This is Fate Thursday Update 6 August 2020 Preeta invites Luthras to her wedding


This is Fate Thursday Update 6 August 2020 Preeta invites Luthras to her wedding

Sameer comes out of the washroom, he gets a call from Shrishti wondering why is she calling so late, she asks him if he is alright and thinks that everything can be like it was before, he also answers that he believes they can do anything to correct what has happened in the past, she explains that even Karan who trusted Preeta more than himself is not standing with her which has completely broken her emotionally, she enquirers if he will stay beside her and not leave her side, he promises that he will always be there for her not matter the consequence.

This is Fate Wednesday Update 5 August 2020

Preeta reaches her room, she starts to think of all the moments spent with Karan, he also thinks of her and is heartbroken, she thinks of his first visit to their house when he got injured, they both are in an emotional state, Preeta starts to daydream of him hearing his voice, she turns to see if it is really him, Karan also starts to hear her voice getting anxious to meet her. They both try to forget each other and so do rash actions, she thinks of his blame that Mahesh got into the accident because of her, she closes the curtains.
Bi jee is sitting in her room in the morning praying for Preeta’s well being wondering how she is getting married, Preeta comes handing her the medicine, she requests Preeta to call Luthras, Preeta asks how they can after all that happened, Bi jee explains that it is not so easy to end the relation so they must call them.
Shrishti comes saying that she has gotten tired of saying to them that she does not like Preeta with Prithvi I, she says that she has seen this with her own eyes, and knows that Prithvi is not a good person, she has seen it in a movie where they catch the murder with the help of a cockroach, it is Bobby who solved the case so they must also stop the wedding, Bi jee refuses to listen to her story and leaves, Shrishti runs after her.

Karan repeatedly refuses to Rishab that he is not hungry, Rakhi request that he eat something for her, he sits down, Maira is looking at Karan, Sherlin wonders whom she is looking there is someone at the door, Samer says that he will go but Rakhi refuses to let him go saying that she will go as he has not eaten anything.
She opens the door, it is Preeta she apologizes for behaving rudely with her, Karina wonders why she has come to their house, Rakhi mentions that her mother is right to forget what has happened, she enquires if she ash come to meet Mahesh , bringing her into the house, Karan along with everyone stands in anger and are really frustrated.
Rakhi while being nervous says that she has come to meet Mahesh, Preeta asks Rakhi if Mahesh is okay, she says that she has to say something to her, mentioning that she never saw any difference with her family and theirs, she would come whenever she thought and had the best of time, but now knows that things are not the same so wants to tell them that she is getting married, everyone including Rishab and Karan gets really amazed.

Preeta informs that tomorrow she is getting married, everyone gets shocked, Maira wonders why everyone is shocked to hear of her marriage news, Karan gets angry and leaves, Rakhi is optimistic that their future can be bright because what happened with them is because of hard times that their family has faced so she will surely come and will also bring everyone to bless the wedding, Rishab goes to her and after wishing leaves the house. Sherlin wonders that her husband is still in love with her she is angry with her.
Preeta thanks Rakhi for understanding mentioning that she feared she would have to marry without her entire family, she hugs Rakhi, Karina asks her to meet Mahesh and leave, She starts to walk, Sherlin purposefully hits her so she falls, Sherlin asks her to get up threatening that she will have to fall a lot of times warning that she must stay away from her family, Preeta goes upstairs.
Karina goes to Rakhi asking that she has to talk with her, pulling her aside, dadi asks Samer to bring her medicine as she has a headache, he asks if it was before the breakfast, she mentions that tu was because of Preeta she does not understand what has happened to her, she is not the same.
Maira ask Kartika who Preeta is, she mentions that her story in this family is like no other.
Preeta reaches the room, she asks the nurse of his condition, she mentions that he is in coma and might not wake up, she sits asking god why he does this to her as everyone who is close to her either dies or goes away from her.
Karina says to Rakhi that she has to talk to her and it cannot be said in front of the family, she says that whenever Preeta comes she gets sweet of her however she tries to make her understand that she has done a lot for them, they can go to her wedding, Karina mentions that if she goes opt her wedding then she will be responsible for the destruction of her family, Rakhi ask her to stop saying that she does not know that Preeta is the girl whom she wanted to make her daughter in law, Rakhi explains that Preeta always listened to her every command and stood by their family, she blames the entire situation on the circumstances so she will go. Karina is adamant to not let her go but Rakhi threatens that she will go and no one can stop her, she believes her to be her daughter and so leaves.

Karan orders Preeta to leave and stop the acting, she say that she cars for him and he is like her father, he say that he is not her father because she does not care for him and his state is because of her, Preeta explains that she always thought of him as her father and would have come with him if she knew that he was about to get in an accident, she would do anything for him, Karan say that if she can do anything then should cancel her marriage because any girl whose father would be in this state will not sit in the mandap, she gets shocked.
Preeta refuses, Karan ask the reason, she mentions that she cannot because it is not only related to her but a lot of people so she cannot do anything that hurts them, Karan refuses to accept that she takes Mahesh as her father, mentioning that if a girl whose father is in this state then she would not think of marrying anyone, Preeta say that she is not the reason of Mahesh accident and it is Sherlin who has said these things against her, Karan does not listen to any explanation, she tries to leave but he stops her she falls in his arms.
Prithvi is at the door wondering that they would all welcome him as soon as they see him, Janki gets tensed wondering who is at the door, she opens to find Prithvi, he comes in wishing her, she hits him making her fall, he gets up warning that she must not do these things to him, asking that she must call Preeta and Sarla, Janki says that she has gone to Luthra mansion, Sarla comes and is worried to know that she has gone to meet them, even when she ordered her to not meet them, they think that she would have gone to inquire of Mahesh health, Prithvi tries to misguide her but Janki stops her saying that she would only have gone for Mahesh as she does not break her relations so easily.

Prithvi agrees with Sarla saying that he feels hurt when they insult Preeta, Rakhi believed her to be the lucky charm but she would have insulted her today. Even Karina doesn’t like her, Karan also doesn’t trust her anymore because he was her friend but threw her out of their house, Sarla mentions that she knows everything but does not understand why Preeta doesn’t understand this, they always mistreat her and even today when she would come home crying and not be able to sleep the entire night, she si not able to remove the love for the Luthras form her heart.
Prithvi asks her to sit, he wonders what might be happening in the house, and what if they both might reconcile their past love, Karan might say bad things to her regarding him.
Karan leaves Preeta, she gets a call from Prithvi, he picks the phone and asks Preeta to answer as she is thinking of him, he doesn’t give it to her saying that if she wants to talk to him then must leave their house, he scolds her saying that she is getting punishment for what she did to their family. He warns her that they will not come to her wedding, she is sure that everyone will come, Karan takes her hand, she ask if this is the only thing that he knows, he says that he does not have time to talk with her.
Prithvi says that Preeta is not answering his call, he asks her what they will do, she says that she will plan to do something, he says that she does not even listen to her mother even when he does not like that she gets insulted each time, Prithvi emotionally blackmails her, Janki thinks that he is trying to fill hatred in the heart of Sarla,

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