This is Fate Thursday Update 8 October 2020


This is Fate Thursday Update 8 October 2020

This is Fate Thursday Update 8 October 2020: Karina mentions that she ahs tried to kill their daughter in law but Rakhi says that she knows that Preeta cannot do anything like this, Sarla says that she knew both Sherlin and Karina would never listen to her but she knows that both Dadi and Rakhi would help her so she pleads in front of them both to help her.

Ramona asks why Rakhi is still taking sides of the Auroras even when she tried to kill Maira in the hospital, she says that she is not aware of the black magic which they have implied on her, Sarla says it is not the case but Ramona gets really angry saying that she does not understand why Sarla still came but now that she is here she will respond that they will not let Preeta out of the jail as they intention which she had is against her daughter, Karina tries to take Rakhi away but she insists that she will stay with them all, then she makes her vow n the life of her sons, when they leave Sarla pleads with Dadi saying that she knows that she loves her daughter and even Preeta loves her as she came to her when she came to know that Dadi was ill, she came running, Dadi tries to explain that she cannot do anything, Ramona tries to stop her from saying anything else.
Karina brings Rakhi to her room, she says that she must stay in the room as she will always take the side of the Auroras and so it would be difficult for her to control each and everything so now she must stay in the room, she then locks her in the room ordering Ganesh to not unlock her under any circumstance, she leaves with Sherlin, Ganesh thinks of unlocking her but then wonders what will happen to him when karina comes to know what he did.

Sameer is able to finalize a deal which is really a big success, he then tries to share it with Rishab but it is not connecting, he then remembers that he has gone abroad, he then calls Shrishti who is crying, he ass the reason to which she gets mad asking him to not pretend as he knows each and everything, she then explains that Preeta was about to get into an accident and when she saved her then Maira got injured, they then helped to the hospital where Sherlin accused her of trying to murder Maira, which got her arrested, Sameer promises her to help her under any circumstance.
Ramona asks why she said that she will not let her do anything, Sarla starts to shout at which Ramona asks Dadi why is she shouting and what is the reason she is standing and not saying anything, she explains that she is saying this because Dadi knows that Preeta is innocent but Dadi says that she cannot say anything at this moment,
Karina and Sherlin also come, Karina says that she must not pretend and leave, they all get into an argument and Ramona also gets frustrated with each and everything, Sherlin tries to interrupt her but Sarla yells at her saying that she must not interfere, Ramona is amazed as to why are they listening to a woman who they should not have even allowed to enter their house, Karina explains that she is trying so orders that Sarla leave the house, Sarla is adamant that she will only when she has gotten the assurance that they will take the complaint back, they then are adamant that they will not take the complaint back, Janki also comes and hears that Karina is adamant to call the police but then when she shouts at them to call whoever they wish to, Sarla pleads with her to stop as the Luthra’s have no heart and it will not work, they both leave the house.
Sameer is calling Karan but it is not reachable, he gets a call from Rishab who is really impressed with his work as he was able to finalize a really big deal so their partners were also really impressed with his work, Sameer is really tensed he mentions that it is not the case as Sherlin has filed a case against Preeta for attempt to murder, Rishab gets shocked and rushes back to the house.
Preeta is waiting for Sarla, she ahs really high hopes and is waiting that everything will soon be alright as the relations have started to build when they were destroyed, Shrishti thinks of how will she be able to mention the truth to her sister who is so pure and innocent which is why she is not able to realize that the Luthra’s including karan are all traitors and might not come to help them at all.

