This is Fate Tuesday Update 18 August 2020 Karan saves Preeta


This is Fate Tuesday Update 18 August 2020 Karan saves Preeta

Shrishti apologizes asking Preeta to calm down, She explains that Prithvi is explaining that he is innocent but has not given any sort of proof, she asks her to come to the police station, Preeta answers that she knows this but cannot leave the Mandap as the Pandit has said that the stars are not in the correct order, she says that she will tell her if anything happens,

This is Fate Monday Update 17 August 2020

Karan is in the trunk of the car, he is trying to find a way of getting married to Preeta as he has to replace Prithvi but first now he has to get rid of the goons, Raga says to his men that it is not a kidnapping and he was given a job buy Prithvi a few days back to murder someone, just then Karan’s phone rings, they all wonder whose phone it is, Karan immediately switches it off, when the accomplice again asks him  he orders that he just drive the car.

Sarla asks Shrishti to come sit with her but she goes to Rakhi instead, Prithvi’s mother asks if they both are irritating her or if she is not feeling to sit with them. Prithvi thinks that it her routine to interfere in other people matter he is also feeling that he will go into jail and no one will come to help him, Rishab thinks what the inspector said that he was not able to find Prithvi in the cadet list, he ask Prithvi who he is, Prithvi gets tensed saying that he will not answer if he gets rude, Rishab explains that he said he was a cadet but Rishab had the entire list checked for his name but his name was not on any list. Prithvi tries to changer the topic, He blames Rishab saying that he is doing this and his wife also tried to do the same, Rishab gets  angry and they both get into a fight, it gets intense to the extent that the police hade to interfere.

Karan is being taken by the trunk to a secure location, then Raga says that there is only this one place where they can keep him as he is famous.

The police stop the quarrel so the inspector orders his men to arrest Prithvi mentioning that if he does not bring the evidence then he will stay there permanently, they also warn Rishab to remain calm as the reason he was not arrested is because they wanted to calm the quarrel.

Prithvi mother says that she has understood that Rishab has given them a lot of money to arrest Prithvi, Sarla says that she doesn’t think he can do this, his mother asks her who is her son in law as her son was the one who defended her daughter when she was being arrested, he orders them to remain calm and talk with the other inspector as he is really frustrated, they take him inside the locker room.

Preeta asks Bi jee to call someone as she is curious to know what is happening, she is about to call Shrishti but Preeta asks her to not call her as she will always say bad things about him, she tries to explain that she will only say the truth, She gets a call from Shrishti is overly joyed saying that Prithvi has been arrested and will not marry her sister, she gets tensed hearing which Preeta takes the one and when she hears that Prithvi has been arrested, she decides to go to the police station, Bio jee tries to stop her but she leaves saying that she will talk with Rishab as he might have gotten into a confusion.

Prithvi is trying to explain to his mother that there is only one person who can help him get out of jail he mentions that it is Sherlin, she says that she cannot bear it as it is her who is clever enough to get him free, she refuses to apologize to her as she cannot do it

Karan is trying to get a lift but no one is giving him any life, he searches for his mobile but is not able to find it, he sees a motorcycle and then he takes it asking to owner to come and collect it from the Luthra mansion. Preeta is running trying to get a cab but no one is ready to take her as there is a strike.

Prithvi’s mother comes bursting out at Rakhi saying that they are planning to stop the wedding, both of them get into a fight and they have a quarrel which leads to a fight between them all, Rishab asks Sarla what she thinks, Prithvi’s mother says that she also thinks the same, Rakhi explains that she will not forgive the one who is responsible for the accident of his husband, they are in a quarrel, Sarla says that she thinks they would not have come to the wedding, Rakhi explains that she will not listen to anything as she is wrong, Rishab gets a call and leaves, it is Karina who is very excited that Mahesh got out of the come, Rishab explains the entire situation to her which angers her a lot and then she says that she will go and talk with Sarla herself.

Preeta is walking on the side questioning her decision to walk herself, then a group of boys drive by they seeing the opportunity try to tease her at first saying that they only want to help her as they are the relatives of the a politician, she suggests that they leave as her boyfriend is very dangerous and will kill them if he sees her with them.
Samer is driving the car thinking that Karan might have listened to Rishab’s conversation and gone to the police station, he calls Shrishti asking if Karan came she explains that he is not there but Rishab is acting just like him, they are against Prithvi but her mother is with Prithvi so she also got into a fight with them all, he says that he will come then she can explain the entire situation,

Prithvi’s mother comes to him, she explains that she wants to  kill the women of the Luthra house, he asks her to help him so she hands the mobile at which the constaple gets angry saying that they are breaking the law, he explains that his mother is very humble and does not know how to type a message so he must let him, he agrees Prithvi then types a message which the centuple also likes, his mother is however doubtful, he explains that if he gets a reply then they can hope of getting help.



Preeta is trying to escape but they are not letting her, they then get angry and one of them says that she is looking really beautiful and so he should marry her as she is looking very beautiful, they try to force her into their car, just then Karan is passing by he sees her and gets really angry, then getting off the bike he takes the helmet and hits one of them with it knocking the unconscious, both Preeta and Karan are left shocked, she is really happy to see her, the other boys gets shocked to see him.

Preeta immediately hugs him, and is constantly crying, the group is left baffled, at what he has done.Preeta hugs Karan, the boys say that they have now understood he was the one for whom she ran away from her wedding, Karan loses his temper, he starts a fight with them hitting each one of them one after the other, one of them points a gun at him however he takes it hitting him with it, he warns them to stay away from any girl in the future before ordering them to leave.
Preeta calls him then hugs him, she starts to remember every moment that was spent with him, she backs out asking if he is hurt, he says that he has been hurt for a long time but she has noticed it juts now, he says that he has no right to ask this from her, she says that she will and he will have to answer which is because she thought of him a lot of time, he explains that she did not have to walk out like this because she in a wedding dress and that in their society is giving invitation to trouble, she tries to explain that she thought of him but he was not there, he gets angry saying that she should have talked in front of the goons like she is talking with him but at the Mandap she remained quiet, she understands that he was present in the wedding, when she asks him the question he denies it altogether, he answers that he will talk like this to her because she does not like him except each and everyone else, she emotionally answers that she cares for him the most.


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