This Is Fate Tuesday Update 28 December 2021


This Is Fate Tuesday Update 28 December 2021

Dadi asks why did they bring Sherlin to this hospital when they could have hired a big doctor, Rishab explains they could not have brought her earlier because the door was locked, Dadi questions why was the door locked from the inside, Rishab turns to Prithvi who gets tensed, Rishab questions Prithvi why was the door locked from the inside, Prithvi tries to explain there is nothing of the sort because when a boy and girl are together it doesnot mean anything happened amongst them, Shristhi says he is right but it is when they know that both the boy and girl do not have any bad intention which they are not

sure about them both, Prithvi tries to explain they are just being suspicious because nothing happened, Rishab warns him to not talk nonsense as they know what was happening in the room, Prithvi questions what does he mean, Shristhi clarifies that they saw the entire recording on the big screen which shocks Prithvi who mentions it is not right as they should at least trust Sherlin who is his own wife but Rishab is not convinced. Kritika even asks Prithvi to reveal the truth about what was happening in the room, he tries to mention there was nothing, but Kritika is adamant questioning why is he not speaking the truth.

Prithvi asks them to think if they both were together then why would they meet in Rakhi’s room as they could have met somewhere out of the house, Prithvi explains that he was going when he heard the breathing from inside the room and so decided to go there because he knew Sherlin was pregnant and needed his help which is why he decided to help her, he saw that she was not able to breathe and even the door was locked, he is glad that they came at the right time but there is just one thing as to why who was the one to plan the idea of the recording.

Shristhi accepts that she was the one where she planned the complete idea, Preeta accepts that she was the one, Dadi scolds her asking why does she have to interfere in other people’s lives as why can she not let them live peacefully, Prithvi asks Dadi to not be so angry because Preeta doesnot think bad of anyone and always cares for everyone, she is the one because of whom Sherlin is saved now because of her actions as had she not placed the camera in her necklace, then Sherlin would not have been saved, she really cares for everyone, Prithvi gives the entire credit to Preeta, the doctor coming out explains that Shelrin is fine, but she is still unconscious, they can meet her after she wakes up, Sanjana questions Preeta, demanding the reason she placed the camera, Prithvi once again talks on her behalf mentioning she only placed the camera because Sherlin was not feeling well since the past few days so Preeta was worried for her safety which is why she attached the camera. Prithvi explains she doesnot think bad for anyone, Preeta refuses but Shristhi says that it is the same, Rakhi comes to appreciate Preeta, she leaves just when Karan walks in, Rakhi then also thanks Prithvi for being the one to save the life of her daughter in law and Grandchild, he however says there is no need since he is also like her son.

The nurse coming out says that Sherlin is awake, they all desire to meet her but the nurse advises they go in batches, Dadi advises they all should go while she would wait with Karina, Rakhi entering asks Shelrin how she is feeling, Prithvi signals he has handled the situation. Sanjana also comes explaining she got scared when Sherlin got ill, Rishab also inquires for her health, Sherlin questions why was he angry, he apologizes before leaving, Sherlin thinks he would now have to apologize at every moment for what he has one today.

Sherlin insists to Rakhi that she needs to go back home, Rakhi explains the doctor said they would keep her under observation so she can go back in the night, Rakhi leaves with Preeta, Rishab explains he would be close to her so leaves, Prithvi after signalling her leaves the room after smiling.

In the night Preeta is sitting on the swing, Prithvi coming behind her asks how is she doing, she tries to leave but he stops her explaining that he needs to talk with her, he explains he required that she thank him because he was standing in front of the entire Luthra family for her, he explains Karan was not able to do anything and even her sister did not do anything when she helped bring the camera, Prithvi replies the way Luthra family was humiliating her there could not have been anyone to take care of her, he was the only one saved her and she is in the house because of him.

Preeta demands that he tell her how did Sherlin know they fitted a camera, they did not tell her because she was unconscious, Prithvi explains that he is not an idiot and so the entire operation was just an act, Prithvi explains that when Sherlin told him that Preeta informed he would help her reveal the truth, he at the same moment found the camera, he hugged her secretly informing of the camera, she made the small panic attack and very big scene, he knew Rishab after seeing the video would straight away come to the room and when he kicked the door, Prithvi picked Sherlin in his arms taking her straight to the hospital.

Prithvi questions if Preeta really hates Sherlin why she came to save her instead seeing the video, Preeta replies it is because she cannot see anyone in pain, Prithvi is amazed to hear her words exclaiming she is a pure soul, Prithvi mentions she must not try to ruin the identity of his relation with Sherlin because she would never be able to, he mentions his relation with Sherlin is really strong and he would really soon get married to Kritika after that he will e the son in law, she knows that they are treated nicely, Preeta warns him to not even think of marrying Kritika because there is nothing more important for her then her family, she would make sure he is thrown out of the house before getting married to Kritika.

Rakhi and Karina help Sherlin sit on the bed, Sanjana is sitting beside her bed, Karina questions Rakhi where Rishab is, she replies he went to bring the medicine, Karina turning to Sanjana mentions she is aware being a mother what she might be feeling, she can stay with them for a couple of days until Sherlin is well, Sanjana however turns down the offer explaining there are guests in her house so she cannot stay, there is no need to worry because the entire family is with Sherlin, Rishab comes with the medicine, Rakhi questions what the doctor said, he replies the doctor said all is well but she needs to rest, Rishab pours some water before handing the medicine, Sherlin looks at Sanjana who is worried, Karina exclaims she feels good to see them both together after such a long time, Rakhi prays it is for the best that Sherlin got well as Rishab also came back, Mahira comes mentioning she just found out about her health, she sitting mentions she is impressed with the drama that Sherlin created.

