file and reveals the address which is of Akshay’s parents house.

They all wonder how to get the mobile, Sameer has an idea however he refuses to reveal it because Shristhi might scold him for having such a foolish idea, Preeta threatens to slap him if he doesnot reveal it sooner, Sameer then explains the entire plan, Shristhi is really impressed with his plan and they all leave for the house where they would fulfill the plan.

Ruchika is in the room where Megha also comes questioning what is she doing here, Ruchika questions what is she doing and why did she not tell her about the function, Megha asks what is the big deal because the function is only because of Akshay’s parents as they desire he gets the blessings of everyone, Akshay’s mother enters the room asking what is she doing her and did she call some guests, Megha reveals she has not called anyone but then his mother says they have come to give the blessings, Megha asks for a moment to grab her mobile asking if they are of the third gender.

Megha reaching downstairs asks what are they doing here because she did not tell anyone about the function and so how did they come to know of it, Ruchika also comes down seeing whom Preeta and Shristhi are shocked, they thinks that both of them act as they are enemies but are now together, Preeta thinks that Ruchika was about to give her confession against Megha but why are they now together, Sameer gets tensed thinking why are they both quiet now, he answers they do not have to wait for the news but get it by themselves, Shristhi also talks but Preeta accidentally talks in her own voice which worries Shristhi, Ruchika and Megha are suspicious however they reveal that there is no need so they start dancing while, Preeta secretly enters the room and she realizes this is the room of Megha.

Sameer and Shristhi are still dancing while the function is proceeding, there is someone else dressed as the third gender, they both get worried.

Preeta is frantically searching the room, she is finally able to find the mobile in the drawer which has the photo of Akshay, she thinks that it is surely his mobile as everyone else had their mobiles with them and even the screen has the photo of Akshay.