This is Fate Thursday Update 18 June 2020


This is Fate Thursday Update 18 June 2020

Thursday Update on This is Fate 18 June 2020: Manish says that she wants to talk and takes Sophia with her to the room. In the room Manisha asks Sophia to pick a dress as she I about to marry Karan, she says that she did not know that she will get Karan so easily.

This is Fate Wednesday Update 17 June 2020
All of the family are very happy to save Karan, Rakhi says that she wants to party, Rishab disagrees saying that if Manisha find out than they will get in a real trouble, Karna comes and asks whose idea it was, Preeta says that it was her, he gets angry and blames her from ruining his life by bringing Sophia and making her say that she is pregnant with his child,. Rishab points to the fact that they did all this to save his life from Manisha.
Rishab says that he doesn’t know anything but what if Samer has done something, Karna asks him to focus, he says that he is in a very bad situation because he is in a do or die situation and that if Manisha does not marry him than she will make sure that Sophia marries him, Shrishti says that she will not because It is the dream of every girl; that her family is with her in her marriage.
Manisha asks Sophia to pick a dress because she wants to marry her, she says that she is not a cold women and will not steal the father of her child, she starts to create suspense I n the heart of Sophia, she asks her out of curiosity, Manisha replies that she was mole stated by Karan and who would have thought that she would be denied the right to marry Karna even after he was the reason behind her humiliation. Manisha says that she loved him in every step of his life, even though she loves him. She will back out for her because she has made her pregnant, Manisha warns her that she must do everything for her child because Karan loves Preeta and wants to marry her.
Rakhi plans that what will happen if Sophia decides to change sides, Preeta explains that they have told Sophia what she has to say and even if she gets confused than they will say that .

Billa is looking for Prithvi and is not able to find him, Prithvi comes and thinks if Manisha will back out from the wedding and what will happen if Sophia agrees to marry Karan, Billa tries to kill him from the back but is not able to, he sees the police inspector and hides.
The inspector suspects that he has met Prithvi at some past time, Prithvi says that it is not true but Inspector is adamant, Prithvi leaves from the place.

Everyone is worried about what is happening between Manisha and Sophia, Shrishti says ha Sophia has ruined the game of Manisha and she is ruined, Rakhi agrees that Karan should marry Sophia because she is about to become the mother of Karan’s child, they are really trying to tease him. Prithvi gets mad hearing this and wonders that they are really playing a game with him.

Sophia and Manisha come back, Sophia ask if they love Manisha so much than why are they trying to break their marriage, she blames them for lying and asks why did they not tell what Karan did to her, she blames Karan and vows ot marry him and Manisha at any cost.
Manisha mother is left shocked, Manisha explains what she did and why Sophia agreed to back out from the wedding. Sophia hands her back the bangles assuring that Karan will be hers, she leaves from the wedding.
Manisha hands Preeta the bangles saying that she was supposed to make her wear them, everyone is confused about what they should do. Prithvi gets very happy seeing how everything tuned out in his favor.

Karan and the Luthra family are all really sad at this wedding, Manisha is happy to see that the Luthras are sad because Karan is marrying her, everyone is sad.
Rakhi takes Manisha forcing her to rest but he does not agree saying that she is already happy, Manisha asks Dadi to let her hug her even when they all try to stop her from hugging Dadi but she is adamant, taking the advantage of the moment hugs her really hard which hurts her, Rakhi seeing this pushes her away. Manisha says that they are going to be really bad with her as they are already torturing her.
She makes them realize that she can destroy them at any given moment and so if they stand against her than she will make their life miserable and will not hesitate at any given time. Rakhi asks Dadi to come with her.
Karan is very angry asking why they included Sophia because they have gotten into a big trouble. He asks them to make plans that includes his only team members, he gets really paranoid even not listening to Rishab, he says that they are zero in front of Manish, Rishab gets angry but Karan says that they are all paranoid and cannot understand what will happen to him if Manisha marries him as he will be a puppet in her hands.
Preeta asks him to stop and look at just her saying that Manisha hatred is not bigger than their love, Karan doesn’t understand what she just said, Preeta says that they all are with him and will do whatever they can because they care for him, she also points to the fact that it is very important for her to stop the marriage.
Rishab asks Preeta why is it important for her to stop this marriage, she tries to mold her words, Karan stops her asking what is it important for her, she says that she wants him for herself, Karan thinks of when he asked Manisha regarding what she said to him.
Preeta assures that she wants to take revenge from him and would not let him marry that silly girl as they will then lose their friendship.
Karna says that if Preeta wants that they both be together than she must leave Prithvi as than she will want him to save her, this will end their friendship Rishab gets a call and leave s.
Karan sees Preeta in a romantic style.
Prithvi is walking when the Inspector comes and ask that he is not able to understand where they have met, Prithvi says that he has met in the police academy, the police however is not convinced and says that he cannot remember, Prithvi says that it was the Mumbai police and.

