This is Fate Tuesday Update 22 September 2020


This is Fate Tuesday Update 22 September 2020

Shrishti wonders when Maira will come out as she will only question her for which she would have to make excuses, she gets a call from the beautician, Shrishti wonders that if Maira comes to know that she is an imposter then her entire plan would be ruined, she therefor picks the call conviancing that she has arranged her personal beautician, therefor they should not call to ruin her party.

Shrishti asks Maira if she is okay, Maira is really pissed threatening to have her fired, she also warns Shrishti to not move an inch, Shrishti is thinking that Maira would not able to teach her a lesson as she has done a tremendous job in ruining her makeup after which she will not be able to clean it for some time, She sits down to have some water when Ramona comes in explaining that there has been a problem, Shrishti wonders what is she talking off.
Ramona asks Maira the reason she is in the bathroom, Maira asks her to just tell her the problem, she explains that Preeta has not been married so she feels that she might come and convince Karan to not marry her which will create a lot of problem, Maira pleads her to not worry and leave as she is really tensed, Shrishti wonders that she knows Karan still loves Preeta and they want to live together as otherwise, she would have not refused to ,marry Prithvi. Ramona turns and is shocked to see Shrishti asking who she is, she explains that she is the beautician.

Preeta arrives in the party and has disguised herself as a waiter, she calls another waiting mentioning that he was being called so he must give the tray to her, the waiter is not able to understand why he is saying that he is a girl,
She wonders where Shrishti might be where she spots karan, she is looking at his dress thinking of how he exclaimed that it was the choice of Maira, he calls her but she does not want to go to him, she turns however he comes to her, when she turns she spills the juice on his dress.
Prithvi is sitting with Sarla, he wonders that it was entirely his fault as if he had not made Sarla drink the water then she would be fine and he would have the chance to marry preeta, he wonders where Preeta has gone as she only went to talk on the phone, he thinks of going after Preeta, he exclaims that he wants to leave but she should promise to always take care of herself and get better as soon a possible. He advises that Janki take care of her, she gets angry mentioning that she has a deeper relation with Sarla than him so he should not worry, Prithvi thinks of running after Preeta.
Preeta asks karan for forgiveness and she explains that she can help him, he wonders why did she used the syllable of a women, he asks the reason and the name, she in confusion says Preeta but then is forced to mend it to Pritam, he asks her to follow him to the bathroom where they will clean it.
Prithvi comes to the lounge calling Preeta but she does not respond, he exclaims that he is leaving, then wonders that she is nowhere to be found so must be in her room, he to his dismay is not able to find her even in the room, he wonders that he came to meet her but she left him stranded and left, he wonders why she always does this to him, he takes her dupatta and is not able to satisfy his needs then he hears someone coming so quickly hides the cloth.
Janki comes and is shocked to see him asking that he was about to leave but what is he doing in Preeta room, he explains that he wanted to wish her blessed dreams but they are no where to be found, she is constantly looking at him, he explains that he knows she wants him to leave to which he complies, then she wonders where they both have gone.
Shrishti is praising herself for her good looks, then Maira exclaims that she has cleaned the makeup and will come out after correcting her hairs, she is shocked to hear it then wonders what she can do as she came to stop the wedding and if it does not succeed then she will marry karan.
She thinks of a plan to kidnap Maira as when she will not be in the house then would not be able to marry karan, he is about to rethink the idea then plans to take Sameer’s help in kidnapping Maira, she stops wondering what will happen if she leaves and Maira also comes out so she plans to fo something to make her stay in the washroom, she locks Maira but again thinks that she might yell and someone will break her out, she again thinks of a plan deciding to sound the music, she starts the music.
Maira gets angry and tries to open the door but is not able to then she does not listen to her request and leaves the room.
Karan says that he really likes his name as it reminds him of someone else, Preeta thinks that he has not changed as he always wants to hear about himself, he stops which makes karan turn asking what has happened. He asks if he watches cricket but Preeta denies, Karan starts to joke saying that he is shocked to hear that Pritam does not like to watch cricket even when whole of India loves it. Rakhi comes asking what he is doing, also exclaiming that he is looking really handsome, she asks if he is happy, karan wonders why he is so happy with the engagement.

Rakhi asks karan if he is happy with the engagement, karan agrees saying that he is really happy, Rakhi asks what he was doing here, he explains that juice spilled on his clothes so he is going to wash them, Shrishti walks past them not knowing that it is Preeta with karan and Rakhi. Karan asks Preeta to come after him.
Shrishti reaches the hall, she calls Sameer who thinks that she is looking really good in the dress, she explains that she ruined Maira makeup to ensure that she does not marry karan, however she washed it and now is knocking the bathroom door so he must help her, he denies that he will not help her in any plans that will land criminal charges on them, she blackmails him to come with her to the medical store so that they can buy chloroform, he agrees warning that she should never do this again.
Prithvi is in his car, thinking why did she refuse to marry him even when karan does not consider her to be his wife, she still wants to remain his wife, he wonders if she has gone to the Luthra house to stop the engagement of Maira and Karan, he gets angry planning to make sure that she is not able to ruin anything.
Preeta is waiting for karan, thinking that she is happy he has moved forward in his life and everyone is really happy but is saddened to feel that they have forgotten them like they are just a bad dream. She starts to cry, karan comes asking about the reason, she explains that she had something in her eye, he tries to clear it even when she does not want his help, she is constantly looking in his eyes and is not able to take them off, he asks what has happened, she explains that it was the other eye, he exclaims that he thought he was the smartest, he makes her sit, she thinks that he has said a lot of things to her but she cannot say anything even when she wants to as she was his best friend but now the relation has reached a point where it cannot be mended. Karan remembers Preeta so looks angrily at her, she asks what has happened he explain that he has remembered someone from looking at his eyes, she asks him who it was but he explains that he must forget it and clean his clothes when preeta touches him he feels that it is her in the disguise then feels really worried.
Shrishti is walking asking Sameer to come in a hurry, she explains that they must both go to make Maira unconscious, he denies explaining that he will only come to help her if she is not able to control Maira, then when they walk in the room, he is shocked to see that she is yelling at the top of her voice, Shrishti makes her promise to not harm her only then will she open the door,

Maira thinks that she will make her pay and so is about to hurt her but Shrishti makes her smell the chloroform, Sameer asks what has she done, then she also makes him smell the napkin and he also gets unconscious, Shrishti tries to wake him up and is really worried as she needed his help.
Karan asks Pritam why he is acting like this, he touches her hand and is shocked to feel that they are so light, he asks the reason she explains that she washes them with milk and honey, he then takes off the shirt, Preeta gets nervous but he holds him by his neck explaining that girls only like the muscular boys.
Shrishti pleads with Sameer to wake up but then hears that someone is coming, she opens the door to see that it is karina she wonders what she will do now, Karina is walking towards the room when a bubble sticks to her sandal, she gets really frustrated and takes it out with a tissue which gives Shrishti the time to hide both Sameer and Maira while also herself, karina enters and is shocked to see that there is no one there, she thinks of calling her but her phone is on the dressing table, Shrishti runs to the bathroom and opens the tap in an attempt to divert Karina’s attention, Karina asks her to hurry as everyone is waiting, Rakhi also enters the room, which increases Shrishti worries as she will have a hard time in preparing a plan

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