This is Fate Tuesday Update 30 June 2020


This is Fate Tuesday Update 30 June 2020

30 June 2020 Tuesday Update on This is Fate Update: Shrishti sees Preeta standing and immediately ask her if she thinks that Karan has some feeling for her. Preeta disagrees with her saying that she never saw him even looking at her in such a way, She ask her what made her think like this, at first Shrishti denies it but when Preeta gets angry she says that it is because he always takes her side in every situation and that is why she thinks he loves her.

Preeta says that it cannot be the case as he thinks that’s she is her number one fan, Shrishti says that Preeta is jealous of this, however Preeta says that she is just saying the facts but is not jealous.
Shrishti makes Preeta feel embarrassed saying that her jealousy can be smelled from the air, Preeta says that she is just a good friend and is about to get married, she must also not

say anything regarding Prithvi.
Shrishti and Janki plan to meet Karan, Janki however scolds her asking what they make Karan say, and it should be that he loves Preeta, Shrishti gets shocked and then runs away.
Bui jee is with Dadi and Karina, Mahesh comes saying that the dancers have come, Bi jee ask them who they are and when she is told that they are those who dance with knives she gets scared saying that she is afraid and at her house none lets her touch the knives, Mahesh cracks a joke making everyone laugh.
Manisha comes to the hall and seeing them laughing wonders that she has come back to spoil their happiness, she thinks of how her cellmate helped her to break free from the jail, she thinks of what they had said regarding her when she was about to be married to Karan, she wonders that she will kill them straight forward.
Mahesh spots them and goes to greet them, asking that they relax while everyone comes to their party.
Chachi is coming with some girls when she sees Sherlin, she goes to taunt her asking the age of her unborn child, they both get into a heated argument and she leaves, Sherlin gets frustrated and wonders what she will do to Chachi.
Rishab is on his phone wondering what he should do, Chachi comes and asks him if he had done the things to Sherlin as she is about to become the mother of a child and she is amazed to know that it is his. Rishab gets really confused hearing what she said to him.Janki and Shrishti are in Karan room, they plan to make Karan say that he loves Preeta, she says that she has asked Samer to bring the thandai and when he comes she will find the opportunity and mix the coughing syrup.
They are planning and when Karan comes Shrishti puts everything on Samer saying that he said that he is better than Karan, she thought that Karan would take up the challenge hut he refuses, Janki step in and makes him feel nervous saying that he has gotten scared that he might lose to her, Karna gets really angry and accepts the challenge.
They both start to drink, Shrishti finding the opportunity mixes the syrup with the glass of Thandai, Karan drinks, Janki seeing this accepts her defeat and puts the last glass down, Ganesh says that the glass which he brought were of Bhang, Shrishti scolds him, Karan gets dizzy.
Karina calls Samer and he leaves, Janki starts to laugh very loudly, Shrishti thinks that she will do anything to make Karan say the truth, she sees Janki saying that she should go outside as Sarla is calling her, she leaves the room.
Shrishti asks Karan if she should send Preeta to his room, then asks if he likes her he says that he likes her more than all of his girlfriends, she asks if he thinks that he should tell this to her personally. He start to think if what Shrishti is saying is actually right.
Manisha is walking in the hall looking for Rishab and Preeta, she bump into Kartika who ask her how can she do such dangerous acts while in veil , Manisha worries that if she says anything Kartika would come to know who she is, just then a member of the group comes and take her away.

Sherlin sees Prithvi and immediately coming to him applies the colors, he ask her why she is nto worried because if someone sees them then it will be really and for them and they will land In jail, She however says that she does not care and she will marry him no matter what, Prithvi gets scared seeing her intentions, Chachi sees everything from behind the curtains. And is really shocked.
Mahesh greets his friends and then runs after his friends celebrating the event of Holi.
Rakhi is drunk and bumps into Mahesh, she is completely drunk and starts to romance with him, he gets nervous asking her to say away because everyone is watching, Janki comes asking where he is taking Rakhi, he says that he is going to his room, she offers them a lift and he also agrees going with them.