Preeta asks Shrishti to tell her what happened, She says that nothing happened and starts to cry, she sees that Shrishti is crying then asks her to stop crying as she feels that Sarla will come and she feels that Karan might also come which will mean that they will take back the case and so she will come out, she sees that Shrishti is crying then wonders if she has hidden something from her and weather karan has even attended her phone call, she is left thinking what might happen,
Sarla enters the police station and walks straight to Preeta’s cell, Preeta asks if they accepted their demands and weather karan came with her, she demands her to say anything.
Karina opens the door but is apologetic for locking her in the room, Ramona exclaims that she is really disappointed with her for taking the side of the Aurora’s even when they have caused them such harm, Sherlin asks her to say anything, Rakhi says that she has taken too long in asking her behaviour, as she is left stunned buy their behaviour and feels that there is nothing right in the situation as she is really hurt with their behaviour and feels that they might not have had the courage to do anything if Mahesh was healthy, karina is adamant that she would have done the same with her even if her brother was healthy, but Rakhi says that it would have not been the case and so leaves the room.
Karan is with Maira, she thinks of gaining her attention then pretends that she is hurt so asks him to feed her, he agrees and so gives her the fruits, then he gets a call from karina, he puts the call on speaker, they both ask Maira of her health she explains that she is well after that karina turns her attention towards karan explaining the entire situation of how Sarla came to their house, he mentions that she made the right decision and ends the call, he starts feeding her again when there is a call from Rishab he however refuses to attend it as he knows that Rishab will scold him for not helping Preeta so he doesn’t want to talk with him.
Risahb is confused wondering why karan did not answer his call he then thinks that it might be because he knows that he will scold karan for not helping Preeta so is not attending his call on purpose.

Karina walks towards the door, Ramona calls her from behind asking what karan mean with his statement as she is still confused with what he might do, karina is relieved saying that she knows him all to well so is relaxed as he meant that what they did with Sarla was what should have been done. She is now sure that he will marry Maira and nothing will ruin their happiness, Ramona says that she has now understood her as she feels that Preeta might try to harm her daughter, Karina says that she knows how to take care of Preeta and will make sure that nothing happens to both karan and Maira, Ramona feels relaxed saying that she is sure that if karina has taken the responsibility then will make sure that nothing happens to them.
Rishab gets a call from his lawyer, he orders that he reach the police station where he will meet him within ten minutes,
Preeta asks Sarla what happened in the Luthra house and if they have agreed to take back the case, all of them are crying seeing which Preeta realizes that things have not worked according to their plan, Sarla explains that they did not trust her but it makes no difference as she is still alive and they will talk with the collector as she has heard that he is a nice person so shew ill do all that she can to get her released, Janki also asks her to remain calm.
Preeta asks Sarla if Karan was in the house, Shrishti turns to see Risahb he comes straight to them, Sarla asks if has come to blame them like his family, she pushes him away, he pleads with her to stop crying as he has come and so will make everything like it was before and take Preeta home, he hugs Sarla who weeps saying that Preeta is innocent then he says that he has the same feelings for them which is of a family as everyone can change but not him and he still considers tyhem as their family members, he explains that he has come with the lawyer and everything has been processed so they will take Preeta home, Preeta asks him the reason Karan has not come to the house, he explains that he has arrived straight from the airport so can call him if she wants him to.
Sherlin is not able to control her emotions she wonders how she can manipulate the plans to her favour and that is why she is in jail, she says that she is able to make these plans because of Prithvi, she then says that she had to face a lot of hurdles in order to marry Risahb but finally succeeded and even when Preeta married Karan even then no one believes in their marriage and she would have witched the entire situation but she ahs to go to her mother’s house.
Risahb is with the Aurora family, the inspector says that they cannot remain as the visiting hours have ended, Rishab gets mad at him saying that they will go only after the lawyer has arrived, then when the lawyer arrives he sits with Rishab at the table, the inspector blames Rishab for his attitude exclaiming that both the brothers are the same, Rishab replies that he only talks rudely with people who deserve it so it is up to the inceptor to decide the way he wants to be treated,
The inspector explains that it will not be easy for Preeta to remain free as she ahs committed a big offense, Risahb explains that they have arranged for the bail and have also submitted the papers according to which he cannot hold her in custody so must release her immediately, the inspector orders his subordinate to release her, Risahb hugs both Sarla and Shrishti who are really thankful to him for his help, he exclaims that all that he did was for his family so there is no need to thank him, he also hugs Janki requesting her to stop crying as everything has worked according to what they wanted.

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