This is Fate Thursday Update 29 October 2020


This is Fate Thursday Update 29 October 2020

This is Fate Thursday Update 29 October 2020: Prithvi is feeling dizzy, he wonders that he might be drugged, then thinks that it was because of the drink that he had from the waiter,
Maira asks who she called to, Sherlin explains that she knows that he will come to her aid and she is waiting for the message to deliver, then it finally delivers, He comes to the door, of the store room and he asks Sherlin to open the door, she says that he must open it from the outside, when he opens it, Sherlin leaves with Maira then locks Prithvi in the room fearing that he might expose them as he is drunk.

Preeta refuses to let Karan kiss her, he mentions that he is a famous cricketer and can kiss anyone, she gets angry saying that she will not let him kiss her as she is special. He says that she is his love, she then again pulls herself away from him, she asks then why did he say that he could kiss anyone, he explains that he now understands that she is jealous, Preeta refuses to say that she does not get jealous, she says that she is sitting with him and so he must not tease her otherwise she will leave, he is adamant to tease her, she tries to leave but he stops her saying that he will only let her once she says that three magical words, which a lover feels to say when they see one another, she realizes what he is talking about but refuses to say them, then she finally gives in and says that she will only say them when he has closed his eyes, he says that it is because she is nervous, but she insists that she will only say them when he has closed his eyes, she comes with a pillow then says that they are that he must behave, Karan gets angry, they both come face to face with each other, he pulls her closer asking that she thinks of these words when she sees him, he again asks her to which she says that it is because he never talks nicely to her, he gets angry and so she starts shouting which irritates karan.

Sarla comes to the house asking why did they not bring the colours as it is Holi, janki comes and Sarla asks why did she take a bath, janki explains that it is because she got tired, then Sarla says that she wanted to apply the colour and is also wondering why her daughters are sleeping, she deicides to never let them be like Bi jee who does not like the colours, she goes to wake them but is shocked to see that they are not there, janki mentions that she feels that they both are in the Luthra house, Sarla says that she tried to explain that some members of the Luthra house are not well wishers of their family and might harm them but they do not listen as they have grown up.
Sherlin and Maira are running in the hallway when they hear, Karan and Preeta together, they both are shocked to see that Preeta is begging karan to leave who is kissing her.

Sherlin and Maira are walking when they hear Preeta pleading with karan to leave her but he is not letting her go, they both see them and knock on the door asking him to open it, Karan advises Preeta to remain quiet as there are enemies on the door he goes to check it but Preeta hands him a bat and also prepares herself by wearing the boxing gloves.

Preeta after hearing that it is Maira decides to leave but they both are holding hands and then when karan explains that he will not let her go Maira asks him to tell her what is happening between them, Preeta asks him to close the door on their face which he does, when they both are inside Maira and Sherlin are looking from the window, then Preeta also places the curtain, she says that she will not let them stay there, Maira exclaims that she cannot see them both like this so they must do something to make them stay away, Sherlin explains that they cannot say anything to the family and must keep it as hidden then they see that karina is coming with their mothers so when they come they ask Maira and Sherlin to also come with them to meet Mahesh. Karina is in the room with Mahesh where she introduces Ramona to him explaining that she is soon to be a part of their family and that karan will marry her daughter Maira, Sherlin along with Maira ask that they both must leave the room and let him rest, Karina is trying to correct his pillow when Sherlin requests her to let her do it, then she bumps his head which wakes him up, he exclaims that he will tell anyone the truth regarding her and explain that she is  not good but it is is Preeta who should be their daughter in law.

Preeta wakes up and is shocked to see that she is so close to Karan, she wonders what is the reason and when decides to open the door, she is shocked to see that it is locked form the inside, she goes to Karan who seeing her pulls her closer to him.

Sherlin is walking when Maira runs after her explaining that she should be happy that Mahesh is getting better as this would mean that she gets married to Karan, Sherlin explains that she will not be married to karan if Mahesh gets better because if this happens then they both will be thrown out of the house because the hatred which the family has for Preeta is because she told them that Mahesh got into this condition because of her but the truth is that she was the one behind it all and if they all come to know about this then they both will be thrown out of the house.

Mahesh is regaining his conscious and thinking of how he told Sherlin that he will tell the truth about her to everyone, he after making a lot of effort gets in a wheelchair and plans to go to his family.

Preeta is with karan she pleads with him to let go off her as she has to go and look into a matter and think of what she must do with them both, karan asks her to come back but she doesn’t listen and goes to find them both.
Sherlin and Maria are making a plan to kill Mahesh Luthra as this is the only thing which they can do otherwise the entire plan which they have made will be in ruins, they both see that Mahesh is coming on a wheelchair Sherlin plan to throw him from the stairs and put the entire blame on Preeta which will further instigate the Luthra family against her, Maira goes downstairs from the back while Sherlin takes hold of his wheel chair, she takes him by the stairs then holds his mouth explaining that she was the one behind the last accident which lead to his coma and this time she will do the same.

She throws him off the stairs but he is able to hold on, Maira comes from downstairs, she acts as if she really cares for him but then when he stops making an effort, she exclaims that she came to help Sherlin as if he lives then they cannot work on their plan, she pushes him off the stairs and he goes to bottom of the stairs after screaming.

Preeta hears his scream then immediately runs to his aid, she calls Rishab and karan, Rishab comes running, he tries to wake Mahesh who is not responsive. Preeta runs to Mahesh, she immediately tries to wake him up and calls the entire Luthra family, Rishab along with Sameer runs to his aid, they try to wake him up but he does not respond, the entire family gets really tensed and they begin to cry, Preeta cannot believe her eyes, Maira comes from behind, Rishab asks how he fell to which Maira exclaims that Preeta pushed Mahesh from the stairs, this leaves the entire family stunned and they all stare at her.

Sherlin thinks that it is their luck that preeta came back to the house at this moment because they were able to blame it all on her, Karan also comes and is shocked to see that Mahesh is lying on the floor, he comes running and is told that Preeta was the one to throw Mahesh on the ground, the family immediately takes Mahesh to the hospital, Shrishti asks Preeta what has happened and how did the things got so severe, preeta asks her to go back to the house and she will look after the Luthra family.

The Luthra family reaches the hospital, Risahb and karan go to the counter asking for a neuro surgeon, they are told that there is no one available, Karan and Risahb both get angry with them then Preeta arrives with a surgeon and they immediately take Mahesh to the operation theatre.

Risahb is trying to explain to his Dadi to pray explaining that she was the one who told them that her son is really strong as they should all pray and she must not worry as he would be fine, Shrishti also comes, Preeta ask why did she come to which she says that she would not say anything but will stay with her.

The doctor comes and when the ask how Mahesh is, he exclaims that his condition is getting really worse and he has one again gone into a coma so they should all pray for his health, Preeta is stunned she goes into his room.

Preeta pleads with Mahesh to wake up as they all prayed for his health for a lot of months so he must get up as the entire family is yearning for his love and they need him, he must get up, then thinks that when she came to Mahesh he had fallen from his wheel chair, then thinks that it was someone who had pushed him and so she will find the one responsible for anything that happens to him, Sherlin comes and is shocked to see that Preeta is with Mahesh.

Sherlin goes to find Maira exclaiming that she saw Preeta with Mahesh and she was trying to wake him up, they both plan to use the situation in their favour and blame each and everything on Preeta. Sherlin thinks that she has also gotten really smart.

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