taunts Karan for being drunk, he says that he has a lot of die hard fans but not like her, she says that she is not his fan but his friend, he makes fun of her for being his girlfriend, she says that she is not his girlfriend and he must not talk like this to her, she tries to walk away but he pulls her closer, she gets angry threatening to hit him.
He says that she was the one who got him arrested and even then she is standing in his house, she says that she is the physiotherapist of Dadi and Rishab brought her here, he explains that at first he wanted her to remain away from the house but then he wanted her to come to his house.
He says that he has some important thing to say, he apologizes her for every dupatta he has torn. She accepts it and says that she will repair them all at his expense, she starts to laugh, he says that he likes this smile of hers, she ask the reason, he ask if she does not know, he takes her by the arms and is about to say but gets really nervous and is abn0pot able to say it.
He asks her to turn and count to three only then he will say it, she counts till two and when she courts three he falls unconscious, she at first gets mad but then seeing his condition gets worried, Shrishti and Samer leave from outside.
Rakhi and Janki are both completely drunk and Mahesh has a very hard time controlling them, he ask Janki to go and bring Dadi to them.

Samer say that Bi jee drinks the syrup which is really strong, she starts to argue with him, he ask how does she k now that he really loves Preeta, she say that she has a brain and can tell by the face of the person if he loves someone, he asks her what she feels by seeing his face, just then Tanvi comes and seeing him so close with Tanvi she gets jealous and leaves.

Mahesh brings Rakhi to the room making her lie down on the bed, she pulls him closer and says that she wants to marry him again, he says that they both are already married and there is no need to do it again, she starts to cry and creates a scene, everyone comes in, she say that Mahesh has an affair with someone else, everyone starts to scold him and does not listen to what he has to say, he pleads that he is innocent but none is giving importance to n his words. Dadi ask him why he has done such a heinous act with her daughter in law, Rakhi threatens to attempt a suicide after this cheating act.
Rakhi doesn’t listen to anything and threatens to attempt a suicide, Dadi says that she can also cheat him, Mahesh gets angry and scolds Rakhi, She complains to Dadi who slaps him before leaving. Sarla is laughing seeing the scene.
Preeta wonders what Karan did to her, as he was not even able to control himself which proved what he said was wrong, Prithvi comes from behind and thinks that he will apply the colors to her and she will not say anything. He comes and wishes her Happy Holi, she also wishes him, he say that she must do it properly and apply the color to him, she takes a pinch and is about to do it but he holds her hand and says that she must apply it like this but must do it properly like a wife would do, he takes her hand and is about to bring it to his face, Rishab comes and sees them.

Rishab sees Preeta with Prithvi and quickly takes her away from Prithvi, he thinks why the Luthra brothers always take Preeta way from him,
Preeta asks where Dadi is and she told her to not stand for long periods as it will cause problems for her, she does not listen Rishab holds her hand to make her stop, he explains that Dadi is fine and there is no injury, he says that he only brought her because what he saw was disgusting and it was not the right way he stopped Prithvi, she thinks that she also thought the same thing.
He apologizes her for coming in between, Dadi comes and ask them to come with her as his father and mother are doing a lot of awkward things.
Bi jee asks Mahesh to bring Rakhi down, Rishab comes, Mahesh gets relieved that his son will save him but je also gets curious

of Mahesh actions.
Dadi scolds Mahesh for doing such thing, Rishab also says the same thing, he gets very angry and asks them to not say such things and he will sit so that they can decide, Dadi asks for a divorce, she says that’s he has not relation,Rishab also takes the side of Rakhi, Sarla ask her to not do such a thing as he is her son, Rakhi says that she does not want to divorce him because he is her husband, Preeta says that she thought that he was having an affair so she wanted to divorce him, he ask if he agreed to marry her then she would believe that he loves her only.
She explains that Rakhi is a very good person and has a lot of respect so he must marry her, he also agrees and gets down on his knees to proposing to her, Rishab gets nervous and closes his eyes, Shrishti comes asking them all to come down and the performance will soon begin, They all go downstairs


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