This is Fate Tuesday Update 20 October 2020


This is Fate Tuesday Update 20 October 2020

This is Fate Update 20 October 2020: Karna and preeta are standing when the family comes to them and Karina asks what Preeta is doing in their house, Karan explains that he has brought her to their house, then when he is about to answer it then Sameer comes with Bobbi, they all are worried about who he is and so when he is taken inside Karan comes explaining that he is the one who hit Maira with the truck and was the real one behind the accident, karina gets really scared hearing that karan has kidnapped a killer.

Karan mentions that he tried to kill Preeta and also came to finish the job but was not able to do anything, Karina is still not convinced with his decision to bring them both into the house, Risahb then advises Kartika to take preeta inside but she is hesitant and so Rakhi comes to take her inside.
Risahb then orders Sameer to bring a rope and tie Bobbi as it is their priority for the moment,
Shrishti is in her room and calls the constable who explains that the police have issued a warning for Preeta and so she must do everything that she can to save her, Shrishti thanks the constable for her help.
Sherlin in extreme anger enters the room, Maira also comes from behind her but Sherlin is not listening each and everything as she is frustrated, she says that she ordered him to kill Preeta but if he says anything than it might go wrong for them both so they should plan what to do.
Karina is not ready to accept the reason they brought Bobbi to their house, Risahb tries to explain that what they are doing is not legal but is for the right cause so should be done, Sameer brings the rope, Karna also helps him tie Bobbi, Kartika comes mentioning that she has settled Preeta in the guest room.
Karina questions Risahb about the reason he helps Karan knowing that he is at fault so asks the reason behind it, Risahb stays silent at the question.

Karina asks Rishab if he knows that karan is wrong then why is he standing by him, Risahb explains that does she remember when his father got his first heart attack and she came to him and explained each and everything about how he should live his life, and after walking in the direction which she pointed him he was able to achieve a lot and so he tried to be like his father but was never able to, he always wants to make sure that his family is like a single component as if they disperse then there is nothing but together they are strong and so he always tries to be the one to make sure that his family is always happy and together, this is the reason he stands by Karan as he is his little brother, karina gets emotional, Rakhi feels proud of her sons and comes to hug them both, Karan jokes with Risahb asking if he really meant the words which he has said, Rishab threatens to slap him if he tries to be over smart, they all are hugging each other when Ramona asks Dadi how her family really is, she explains that they are like a single bond and it is because of them she is able to live her life to the fullest.
Maira is sitting on the bed she asks what has she done wrong as she never went to anyone but it was Karina who came to her and promised her to marry karan and she was also really happy after it and has saved each and every moment after it but she will never let anything happen to her relation with Karan and will fight, Sherlin tries to scold her and says that she should not have pushed Preeta in front of the truck, Maira asks why is she doing this as she told her to push Preeta in front of the truck, Maira gets worried so starts to weep. Sherlin comes to sit with her explaining that she only wanted to see if Maira could handle the pressure,
Karan walks by, Maira rushes to talk with him, She asks him to call the police as they can handle this situation better also Karan is involved in an illegal matter, Karan says that he knows what he is doing and is not a prefect person but she should not interfere in his matters, he moves forward which makes Mara wonder what she must do, she decides to go downstairs explain each and everything to Rakhi and everyone so that they believe her.
Karina is trying to make everyone believe in her words but they are not listening then Ramona asks why Dadi is not saying anything, Ramona is also with karina saying that they should have not let anything like this happen, Kartika also says that they should not do anything of the sort, karina tries to scold her but Dadi takes her side explaining that she is telling the truth and this is what she has taught them all.
Maira also comes saying that they should not do this and call the police then Risahb answers saying that he feels she does not like Preeta and so he will suggest one thing to her and that is that she should not interfere in his matters as they will deal with it which angers her, Rishab wonders why karan has brought the kidnappers and what is the connection he has with Preetas case, Sameer sees his phone where he sees Shrishti calls so goes to answer them.
Preeta is in her room she is trying to apply the ointment but gets scared, Karan sees her so comes to help, she refuses to take his help, he threatens to throw her out of his house if she doesn’t listen to what he is saying, she gets tensed then asks what he meant, he leans back saying that it was just a distraction which he used to apply the ointment, Preeta gets angry when she realizes that she has been played, she starts to hit him with pillows they both get into a fight and have a lot of fun, she leans on his hand and is really happy, then she gets up and sees that the ointment has worn off, Karan says that he will apply the ointment and starts to apply it, Maira is seeing the scene from the window and gets emotional seeing how close they both are. Preeta sees that Karan is also hurt then asks him to take off his jacket as she will apply the ointment.
Shrishti is waiting for Sameer’s call, then when he calls her she explains that she has to inform something to him and feels that something bad might happen and her sisters good deeds might harm her as the lady constable called her to inform her that Preeta has ben stated as a runaway criminal so they must remain vigilant, She turns to see that Bi jee is standing behind her.
Maira comes back to Sherlin, she says that she feels the plan has ruined so what has happened and if karan has called the police, Maira says that he promised to marry her if she stand by him but now he has refused and so even when she went to the family members then they did not listen to anything that she was saying and so she does not understand what will happen as both Preeta and Karan were really close to each other, Sherlin pleads with her to calm down then asking her to relax, Maira pleads with her to take care of each and everything as if the family members wonder where she has gone then it would create problems, she runs back outside, Sherlin gets worried.

