This is Fate Thursday Update 30th May 2019

Rithwik says that he feels to say everything to Rishab and that he waists to be in their good books, Manisha says that she said to him that he cannot trust Prithvi but this does not mean that they can trust Luthra’s and that they are alone. She says that they are only using him and will not give him the money, she says that they only want to k now the truth of the person who made her plan the case against Karan, he says that he will tell Rishab the truth and make everything alright once and for all and he goes to get his mobile. Manisha gets worried thinking what she will do to make Rithwik realize.

Prithvi is very happy to know that Janki did not tell anyone about him and now none can stop him anymore, he thinks of how happy he will be. He gets a call from Manisha who is really worried but he doesn’t pick the phone, he thinks of doing only what Sarla said to him and leaves.
Manisha thinks that she should not worry about anything and let Rithwik do what he wants.
Rakhi tells Rishab to come in the house after parking his car, Karan makes Janki lie comfortably on her bed, he says that he will go and check on Rishab, karan bumps into Preeta and they start to argue, She moves away, Shrishti comes and Karan asks her how she is able to live with Preeta, she says that he can also live with her if he gets used to it.

Shrishti takes the fruits to the bed and they talk of which fruit Janki will eat, when Sarla is cutting the fruits Janki remembers the incident, Prithvi enters the room, she remembers what he did and tries to accuse him of killing her, she is adamant and holds his hand, everyone tries to calm her down and when she is calmed he leaves, Shrishti wonders what the connection is between him and Janki.

Prithvi walks out, Shrishti follows him and asks what the matte is, she accuses him of being a thief asking what he did with Janki, she is not convinced and asks what he was doing in Janki’s room while wearing the doctors clothes and what secret he has to not let her live, he gets mad but she says that he is lying, [Prithvi gets mad and says that she is doing everything wrong and thinks that he is not a good person but he is a good man, she says that he should have come in between when the robbers where shooting.

He says that he would have come in between but he was not able to even think what to do, he was not able to because he was not able to walk In a speedy way at which Shrishti is very confused asking when did he became so down to earth, he tries to explain that he was like this way and when Janki was shot he always prayed for her never thinking of what she is in the house, Shrishti ridicules him and is not even convinced with what he says saying that she can never match his acting skills and he should join acting, Preeta stops her from saying anything further.

She comes in between saying that Shrishti knows what the doctor said and that Janki might remember things from past times in a row and she is believing different incidents to be true all at the same time and she must understand that what Janki might say cannot be true and so they cannot over react on her words and she must not say anything to Janki and Prithvi, she doesn’t listen to anything Shrishti has to ay.
She apologizes to Prithvi and asks him to not give a worth to her words, he says that he really loves her and everyone on the family, she asks him to go and take rest, he says that he will leave and as he is going says that she should take care of Janki ad finally leaves.
When he leaves Preeta asks Shrishti to not say anything wrong about Prithvi, she asks her for a promise that Preeta will also not think of him, and she gets mad and starts to beat her after which they both run into their room.
Rithwik comes and is trying to call Karan when it finally connects he says that he wants to meet with Karan and has to tell him something but Karan says that he is busy and will meet with him after sometime, Rithwik says that h is really guilty and wants to meet him, he tries to beg him for talking with him this time, Rithwik tries to explain how everyone is so good with them and that they really treat him like a family member and so he wants to meet, Karan agrees to meet with him and agree to meet at a cafe. Karan thinks that Rithwik fell into his trap and so he will tell the truth.

Preeta and Rishab are talking while cooking something, Rishab is day dreaming of how huis life would be if he was married with Preeta, they starts a beautiful argument on how much salt must be put into the soup, Karan comes in between their talks and enquires about what is happening. Rishab asks Karan to back off, they start to tease another, Karan haves a taste and turning towards Preeta he says that he loves he loves Janki lot like her and is always concerned for them,

Preeta gets shocked he says that she must not let her eat it, Rishab ask if the soup is really bad, Karan says that Ritwik called and he will now tell the secrets to them and they will be able to win the battle, he is about to leave when they all say that they will go together, they all argue what they must do and then Shrishti

stars to admire if they were the sisters of Karan, Preeta gets angry and then Shrishti says that they will all go together, Shrishti is very happy, Rishab agrees and says that they will move towards the cafe from Luthra house at (:00 PM.

Prithvi is admiring Preeta and thinking how she is really good, he thinks of how Sherlin left him when he needed her the must but then thinking that she will just create problems he gets really happy that she is not with him. He decides to call Manisha whose call he ignored some time ago, she is about to pick it up but asks Rithwik if he is doing the right thing, she wonders how to talk with Prithvi. She asks Rithwik if he is sure about all this, he says he is just as sure as when he was when he saw her and it is the most beautiful thing that happened to the both of them, she says that she loves him the most because they are made for each other, she says that she is not feeling good and is very worried for them, he explains that they should not worry.
Prithvi tries to all her but she cancels it, he gets really mad wonders why she canceled it, and that now he will also not call her.
Sherlin greets Karina and ask her is she is alright, Karina says that she is not able to understand what Sherlin wants as Preeta is getting a lot closer to everyone and Rakhi, She is the one who si to beco me his wife and so must start acting like it, Karina leaves, Sherlin thinks that she is only working to make her health better but once she is cured she will do all that is she can do to make Rishab hers.
Rishab asks Karan to hurry up, Karan sys that he is adjusting the microphone so that he is able to record the conversation with Rithwik, Rishab start to praise Rithwik saying that he feels a little innocent and true, Preeta also agrees, he says that if Rithwik tells the truth and Karan life is made better he will do all they he can to make his life better and will really make him his partner because there is no thing that he will do for Karan, They hear a sound and Karan goes to check if there is someone outside, Rishab and everyone plan to leave, Sherlin hearing this wonders that she might call Prithvi because he is in danger.
They come outside and Sherlin drops the phone, they get worried and Rishab asks her what the matter is. If she is healthy, Karan gets worried thinking that because of this their plan might fail, he goes to Sherlin and says hat he will take care of her, Rishab must leave for the meeting he had, Preeta intervenes asking her to not lie and tell in which Pregnancy month is she in.

Preeta asks Sherlin to tell her regarding the month of pregnancy, Rishab gets shocked and she says that she can help her I any medical problem, Karan takes her to the room and Rishab also follows, he is not able to leave but Karan forces him to go saying otherwise the person will leave, he leaves and Karan says to Sherlin to not worry and that he will make lemonade.
Preeta saying this leaves and Shrishti also follows her, Karan goes after her, they start to argue and Preeta gets mad saying that he must not be so careful for Sherlin, se leaves, He asks Shrishti about the problem which Preeta has, she says that it is nothing but that Preeta is jealous if him for saying good things to Sherlin, he says that she is just mad and then when he reaches her he says that he was just caring for Sherlin

not make Rishab go to Rithwik, she pays no heed and leaves, Karan thinks that he will also go after giving Sherlin the lemonade.