This is Fate Thursday Update 24 September 2020


This is Fate Thursday Update 24 September 2020

Preeta exclaims that Maira deserves this all because she has a very loudmouth, she is worried about Sameer, Maira exclaims that he will regain consciousness after some time, and they have to leave.
Rakhi asks Dadi what she means, she explains that she has only one thing to say which is that if anything happens to Maira then Rakhi will be the sole responsible, she is however optimistic that everything will be fine,

Ramona says that both these girls did so much to her family yet she is still taking their side, Rakhi explains that she does not know them and she is sure that she will not come to the house and will not have any demands.
Karina gets angry explaining that the one whom Rakhi considers to be innocent sent a legal notice asking karan for half of his property, Rakhi explains that people do what others want them to and so would have sent the notice, Dadi exclaims that she has refused to believe anything even when she ahs seen it all by herself so nothing can become of her, they all leave really disappointed by her reaction.
Maira is trying to break free from the chair, she is finally able to free her mouth then frees her hands, she also removes the sandals from her feet before coming to Sameer, she tries to wake him up but he doesn’t respond, she thinks of what she can do and is also worried about her engagement, she thinks that if she stays with him then will not be able to get engaged so leaves thinking that it is more important for her to get engaged so leaves, Sameer wakes up, he wonders where he is as he is not able to remember.
Preeta asks Shrishti to come back to the house with her, she pleads with Preeta to not tell anything to Sarla, She says that she will explain everything, Shrishti blackmails that she will tell Sarla that Preeta also came in disguise and she would scold her more than anyone else,

 Preeta refuses to lie from Sarla, Shrishti explains that she is doing everything to bring them both together, Preeta is about to take Shrishti when Sameer comes from behind asking what the matter is and who is he, she explains that she is Preeta and ahs come to take Shrishti home, she requests him to free Maira, he explains that she ahs already ran from the room so they must leave as soon as possible, she takes Shrishti and tries to leave.
While walking they both stumble and fall, Karan comes to help Pritam and picks him up, she leaves but is stopped and they all seem confused, Karina comes from behind calling them both by their true names which forces them to turn back, Karina takes off the moustache and the wig, she shows who they both are, Karan and everyone else are left stunned. She explains that she had a feeling that they both will come to ruin their party and yet they still did not believe what she said, but they can now witness the truth as they both are standing Infront of them.
Karina goes to ask Rakhi what she said saying that Preeta has values which and she can never do anything of the sort, yet she has come to end the engagement of her son, she always tries to explain that they will come to end the engagement but she tries to take their side and now they are standing Infront of them.
Dadi comes to ask them the reason for coming to their house even when they have warned them to stay away, she asks the reason they always come to hurt them all and ruin their functions, she starts to scold them both explaining that they have always given them sorrow so why have they come, Kartika tries to explain to Dadi that they should talk in private and not Infront of the guests, she does not listen to anything, Rishab also explains that Kartika is right and they should talk in private.
Preeta explains that she had no intention of harming anyone and never wanted to ruin anything, so she only wants that they let them both leave and continue with the engagement, Karan comes saying that she came to ruin the function now wants them to continue, he exclaims that they were not waiting for her approval and the engagement will happen at the very moment Ramona comes asking what has happened and why are they all talking of Preeta when it is Maira who is really missing, she comes to attach Preeta but is stopped by Rishab who explains that Maira will be somewhere in the house and both Preeta or Shrishti would not have anything to do with it.
They are still talking when Maira comes to hug Karan she blames that Preeta and Shrishti kidnapped her, karina gets really mad saying that she will now call the police and have them both arrested.
Prithvi is really angry as he says that he was sitting in front of Preetas house but she never came and he knows that she will be in the Luthra house and would try to end the engagement, he wonders that if both karan and Preeta are in love then why did she ever agreed to marry him. he then remembers that it was him who wanted to marry her but not Preeta.
She remembers that they will not get engaged and both Karan and Maira want to get married so he will have the chance to get married to Preeta, he promises to make anyone pay who tries to stop the engagement.
Shrishti explains to Preeta that Maira is lying as they did not do anything of the sort, Rakhi says that she always used to refused to believe that they both were capable to anything that had such heinous meaning but now seeing them she is really ashamed of herself as she thought that they were innocent.
Ramona asks Maira what happened, She explains everything from the start by explaining that Shrishti came disguised as a beautician and ruined her makeup then locked her in the bathroom after which she made her unconscious before shifting her into another room, where Preeta also covered her mouth preventing her from calling anyone for help, Shrishti burst into anger explaining that everything that has happened with Maira was all her plan, Preeta had nothing to do with it and she did it as she never wanted Karan to get engaged with Maira.
Karina explains that she should forget it and would be punished as she has made it her habit to come and ruin their happiness. Preeta takes the blame on herself explaining that everything has happened was her plan as she never wanted Karan to get engaged with Maira.

