This is Fate Tuesday Update 21 July 2020


This is Fate Tuesday Update 21 July 2020

21 July 2020 Tuesday Update on This is Fate Update: Prithvi goes to ask the watchman that he wants to take his car out, Mahesh sees him and then ask what the matter he makes a story if getting to meeting urgently, however Mahesh says that he cannot leave as he is a member of their family and must attend the wedding, he takes Prithvi inside.
Preeta gets into the hall and sees the men spread all over the place, she quietly gets to where Sarla is and sees the men threatening her, the goons pulls the gun and fires it, Preeta gets exposed and starts to run, the goon holds her mouth, Preeta asks her to say her name so that she can come, Preeta sees Sarla and goes to free her form the goon, she takes a stick and hits him on the head with it, asking Sarla to open her eyes, he pushes Preeta away and asks his men to hold her, saying that today he will kill 7 people, Preeta pleads him for mercy.

The goon threatens to kill Sarla but she picks up the shred of glass and says that’s he will kill them all if they go towards her daughter, the goon answer that they have guns and she is trying to threaten them with glass, Preeta sees them from the back and picks up one of their guns, she says that if she wants she can kill all of them, they make fun of her for holding the gun for the first time, Preeta in the pressure fires the gun, he falls down then getting back up hits the bud on Preeta head making her unconscious, Sarla pulls him from behind and takes his gun assuring that women are not weak in any case. The goon gets scared seeing this.
In the mandap Rishab is getting married to Sherlin, the Pundit ask him to fill Sindoor but Rishab asks why, everyone sees them, Karan signals Rishab to not do this, Rishab thinks of what Kara aid that Preeta does not want him to get married he then thinks of what Rakhi said, Sherlin thinks that he must fill her mang.
Sarla gets really angry and warns him that he must not do anything of the sort, she starts to fire the gun all around the place, the goons run for their lives and then she drops the gun after that the police arrive, she pleads them for their help. The wedding proceeds Rishab fills Sherlin’s Mang with the Sindoor, everyone gets depressed and tensed seeing this, the Pandit asks them to bring the Mangal Suture, Rakhi apologizes saying that the jeweler is on the way and will soon come, just then the jeweler comes with it, Rakhi takes it and goes to Karan, she asks Karan to give it to Rishab so that he can give it to Sherlin, he takes it and gives it to Pandit. She gives him a dredged look and moves forward.
Pandit hands Rishab the mangal Suture instructing that he give it to Sherlin as soon he ends the prayer and then he asks him to do it, Rishab looks at Karan who signals that he does not have to do anything of the sort, Rishab stops but Rakhi asks him to do it and he does it, everyone claps.


Prithvi thinks that now Rishab has married Sherlin and she will now make his life miserable, Karan thinks that the only reason Rishab is married to Sherlin is because of Preeta and he will not forgive her in any case.

Sarla is pleading to the receptionist that she must call some doctor to treat Preeta m, she explains that it will take some time because all of the doctors are busy, she sees a lady doctor and immediately rushes to her saying that she must treat her daughter, the doctor inspects and asks the nurse tio take her immediately to the operation theater because she has allot of blood.
The Pandit asks them to stand for the circles and so they progress with the rituals, meanwhile Preeta is being rushed to the operation theater, Sarla stands outside the room thinking that Preeta still cares to stop the wedding because she is aware of Sherlin’s nature and that she will not let them live in peace,
They both go down to take the blessings of the seniors, when they take the blessings Prithvi comes forward, he tries to taunt hi, this angers Rishab who hugs Mahesh, he says that he is always with him as he is the best who always tries to keep everyone happy. Prithvi and Sherlin think that now the Luthra family will suffer.
Shrishti is talking with Samer saying that she cannot understand why Preeta did not come and Karan even said that she got scared that is why he did not come, Kartika comes asking that he has to give the Kumkum because Rakhi is very angry and looking for him, they all cannot stand in their way as she is very angry.
Sarla thinks what Sherlin said to her that she will not let Preeta and Shrishti get married because she will get them killed and will also marry Rishab, the nurse comes and asks her to calm down and sit while she gets help. Sarla is not able to control her emotions, she thinks that Sherlin has done something very wrong as she has tried to hurt her daughters, she got scared of her when it was just related to her but now it has become of her daughters interest and she will make sure that Sherlin realizes what it is to hurt a mother.
Rakhi explains that she wanted to have a daughter in law and has finally gotten her, she is finally gotten her wish fulfilled and her elder daughter is coming into the family, she walks into the house and looks with disgust towards Karan. Dadi says that now they will prepare for the next ceremony, Rishab leaves for Mahesh room and Rakhi takes Sherlin to Rishab room.
Rakhi takes Sherlin to the room saying that it now belongs to her as well along with Rishab, she is not able to express her feelings, that she is has become a member of their family. When she leaves Sherlin gets up, closing the door she thinks that she has done a lot of things to get to this place and marry Rishab, she thinks that people say that god writes the destiny but she has written it for herself, she thinks that she will destroy everything that is of love in this family and will completely destroy the Luthra family because Sherlin has come to the family.

Rakhi explains that the rituals they are about to do and they both have to do a ritual in which they have to find the ring, dadi stops her and says that she will explain it, she explains that it is a ritual of deciding whop will rule the couple, if it is the girl then she will rule over the boy and vice versa, they starts it and Rishab takes out the ring, Rakhi rejoices but Sanjana stops her saying that they have three turns left, Rishab also takes out the ring the next time while it is Sherlin the third time, Dadi orders Rishab to win the last time as he is the husband, Rishab tries to leave but is stopped by Rakhi and he also wins the last time, Sanjana receives a call and gives it to Sherlin saying that it is her aunt, She picks it up.
Raj is on the other side of the phone call, he explains that Preeta got to their layer and she took her mother with her even when he hit her very hard on the head, she however survived and is admitted in the City hospital, she immediately runs from the Mandap, Sanjana covers for her.

Sherlin is walking ion the hall and constantly calling Prithvi but he however doesn’t pick the call, She finds him and asks him why he was not picking the call, he explains that he cannot pick the call of her mother because she does not like him, he also tells that it was Mahesh who brought him back saying that he cannot leave and will only go after attending the wedding.
Karan comes from the hall and is looking with Shrishti and Samer, they are searching for Prithvi and Sherlin, they go separate ways a, Sherlin says that she has to tell him that Preeta ran away with her mother na dis in the city hospital so she told Raj to go and kill her,
Sarla is standing in front of the room and is worried, the doctor comes out and says that they have no blood and she must arrange for AB blood group, she think s and says that she will call her so then calls her but Shrishti however says that she will not talk with her, Sarla however asks her to come to city hospital without talking with anyone, Sameer comes behind her and ask what is the matter she however thinks what Sarla said and without telling anything to him runs from the hall.

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