This is Fate Thursday Update 25 April 2019

Prithvi and friends are celebrating, he says that he wants to listen to Karan’s stories and they start to watch the news, they say that Karan’s bail request was cancelled and now even a march has been organized against his actions, Manisha boyfriend gets worried and when they ask he says that what if this goes in favor of Karan, Prithvi tries to calm him down saying that nothing will happen to Manisha, she then tells her boyfriend that Preeta will never confess because Prithvi threatened her mother and now she will never let her go anywhere as she is now afraid.

Preeta says that he will reach tomorrow o time, when she turns Rishab is there who says that he came to say that he is very happy an wants to say thank you, he starts t say everything that is good with her, she says that he is not that good and could have make him come out but he was not able to do so, she says that Karan never listens to anyone, Rishab says that Karan told him everything and if he forbid her then he was right, Rishab says that he only has a word to say Thank you.
Shrishti is with Karan and telling him about Prithvi, how he told everything to their mother just so that she could not be able to come to the police station to meet him, just when they are talking Preeta comes, when asked her says that it was a call from the office they were asking her when she will join.

Rishab comes saying that he got the address of Manisha house, Shrishti also goes with him. Karan starts to cry, Preeta asks her what the matter is. He says that she is ready to do anything for him even when here are so many hurdles in her way, what does she mean to him, she says that he means everything as a friend is all those relations that she needs, she has no one to fight with besides him, she epically misses their small fights, Preeta starts to cry and says that thy emus change the topic as he does not like her crying, she runs away giving no time to Karan to stop her.

They both are standing crying thinking of all the beautiful moments spent with each other, Karan says that no none can harm him as long as Preeta is with him.
Prithvi drops Manisha and her boyfriend to her house, her boyfriend and him starts to have a fun moment, Rishab and Shrishti are looking for Manisha, they ask a vendor and he tells them of Manisha’s house.
Manisha say to her boyfriend to not leave so quickly, they both start to have a romantic scene when he hears the horn of Prithvi, he says that he has to leave as he is now a partner, Manisha says that he must go as otherwise Prithvi will irritate everyone, he leave and they both had off.
Rishab and Shrishti reach Manisha’s house, he enter angrily.
Preeta reaches her house, Sarla gets very angry saying that she doesn’t why it took so long as she has been going for such a long time and doesn’t understand why she is so late, she says that she understand everything and will never look into their lives anymore.
Dadi calls Preeta to her and says that Sarla is her child and she understands everything, she is right that Preeta must not go to the Luthra’s but what she says that Preeta must not go to the police station this they cannot bear as they know that Karan is innocent, she says that Preeta must do what she can to help him, and that Dadi will deal with Sarla. She says that she knows that Sarla is very stubborn and will do what she feels is right but she will also calm down after some time when she herself feels that Kara s innocent. Preeta hugs Dadi and she asks her to do some house hold work, Sarla brings tea, Dadi says that Sarla must not ask so many questions to Preeta or Shrishti as this will take them away from her, Dadi says that she must not spoil the atmosphere of the house.
Shrishti and Rishab reach Manisha house, she stops him saying that she has seen him and will never open the door and that’s he must try, she rings the bell and when Manisha opens Shrishti says that she has win a lottery and must give proof buy showing her id card, She enters the house, Rishab also follows leaving Manisha speechless.
Karan ad Preeta are both thinking of each other and how their activities made each other smile, both gets uncomfortable, Karan prays that he must get outside so that he can solve everything, Preeta says that Karan must get to as he does not look good when he is in a tension, Both are day dreaming about each other.
Manisha is left speechless and doesn’t understand what to do, she tries to escape but Shrishti catches her, Manisha asks how they reached her and what do they want, Rishab says that he knows that she was working with someone to ruin his brother and he also wants to deal with her which will be a lot better, he asks her to getup.
Prithvi is wondering where Preeta will be, he calls her saying that Karan is not a good person and she must not go to meet her as someone has charged a file of rape against and she must not go to meet him, he gets angry, she says that why he always keeps a check on what she is doing because she never does this with him even though her friend and even her sister says that he is not the right choice for her, Prithvi is left speechless.


Preeta gets very angry with Prithvi saying that she does not like when he stops her from meeting her friends and that she never placed anything like his on him even when he comes with Sherlin to any place they gather, she e says that if he is like this before marriage then she will not marry him, he gets confused and says that they will talk later, she gets angry and cancels the phone.
Manisha says that she will not deal, Rishab says that he is not asking for her permission, Manisha tries to shout, Shrishti says that she did everything b herself and when someone came she was thrown out and then when she went Manisha came she molested Karan, Manisha tries to deny it and Rishab says that he is only ding this because if they go to court then it will take time and he does not want it, he says

that he knows that if she goes into jail then she will stay in there for lifetime and it is just because of time that he came to deal with her, Shrishti says that she will go to jail and then will live a life filled with all the hurdles and then she will rust in jail, she says that she will not bear anything, she says that she made a deal because she was given money and that she was a billion rupees.
Shrishti gets angry and then is about to beat Manisha, he takes her away saying that he will get Karan out of jail. He ask her to sit down and calls Mahesh to arrange the cash.
Karan is in the jail, when they bring another person with allot of people with extreme views, they act badly with him and throw him a cell with Karan, he ask them to behave, the police says that he is a mental case but then he recites poetry about his love.
Karan greets the person, he also tells him, Karan ask him why is he beaten and why did they want to charge complaint, he says that he was going and was in a state of bliss, he went from between them without realizing and then they started to beat him, he starts to laugh the crowd gets angry and come to beat him, Karan stoops him and when he says that he did not see them because he was in a state of bliss and remembering his love and they were able to notice because they were not praying by heart, they get angry and saying him as a madman leave, the police also says that he is a meant case but Karan says that he is happy and he has gone through the state of tis world, he does not listen to anyone and aks him about his love, Laila, he goes into dreaming about her and is not able to say anything.
Bee jee says that she is going to sleep, Sarla is saying that she is going to pay a tax for her hall, she does not talk with Preeta even when she comes, Sarla comes back and Preeta opens it but she does not talk with her and refers to only Bi jee and leaves. There is again a knock on the door, she thinks that it is Sarla but when she opens the door it is Rishab who hurriedly hugs him, Bi jee comes and he apologizes, then he comes and says that Manisha has agreed to say the truth, Bi jee wonders why did she agree to the truth but she only agreed because she was offered to give a lot of money, he says that she will says the truth,