Preeta takes the entire blame of all that has happened with Maira on herself explaining that she never wanted Karan to get engaged, Karan asks the reason why she wanted it, Karina mentions that everyone has listened to the truth then why is he asking her questions, Rishab stops her saying that she should at least let her answer the question, Preeta responds that the reason she wanted it was because she wanted to hurt him and cause him pain, she explains that he was very happy so she came to destroy and ruin them all as she could not see them just like he took her happiness so she wanted to take revenge just like him when he came to ruin her wedding. Karina asks everyone if they have listened what Preeta said herself that she came to stop Karan’s wedding as she wants to take revenge,  she says that they both have no respect and her mother always come to talk of respect but they both have no respect themselves and this time she will not call Sarla and this time the police will come to arrest them.

Janki gets a call from Rupali pleading to talk with Sarla, she explains that she cannot come as is sleeping so she can tell her anything, Janki asks what has happened to which Rupali explains that Preeta and Shrishti are both in the party wearing a disguise and that she should come to stop them as they all are blaming both the sisters and it is getting really awkward as she knows that Preeta will never do anything of the sort. Janki gets really angry and vows to make the Luthra’s pay for what they have done to her daughters, Sarla comes asking her what has happened she refuses saying that Sarla must go to her bed and she will bring water.

Dadi is constantly blaming the Aurora sisters for ruining the engagement, she explains that they have always given them the love which they deserve but they have ruined everything and proven that there is nothing like family and it has gotten way too far, Maira explains that she feels Preeta is jealous of her so asks her to explain, Karan also asks the reason, he is constantly wanting her to explain that she still loves him but she thinks that she will make him pay and never exclaim that she still has feelings for her, she mentions that she does not care about the girl he marries because she will be an ill lucked person and will always remain unhappy. Karan stares at her thinking that she came with the idea that he will suffer just like she did when he left her on the sidewalk but now nothing like that will happen and he will marry Maira.

The police arrive asking who called them, karina explains that they were called as both the sisters came in disguise with an aim to ruin the wedding, she proposes that they arrest them both so they can continue their function.

The police try to arrest them both but Shrishti explains that it was her and they should not arrest her sister, they are still arguing when Maira comes saying that they should arrest them both, then Rishab says that they should not arrest anyone, but Karina is adamant ot get them arrested so the police are about to take them away when Karan stops them, he takes Preetas hand and takes out the ring from her finger saying that it belonged to him and she mentioned that she did not care from his engagement so now he will carry on with the engagement just now, he calls for the Pandit as the time is running out.

Janki is taking care of Sarla when she gets a call from preeta who explains that she and Shrishti have been arrested by the police for breaking into the Luthra mansion, so she can call their uncle who will get their bail, Sarla takes the phone and listens to her explaining that she never wanted to go but was forced to because of Shrishti, She asks the police station then is ready to go there but Janki also wants to accompany her. She agrees.

Shrishti asks if Sarla had picked the call and explains that she will come to make sure that they remain in jail, Preeta explains that she would never do anything of the sort as no mother can do this then they worry about what she will do when they reach their house, they are still talking when the constable asks them to wait at the bench

The Pandit is carrying on with the engagement when he asks karan to place the ring in Mairas finger, he gets tensed and doesn’t listen also taking steps backword then when everyone forces him to place the ring then he takes it but again stops, Maira is left confused about what has happened with Karan, he thinks of when Preeta wore the ring before looking at Maira.

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