Karina is taking Sherlin, she is however hesitant and says that it is not a good idea, Sherlin says that she has to lie and it will not be a problem, Sherlin tries to make sure that Karina disagrees, however Karina says that she has to lie and they know that Prithvi was in the party because Preeta said that she was there so she can say that she was with him. Karina takes her phone so that she can record their conversation, she makes her realize that if she makes Manisha says they truth than the whole if the family will have a new respect for her.
Sherlin enters the room, Karina hides in the back, Sherlin says to Manisha that she knows that Karan did not molest her, Manisha is not convinced and says that everyone knows this so she must say something new, She says that she must not marry Karan,

Manisha gets angry and holds her by the neck, she sees Karina and puts the blame of the molestation on her, she cannot stand it and comes in warning Manisha to never do anything of the sort, Manisha says that she must not do what she done today and Sherlin is the one who hired her to charge Karan on molestation.

Rakhi calls Mahesh, Dadi says that Manisha is not the same anymore, Mahesh starts to joke, both of them get angry and start to beat him, he asks them to not start with this torture, Rakhi tells that she only wants to make him realize that Manisha is not a good girl for her family and when she did this on the first day then they cannot understand what she will do after she comes to their house. Dadi is holding his mouth and when she frees him he says that they must stop this torture, he getting sacred leaves.
Rishab calls his subordinate and asks him to bring the details of the cadets that were in the police academy in 2012, h thinks that now he will bring the truth of Prithvi in front of everyone.
Karan ask Preeta to come and massage his head as it is paining, Janki comes asking Preeta to giver mobile as she has to text Sarla. Prithvi seeing this get angry and says that he will make sure that Karan pays for this act.
Preeta leaves to bring the medicine, Janki comes to take her place, she yes that she has learned this from Preeta.
Manisha is with Karina and Sherlin and trying to get on their nerves, she makes Karina really angry and so they both leave her room.
Manisha calls Prithvi explaining the whole situation to him, how Sherlin came and was about to make her confess the truth, Billa hearing this gets mad and plans to kill her, Manisha escapes from his attack and learns his true identity, he flees from the room promising that he will tell their truth to everyone.
Prithvi comes to Manisha, he asks why she said that Sherlin is ruining her life, she says that she came on behalf of Karina and was about to make her. confess the truth, she is safe because she smarter, Prithvi apologizes on behalf of her, Manisha says that he must worry of Billa because he is in the Luthra house and is planning to kill all of them.
Sherlin is standing and wondering what she was about to do, she decides to apologize to Manisha, Prithvi hugs Manish and thanks her for marrying Karan, Sherlin standing at the door wonders that he wants to remove Karan from his path to marry Preeta, but she will not let him do this.
Prithvi goes to Sherlin and immediately starts to shout at her for trying to ruining his plan, he is constantly yelling without listening to her. He asks her to stop crying and not do anything further and leave from the house. Sherlin starts to really cry and leaves.
Prithvi is frustrated on Billa and says that everyone in his life is an evil character except for Preeta as her is the only true match for him. He thinks of finding Billa before he goes to tell the truth to everyone.
Rishab’s employee comes and tells him that the task was difficult but he did it and that there was no person buy the name of Prithvi on the cadet list, Rishab ask shim to call the inspector, he thinks that he will make the truth come out as he knows that Prithvi is a liar.

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