This is Fate Tuesday Update 30 April 2019


Preeta is walking, Karan comes and says that he suspects that someone is doing something really bad, she says that she also knows this and how much their thoughts are same, he asks how does he know, she says that she knows when she talked, he gets annoyed saying that he is talking of her, she gets worried asking why he thinks like this, he says that he does not like this as she always says things that annoy him,

They both start to argue and she starts to laugh when Karan says that he really is not understand that’s eh says , he asks why she laughs if she sees a horn on his forehead and eyes on his back, she starts to laugh and does not listen to anything that he says continuing to make fun of him, he says that he likes this about her, she gets serious, they hold each other’s hands, Manisha comes and asks about what is happening, they both get away, he says that she is his friend and nothing can make them both get apart from each other, she understands that Karan is trying to make her get jealous, she also hugs her and leaves.

The police are following the thieves and talking about what their plans might be, they go ahead and the thieves come from the back, their boss says that they must get there before their member as otherwise he might take the Diamond and get away, Prithvi asks him to get up and tell what he is planning, he takes out a knife and says that Prithvi is nothing as compared to him after placing it on his throat, Prithvi listen to everything and then takes the Knife, he says that there is no one better than Prithvi in this field, he threaten to call the police but the thief says that if he will call hen police he will tell everything o Karan about how he was confirming Manisha that nothing will happen and he will make sure that she does not marry Karan,

Prithvi get worried when the thief knows everything ,he taunts Prithvi about what will happen if he says that truth, Prithvi says that he will give money to gi n to keep quiet, He gets angry saying that he deals in a lot more money, when he leaves Prithvi gets confused about what he is saying as he is really mad.
The prayer gets started and the Pandit asks Karan and Rishab to come closer, when they are praying, Preeta looks at that Pandit about how i9s he so worried and seems that he really does not want anything to do with the Puja, she feels that something is really wrong, the thief prepares a bomb and throwing it he tries to take the diamond, everyone is yelling and running away, he falls and is not able to get up, everyone is helping each other amidst that the thief is not able to take the diamond.
Sherlin is walking when she bumps into Prithvi, he says that she must get scared of the Pandit and she should be afraid of him, Sherlin gets confused and asks ,he says that he saw them both talking and threatened that he will tell everyone the truth. He says that he is really happy to see her reaction na s this will be the same when he will tell it to Preeta as Dadi got hurt, Sherlin gets angry hearing this and says that he must leave her and not keep any relation with their family, Sherlin says that she should not have to say anything good about Preeta because they cannot do anything important and so Manisha will leave them and so will she leave him, she leaves after this.
The thief is wondering about how can he steal the diamond, he is about to take sweets when the Pandit hears her and says she is talking he leaves, Karina gets worried and says that she will ask about it.
Preeta is massaging Dadi to make her feel better, she gets into a conversation with Bani about which pain is more worse, they both have an argument and then Preeta makes her pain go away, Mahesh praises them both as they still are able to bear the pain in such an old age.

Preeta is thinking about what is wrong with that Pandit, Manisha comes and sees her, she asks her to stop but Preeta moves on, she says that she was very happy to see that her grandmother was hurt, Preeta warns her to not indulge her family, they start to talk at which Manish’s says that they both want something which is same, Preeta and Manisha argue about what will happen when she marries Karan, Preeta asks why she is reacting this way, as she should be happy because she is about to marry Karan who has everything, Manisha says that she is not stupid at which she says that she is about to marry Prithvi and is always ready to help Karan, Manisha say that she is in love with Karan and is double minded, Preeta gets angry when she hears this and says that Manisha cannot understand what this kind

of a relation is at which they could sacrifice everything for a relation of friendship, she asks her to shut up.
Pandit is trying to poison the food when Karina comes and sees his gun, they both pretend and when Karina is about to leave he says that he knows that she has seen his gun and so he will make a deal, he say that she will lose all of her family if she does not let him take what belongs to him which Karan has taken otherwise he will kill everyone, Karina say that she will not let him go as he has threatened her family, when she looks down he hits her after that she gets unconscious.