This is Fate Tuesday Update 1st September 2020 The Police Finally Arrest The Terrorists


This is Fate Tuesday Update 1st September 2020 The Police Finally Arrest The Terrorists

Karina asks Rishab to go and wait for her in the car as she has something to talk with the receptionist, Karina goes back and she sees that Sherlin and Prithvi are both talking with each other. The police reach the hotel, they get a message from an unknown number and when they call it is the terrorist, the police try to threaten them saying that they should surrender otherwise will have to face some very serious consequence, he says that he has nothing to worry and no one will care if they die, but they have celebrity who is Karan Luthra and if their demands are not met then they will kill him.

He says that he needs a helicopter and if that his demands are not met then he will kill the hostages. The robber says that they must find Preeta and Karna. They also need the safe with them so that they can make something out of the deal, he asks his subordinates to find Preeta and Karan.

The police inspector is asked by the constable why they are not fighting with the terrorist, he calls the commissioner explaining that he is at the hotel, the commissioner get mad ordering that he rather focus on finding he terrorist, the inspector says that he has found them, they have taken the guests at the hotel as hostage including Karan, but he is not with them and it was him who had informed them of the situation, the commissioner responds by saying that he will have the force which he needs but they must catch the terrorist. The terrorist plan to kill anyone who moves, one of them comes in saying that the police along with the media are standing outside the hotel, they plan to fight back and so start to mobilize their forces. One of the accomplices of the robbers is still searching for the key but is not able to dint it, he then kneels taking out the shoes, when he pulls the socks he find the key in one of them so is very relieved that he has finally found it. Karina comes to Sherlin’s room, she says that she wants to talk with her, rather has a question, Sherlin says that she can ask anything from her, Karina mentions that she might remember that when they were at the billing Rishab said that he has seen Prithvi so what was she doing with him, Sherlin gets worried thinking that Karina has seen her with Prithvi, Karina then mentions that she saw her when she came back to ask something from the receptionist, Sherlin feels relieved as it would have been a lot of problem if she had seen her with Prithvi in the changing room.

Karina asks why she was with him, Sherlin says that she met Prithvi but it was a coincidence, she says that she never wanted to tell her but now when she has asked she will inform her of everything, Sherlin says that when she met him she warned him to stay out of their lives as it would create problems for them all, she also asked him to patch up with Preeta and marry as it would mean that Preeta leaves their lives, Karina leaves, Sherlin says that she has done all this for her own self.

The robber is anxiously looking for the key, he pulls a sock form his show in which he finds the key, when he is about to inform the boss, he sees the news on the television of the hostage situation which they have created. Karan and Preeta are walking in the hall when they bump into a trolley and drop the gun as they hear the robber saying that they will not let the police catch them.
The robber leaves, exclaiming that they have to fight, Karan says that he has taken the only gun which they have, Preeta says that she feels someone is behind everything, she then exclaims that it might be the manger as he was the only one who went near the terrorist,
Harshwardan asks the manager where he is going, he then says that he has now understood that he was the one who has orchestrated the attack, the robber comes with the key also informing that they are about to be attacked, he says that they have to do something, the robber go to attack the police.
Karan is talking with the inspector, informing him of each and every situation, he also says that they should ask the media to not telecast anything as this is leading to the terrorist knowing each and every thing regarding them,, the inspector thanks Karan for his help. Karan after ending the call says that they have to make sure the hostages escape as this will provide the police with the opportunity to attack.

The police are busy in attacking the robbers meanwhile Preeta and Karan are trying to make sure the hostages escape, they are able to free some of them, the police are attacking when the robbers have no more bullets they run,. Karan in the attempt of trying to free harsh warden is caught, the police come but they again get into a gunfight, the hostages including Karna and Preeta hide behind the sofa. They are witnessing the battle when the terrorist no longer have the bullets, they are able to shoot one of them, all of them feel that they are about to be caught.
The reporters also record everything but they are not telecasting anything.
The leader comes and is shocked to see that all of his men are surrounded, he throws a smoke grenade, which causes severe smoke making everyone run for their lives.
In the attempt he bumps into Karan where he is about to shoot him but Karan sits down, the police run after the leader, Karan asks Preeta to hide but he gets un conscious, the rescuers come and they take everyone for first aid.
Karan is holding Preeta, he asks the doctor to check for what has happened, they throw water at her and she wakes up. Karan is about to leave, the police inspector thanks Karan for all his help.
The media is reporting that the police have arrested everyone who were involved in the attempt to take hostages at the hotel but Karan has helped the police in saving everyone, he leaves with giving a statement.

arina is with Sanjana, they receive a phone from their friend who is coming to India from America in order to celebrate the Karwa Chow, Rakhi comes and is very tensed, she explains that her aunt has gotten seriously ill so she has to leave as she doesn’t have any children, Karan arrives, Rakhi inquires where he was, he explains that he went to his room to take rest as he was tired, Rakhi tells that he has made all the arrangements but wants a favor from Karina.
Karina is anxious to know what Rakhi wants, Rakhi explains that she knows that this will be the first function of Sherlin at their house and she will not be to be with her so she wants that Karina fulfill all the rituals that are needed to be done, Karina assures Rakhi she should not worry for anything that happens as she will take care of everything,
Rakhi bids Farwell, Karan offers to drop her at the airport, Karina asks Sanjana to sit back, they plan to have a function for which they will have to make a lot of arrangements, and Karina advises that they go to her room in order to finalize the guest list.
Sarla says that she is worried as Preeta has not come back and has left since the morning, Bi jee is looking for the remote, she tries to kneel but Janki stops her saying that she will find it for her, Sarla asks Janki as she went along with Preeta, Janki thinks of whether she should inform everyone of what she at the hotel, Shrishti comes demanding food, Sarla scolds her asking that she wait for her sister as then they will all have lunch together. Preeta comes Sarla asks her the reason for being so late as this has made them worry for her, she is thinking of what she should say to her family as then they will all get worried for her

Sarla asks Preeta where she had been and why it took her so late to come back, Shrishti says that she always has her phone but is not holding it today, she explains that she did not have her phone because someone snatched it, then Sarla asks her to come after which they will all have diner together, Bi jee asks Janki to o[pent he televisions, when they open it Preeta shuts it down saying that she has a headache, Sarla says that she will apply oil on her head so she must come after changing her clothes,
Prithvi is in his car, he thinks that he went to Preeta’s house so that he can convince them to marry him, but Sherlin never listened to anything he had to say, he gets a call from Sherlin asking if he removers what function is tomorrow, he thinks that it might be her birthday, she responds that there is nothing f the sort and there is Karwa Chou and she wants that he be the one to break it, he advises that she come to his house but Sherlin denies it saying that it is her first Karwa chow so they all want to throw a fabulous party for her, Prithvi thinks that her doing this will lead to his ruining his life.
Sherlin comes back to her room, Rishab is drinking, she asks him the reason behind it, he explains that it is her first Karwa Chow and she is the elder daughter in law of the house, he explains that Preeta is also of their family and he wants that she also be the one to celebrate the function as they both have gotten married, he is aware that the way he had chosen was wrong, he in anger says that Karan should have accepted his responsibility and brought Preeta to their house,
Preeta is in the kitchen when Janki comes expressing her anger, she says that she saw when Karan left the hotel alone so she wanted to kill him, Preeta mentions that they no longer have any sort of relation between them so this does not matter, Janki asks then why does she apply the Sindoor or is it because of the society.

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