Prithvi asks Preeta to not be so wrong of him because he is her well-wisher because if he had not helped her she would have been thrown out of the house, Prithvi exclaims he is only marrying Kritika stay close to both herself and Sherlin, otherwise he would not have been allowed to enter the house which is why he needed a way which was Kritika, he doesnot love her at all, Preeta exclaims he is not a man but devil, Kritika comes questioning what has happened as why was Preeta talking in such a way saying that he is not a man, Prithvi explains Kritika also mis understood because Preeta meant that he is not a man but a really good men, just as they say god which is because he helped Preeta when no one was their to stand for her, he stood by her side so he requests her to say such things about her, Kritika asks what wrong has Preeta said because he is really an honest person, Prithvi hugging her exclaims he is impressed with how blindly she trusts her, he leaves her saying it might not be right, Kritika mentions that she thought that since the wedding days are coming close so she thinks she might buy a new Mangal Sutur, he agrees to cancel all of the appointments saying he would not even breathe if she asks him to, Preeta leaves in anger, Kritika explains she did not know he was Shy but must not act as Preeta has left, he replies they would go straight to the room.

Rakhi asks they would leave and now Sherlin must rest, Sanjana asks her to take care of herself, Rishab closes the door, Sherlin calls him so he asks if she needs anything, she mentions she has a question, she asks if he thinks there is something going on between her and Prithvi, Rishab sits down saying she knows he trusts Sherlin, he cannot judge anyone without finding the truth, she knows what happened was wrong because after what he heard he might have harmed Prithvi, he is however grateful for Preeta because she came at the right moment informing that Sherlin is having a panic attack but all is in the past so now she must rest assures as he will always be there for her, Sherlin is glad Rishab is not suspicious of her actions, she decides to do everything to ruin Preeta because she wit a lot of difficulty has made her position in the house, she would not allow anyone to ruin it so will make sure Preeta is ruined before she harms her.

Karan is preparing for the practice, Preeta comes asking what has happened because he is tensed, he replies that he did not felt good after seeing the entire family because they all were really worried, Preeta replies Rakhi was more worried about the child of Sherlin because if she is hurt then it will also affect the child, Karan asks why did she not tell the truth about her mission, she assures there is no need to worry because he must only take care of his practice, she asks if the Coach is happy, Karan mentions he is just observing and would give the verdict after a few days. Preeta explains she will wait for him until he comes back because she feels nice, she will also go to buy a gift for him tomorrow, he asks what is it but she insists that it will be a surprise, he asks her to buy from his favorite ship, she agrees before Karan leaves.

In the morning Rishab is getting ready for the office, he explains he feels Sherlin knows she doesnot have to go out and take care of herself, Sherlin thinks he is not a good person because he ruined her relation with Prithvi, she calls a criminal who asks if she needs to get someone killed, Sherlin instructs that it must look like an accident and also mentions she desires it happen as soon as possible, she turns but is shocked to see someone standing in the room.

The goon asks how did she call him, Sherlin replies he has to kill someone, the person asks what is the name, Sherlin replies her name is Preeta, he asks when does she want it to happen, Sherlin replies that if she desired she would do it today, she turns to see Mahira standing and is shocked, Mahira questions if what she heard is the truth, Sherlin replies it is indeed the truth because she cannot live while Preeta is alive as she knows all of her secrets, Mahira requests Sherlin to also involve her in her plan because she has understood that till Preeta is alive she cannot have Karan because till Preeta is alive he cannot think of her, Sherlin assures that she will be involved in all of her plans, Sherlin asks Mahira is she knows the time Preeta is going to go out of the house, Mahira recalls when she heard that Preeta is going to go and buy a gift for Karan at eleven, Sherlin orders the person to come and meet her at eleven.

Sherlin thinks that it would be the best time, she asks Mahira to meet her after some time in the parking lot, she thinks that since Prithvi is also shopping with Kritika it is the best time to execute her plan.

Kritika is shopping for the Mangal Sutur with Prithvi, she asks if he likes it, he exclaims he likes it so Kritika places it back in the box, he asks what she did, she replies that his reaction should be that it is awesome otherwise she would not buy it, Prithvi thinks why Kritika not understands that he is not comfortable with the shopping, the salesman shows her another box. She really likes it and picks put one of the Mangal Sutur, she leaves to buy one of the necklaces for her wedding, Prithvi thinks he desired to buy a Mangal Sutur for Preeta but now is stuck with Kritika, he used to love Preeta and will always be her lover.

Sherlin and Mahira are in the car, Mahira asks what is the plan, she also desires to know the name of the person, Sherlin replies he is a contract killer who has done a lot of work her and Prithvi, she must not get acquainted with him, Mahira needs to know the plan, there is a man who knocks on the window, Sherlin exclaims he finally came so asks him to sit in the car, Sherlin shows him the photo of Preeta, Mahira asks about the plan, he shows her the truck exclaiming he would kill her with the truck and run away, Sherlin orders him to go and sit in the truck.