This is Fate Tuesday Update 16 June 2020


This is Fate Tuesday Update 16 June 2020

This is Fate  Update 16 June 2020: Preeta is at her room and seeing that the wardrobe is open starts to blame Shrishti, she tries to close the door and sees Karan’s photos she thinks of some plan to save Karan, Shrishti asks her to turn the lights off as she cannot sleep. Preeta wonders what Karan will be doing as he was really tensed.

This is Fate Monday Update 15 June 2020

Karan is hitting his bag and thinking of all that has happened to him and his family because of Karan, he thinks that he hates her a lot and is about to marry her.
Manisha thinks that she is about to become the daughter in law of the Luthras and will ruin them all, Preeta thinks that she will save Karan and his family because she is aware of Manisha intentions.

Karan is thinking that he is to be married to Manisha, he wakes up from his dream and finds her standing there, he starts to yell literally waking up, Rishab and Rakhi come asking to wake up and get ready for his wedding, he request them to not scare him, they both say that they are with him and will protect him from his wedding so he must not worry, he ask for the plan Rishab and Rakhi says that the plan is still being worked on, he must not worry for anything, Rakhi asks him to get ready and she will b ring the clothes.

Shrishti asks Preeta for the plan that he made to save Karan, she tells that it is not complete and will tell only in front of the Luthras, they start to argue, Janki comes asking what the plan is but Preeta is not sure and does not tell, Janki also tease her threatening

that she does not love her and she is no one in relation to her.
Preeta gives up and tells them that she thought that they would have to listen from Manisha that she lied about the molestation case, Shrishti says that this is a lot of work for one day, Preeta says that it is also a race against time, Janki asks her what she thought and that she will do, Preeta says that she knows and is trying to do all that she can to save him.
Karan calls her asking her to come in hurry, not wasting time on makeup and clothes, he says that everyone is worried and she must come.

Everyone is at the room, Karan ask for the plan, Preeta tells the plan but they are not so good, Shrishti says that she has an idea, Samer and Shrishti starts to argue over her ideas saying that they must not be good, she yells that they must kidnap Manisha, Karina says that it is good idea, Samer says that it is time taking and everyone looks at her, Rishab says that even though it is a good idea but they will not be able to make her tell the truth.
Karina says that they can throw Manisha on a boat, Kartika gets scared and vows to not let her watch anymore dramas that she is watching as they have a negative impact on her thinking.
Shrishti request to go outside to think of fresh ideas, she before leaving taunts Samer for not thinking any plan and still saying bad things to her.
Rishab asks Preeta that she said she had some plan but did not tell the m saying it was not good, she points out that it is more filmy than original, Karan asks her to not think as it will ruin his life.
Prithvi and Sherlin go to meet Billa, he gets mad at him asking why he called him, Billa says that he promised to pay his family but they never received his money, he threatens them but they do not listen and he starts to get physical with Prithvi, he angers him, Prithvi tries to walk away, Billa says that if he leaves he will tell the truth to everyone, He turns back in shock.
Manisha is with her friends and they ask her about where the Luthras are, they see Shrishti and think of teasing her, her friend purposefully throws her sandal, they laugh at her, Shrishti then breaks it in front of her and they get into a fight, Samer sees his and takes her away from the place.

Billa says that Prithvi will come to the same jail where he is and they both will stay together, he will tell everything to the authorities as soon as they leave, Prithvi says that he wanted to see his serious reaction, he is however a jolly person, he asks how will he do it by the evidence but he has destroyed everything, so he can do nothing and even the police did not believe his words so what can they do against him, he says that he is leaving, Billa threats to take revenge after gets out.

Prithvi says that he can never come out, Billa says that he only came because he was promised money but his family never got it and Prithvi will have to pay a hefty price of it, Sherlin asks him to come with her as they have to get to the 2wedding.

Samer and Shrishti are w3alking, she is angry,

he says that there is no need to say Thanks, they start to talk, he says that he will make something for himself and then she will see him,. She says that she has got a new sense of respect for him, she insists to ask him another question and asks why he cares so much for her even when she said a lot to him bad things.

They are still planning to stop the wedding, there is no good idea, Mahesh says that he likes Shrishti plans, Rishab asks him to stop as she is just a child, Manisha comes in and says that there preparations have been completed and they must not plan to stop the wedding because she has Karan on her side and when they both are ready then no one can stop them, she threatens Preeta And Shrishti calling them outsiders, they leave Preeta gets angry and says to Rishab that she will tell him the plan while walking they both head out and are followed by everyone.

Karna and Manisha reach the hall, Preeta and Rishab walk away from there, Manisha says that she is very happy that they have come to the wedding, she ask him about her honeymoon destination, he is left with no choice but to say Paris, She calls everyone for the family photo when they take I she says that she also needs to have a photo with Karan, he asks her to not be so fake but she says that everything in today’s world is fake and more the fake the better, she also threatens Karan, leaving after it.

Karan is left shocked witnessing what has happened just now.

Billa is very angry and thinking of what he can do to teach Prithvi a lesson, the constable comes and opens the jail locker, he gives Billa the food but they get in an argument, Billa its him and makes him unconscious, the other constable comes and he shoots him in the chest running away.

Karna is taking photos with Manisha and everyone, Prithvi sees him and wonders where his Preeta jee is and seeing Sherlin he wonders why she is here because he thought that he was the only come he thought would come to the wedding, she thinks why he is so worried, when she is coming he ask her why she came but she ignores him and goes straight to Karina, she scolds her for coming so late as her family is in dire need of her help, Sherlin asks what the matter is, Karina tells her everything saying that they do not want Karan to marry Manisha as they don’t like her at all.

Sherlin is confused and says that Karan announced that he wanted to marry, Karina says that they will do what is best for Karan and know that Manisha will not make him happy, she says that they have done everything and now Karan realizes that Manisha good for them, Sherlin takes side of Manisha but Karina asks her saying that she has to support them, rather than to b against them, she asks for an idea Sherlin says that she has an idea and if there is death in the family then there can be no marriage for one year, she gets angry and leaves,

Manisha asks the photographers to go and have some refreshment, Karan leaves. Manisha thinks that she will take revenge of Rithwik,

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