This is Fate Tuesday Update 19th February 2019

Janki thinks Preeta is unaware of Prithvi’s reality, she must now unveil the real face of Prithvi and Sherlin before they ruin her life. She leaves home right away.
Karan decides to speak to Janki about Prithvi. He wears a good combination of dress else Preeta would joke about him in the shorts; then decides to leave in whatever he was wearing.
Janki walks into Preeta’s room and tries to wake her up. Preeta doesn’t get up. Janki thinks that Preeta and Shrishti are like her own girls, she won’t spare Prithvi and Sherlin to ruin their lives. She will teach Prithvi a lesson by himself.
Karan goes to kitchen to look for something to eat. Rishab was looking into the cabinets and says he couldn’t find Laddu in the whole kitchen. Karan brings about an apple, Rishab cuts it for him. Karan asks about Prithvi, Rishab says he is a nice guy. Karan thinks Rishab is only saying this because of him, else he has no information. As Karan turns to go outside making up for a walk Rishab accompanies him.

Sherlin was unable to sleep and feared what if Janki’s memory recalls. She was afraid of being disgraced by Preeta and Shrishti. Janki reaches Prithvi’s house and knocks at the door, and rings door bell. Sherlin hears Janki’s call and tries to wake Prithvi up in bed but he doesn’t move. Janki was calling from outside that his time has now ended. Sherlin decides that her nightmare cannot be true and goes to check at the door. Before she could reach the main door Janki had decided to leave for Sherlin’s house as Prithvi must not be home. At the main door, Sherlin curses herself for assuming things that never happened. She was about to shut the door when Janki pushes it. He asks Sherlin why is she awestruck. Sherlin murmurs that it must be a nightmare. Janki says this is the reality, and they must be afraid as she now knows what they had done to her. Janki holds a vase and asks if she would continue her drama even if she hits her with the vase like Sherlin did? Sherlin thinks she has a memory recall.

Janki says she is well aware they can take lives to hide their devilish acts; but she is alive only to unveil their true faces. She asks Sherlin to go to her lover. Sherlin attempts to snatch the vase but Janki was alert and defends herself well, warning Sherlin not to act cunning this time.

Janki wakes Prithvi up with the kick of her leg. Prithvi thinks its Sherlin and wakes up complaining but was shocked to see Janki. Janki slaps him hard on face and pushes Sherlin with him on bed. She says the world must see what a devil Prithvi is, and he must be punished by blackening of his face. Sherlin attempts to drag the vase off Janki’s hand, she defends herself by pulling a stabber. Prithvi gives up and tries to calm her down. Prithvi confesses that he and Sherlin loved each other and couldn’t suppress their feelings. They must have understood that they have now got engaged to other people, he apologizes for the fire in Roka as well. They have promised to end up their relation now. Janki wasn’t a fool and didn’t believe a word of Prithvi. She press the stabber hard at Sherlin’s

neck and blames them both for igniting the fire at Kumkum Bhagya hall. She curses Sherlin for being a disgrace to woman. Prithvi now attacks Janki and snatches the stabber off her hand, he pulls her braid and says he has got out of his mind now. Until Prithvi is alive no one can harass and hurt Sherlin; and brought them a lot of tension. Today he is going to kill her. She walked to him by herself to get killed.
At night, Shrishti was disturbed by Preeta’s hand over her. She tries to wake Preeta up but Preeta was irritated. Shrishti asks her for the bottle of water but Preeta denies any help. Shrishti emotionally blackmails her but has to take the bottle by herself. It was empty. Shrishti goes to kitchen to get the water.
Prithvi was about to stab Janki, but then stops himself laughing hysterically enjoying Janki’s fearful expressions. He tells Janki not to worry at all, he will only hit her very softly. Sherlin and Prithvi were both irked at Janki and compelled to kill her. Prithvi says he must first tell her about some secret, else she would continue haunting him as a b*t*h. Prithvi tells Janki that he isn’t interested in Preeta at all and is only interested in Sherlin.
Sherlin says they want to keep Rishab and Preeta away from each other. Rishab is heels in love with Preeta. Janki asks why they want to hurt Rishab. Sherlin says she won’t narrate her the whole story about Luthra family. She can only tell her how they will behave with Preeta, her sister, Dadi and Sarla. Prithvi says Janki knows a lot now, they must kill her now. Prithvi pulls the stabber but Janki defends herself by kicking his groin.
Shrishti finds the outer door open and wonders who left it unlocked. She remembers being the last one to come in the house and remembers locking the door by herself. She was afraid of a thief breaking in and cautiously looks around. She finds Janki’s room empty and calls her around the house. She wakes everyone up.
Prithvi’s mother was disturbed as Janki runs around in the corridor. Prithvi and Sherlin were able to get her and clutches her mouth tight. As she walks downstairs, Prithvi stops her at the staircase and explains it was only a crime series. Prithvi suggests her to take a sleeping pill, she is being repeatedly disturbed during her sleep. Sherlin clutched Janki’s mouth under the staircase. Prithvi and Sherlin decides to kill her outside the house and put the body in the lake. Janki decides to do something and runs into a room.

Prithvi and Sherlin comes in while Janki locks them from outside saying she now knows what he is about to do. She will go and bring Karan and Rishab to tell them about all the truth. Sherlin blames Prithvi. Sherlin thinks if she reaches Luthra house her dream would come true.

Rishab finally feels sleepy in the backyard of their house and turns to leave. Karan watches the time and thinks it’s too late.
Sarla, Preeta and Shrishti look around for Janki who had left her phone home as well. Shrishti finds the kitchen messed up and Janki’s medicines there. Shrishti calls Karan tensed about Janki, and says she thinks Janki has been kidnapped. She thinks Sarla or Preeta would not believe her. Sarla snatches the phone off Shrishti’s hand and scolds her. Shrishti panics and says they don’t understand that Janki has been kidnapped. She found the medicines fallen on the floor and it seems someone has forced her out of the house. The kidnapper is aware he will be trapped if Janki’s memory recalls. She gets a call from Karan who says she can’t be kidnapped but Shrishti

gives him all the clues. Karan suggests that may be she left by herself after a memory recall of the fire culprit.
Janki runs across the road outside, gathering courage to save Preeta’s life.

In the room, Sherlin and Prithvi argued in the room. Sherlin brings an axe to break the door of the room. Prithvi was finally able to create a hole in the door.
Janki shouts in front of Karan’s car but he passes by her without recognizing her while she had stopped a wrong car due to flashing lights.
Preeta and Shrishti were worried for Janki having looked everywhere around. Shrishti says either she was right, or Karan was. Either Janki has her memory recalled and walked to her criminal, or the man found out about Janki’s memory recall.