This is Fate Thursday Update 21th February 2019

In the hospital, Preeta and others were happy to see the corpse wasn’t of Janki. They go to reception as Janki must be admitted somewhere in the hospital and alive.
Sherlin was cheerful of Janki’s dead. Prithvi was determined to destroy Karan, Rishab, Preeta and Shrishti. He will hurt them badly.
Preeta says the fruit vendor said that Janki bled badly. She can’t go home in such a state. The receptionist tells them that Janki is alive and being treated inside. She apologizes to them for giving the wrong information. Rishab completes the formalities while they head towards the ward.
Inside the hospital room, Sarla was furious over Janki and shouts at her while Preeta tries to calm her. Janki lay on the bed injured and her eyes opened. Preeta hugs Sarla and calms her down. She cries and hugs Janki in the bed. She says Janki is a family to them. Janki looked at Sarla with empty looks. Everyone else also comes in. Shrishti hugs Janki, and says they were desperately looking for Janki, and if found in the way she must have shoot Janki at first sight. Karan asks Janki if she is fine. Rishab inquires Janki why she had to come to their house so late at night. Shrishti asks if Janki remembers everything now. Janki signals her with a wink.

Preeta brings a grooming class brochure for Karan and teases him. It was a promotion of new show Meera

Everyone was happy to see Janki move her eyes. Karan says they think she was coming to tell them about something. Janki thinks about Prithvi and Sherlin hurting and beating them. Preeta says they shouldn’t pressurize Janki right now and let her heal, but Sarla insists and everyone begins to bombard Janki with questions. The doctor comes in and says Janki can’t speak because she is paralyzed. He requests them all to leave her.
Kareena was worried for family at home when they all return. Karan and Rishab tell Kareena and their parents that Janki was coming to their house to tell them something after her memory recall. They conclude that someone attempted to kill Janki deliberately, but wonders who can it be.
The next morning, Prithvi was ready to leave. He then decides not to go there

in a good form, he is going to a death after all and practices how he would mourn in front of Sarla. He decides to fill his eyes with glycerin.
Outside the house Prithvi meets a girl leaving the house. He introduces himself as Preeta’s fiancé and smirks as the girl speaks to another girl about Janki. He pours some glycerin in his eyes and knocks the door. Inside, everything was normal; the house was empty. He wonders where is Janki’s body and everyone? He was frustrated of his burning eyes and goes to wash them and was shocked to see Janki in the room as he passes by the door. He walks into the room and apologizes Janki for whatever he did, nothing will be gained through any enmity. He says he is sure she didn’t tell anyone about him, else police must have arrested him by now. He offers her huge amount of money. Janki sat on the bed motionless and empty eyed. Prithvi convinces Janki that she is more sensible than he is and regrets his mistakes. He promises to never think false about Preeta again. He holds her feet then notices something is surely wrong with Janki. He wonders why Janki isn’t angry at him now, touches arm and notices she had no reflexes. He was elated that Janki is a living corpse only. He was boastful of his victory again.
Preeta asks Binda if Sarla and Shrishti have return home. She says they are still in temple. Preeta tells Binda to clean the kitchen. Binda says her fiancé have come home. Preeta confirms if he is inside and goes in.

Inside, Prithvi tells Janki that he will no more hurt her. He feels peaceful watching her this helpless. He thinks about playing another game with Janki and pinches her hard on wrist.
Preeta looks around for Prithvi and goes towards Janki’s room.
Prithvi pushes Janki from her side, she now lay on the bed with her head down.