Preeta is applying the ointment on Karan’s hand, when she asks if it is hurting then he says that there is nothing happening as she blowed on his wounds, then Sameer comes explaining that he has to talk with him, he says that Sameer can say anything in front of Preeta but she also insists that he must go with him as Sameer might not be comfortable in talking in front of her.
Shrishti asks Bi jee what has happened, She tries to make up an excuse then Bi jee orders her to tell each and everything as she has listened to half of her conversations, Shrishti explains the entire situation to which Bi jee says that she must not say anything to Sarla as when the mind and heart do not agree then the heart always wins.
Karan asks Sameer what is happening, Sameer explains that Shrishti called him to explain that the police have declared her as a runaway criminal, then Karan says that he ash done a great thing to not say anything in front of Preeta, Karan asks him to make sure that no one comes to know of it and they leave but Ramona listens to their conversation.
Janki comes to call them both to come outside as the police have arrived, Sarla is constantly trying to make the police understand that they have not hidden Preeta and she was with them then the inspector says that he will also get them arrested if anyone comes to know that Preeta was with them, then they also threaten the Auroras but the police are not able to find Preeta so they leave.
Sherlin is trying to call Prithvi but it is not connecting, she wonders what she will do as Maira thinks that Preeta’s release does not matter to her, but she doesn’t understand that it means the most to her. Ramona and Maira also come and they both are really worried about the behaviour that the Luthra’s have regarding them then they explain that Preeta has been declared as a runaway criminal, Sherlin says that it is really bad for Preeta, Maira calls the police informing them that Preeta is in the Luthra house, Ramona inquires why she did this to which Maira responds that it is the right thing to do.
Sarla questions Shrishti about Preeta but she makes an excuse, Sarla is not convinced then Bi jee sends Shrishti to her room, she explains to Sarla that she must understand her daughter and if Preeta was in any sort of harm then her daughter would not be standing in front of them, she must not worry.
Rishab is searching Bobbi, both Sameer and Karan try to tease her but he explains that he was looking for some proof that he was planning to harm Preeta, they both abruptly asks if he found anything to which he refuses then Karan is adamant that he will tell each and everything when they question him, Dadi comes to them explaining that she does not think that the kidnapper who is a professional will say anything, Rakhi responds to her, saying that she is sure that her sons will do each and everything in their power to make him confess the truth, Kartika says that she feels really bad for Shrishti and her family as they will be suffering a lot, Karina thinks that even though Kartika is her daughter but she listens to Rakhi and is even like her.

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