This is Fate Thursday Update 17 September 2020


This is Fate Thursday Update 17 September 2020

The next morning, Prithvi gets a call from Sherlin. She was leaving for Pune and had to say a bye. Prithvi asks if Luthra’s didn’t inquire her about her visit. Sherlin says Luthras are extremely tensed because of Preeta and Karan’s remarriage. She only told Rishab and he agreed at once.

Prithvi tells her to keep safe and have a good journey. Prithvi thinks it’s fantastic, Sherlin isn’t here till tomorrow evening. He decides to go to Luthra house now and give them the news of his marriage with Preeta; this will burn the hearts of Karan and Rishab. He makes a call to order an immediate wedding invitation call. Prithvi comes to Luthra house. Karan asks why he came to his room. Prithvi tells Karan to forget about the past, he wants to hug him today. He got a good news for Karan. Karan shouts at Prithvi to leave and drags him outside. In the hall, Prithvi convince Karan to let bygone be bygone. Rishab also comes to inquires why Prithvi came here. Prithvi says he came here for Gandhi-giri. He has decided to forget everything that happened in the past. Rishab asks what Prithvi needs now. Prithvi says he needs nothing. Rakhi passes by. Prithvi goes to touch her feet and demands her to bless him, he is about to start a new chapter of his life.

Prithvi request Rakhi to just bless him as he is going to start a new life so wants her blessings, Rakhi asks him what he is saying, Prithvi explains that he forgot to tell her the good news after Karan and Rishab pulled him aside into a hated conversation, he forgot but now wants to explains that he is getting married and so wants to invite them all in his wedding. He explains that it is a coincidence that he is getting married on the same day as karan’s engagement, he came to know of it when he saw the news on television, he says that he is getting married to Preeta, they both are shocked and Karan exclaims that he is just lying.
Prithvi explains that he is telling the truth also shows the card to Karan and Rishab, asking that they should come, Karan exclaims that he cannot marry Preeta.
Preeta is in her room trying to call Prithvi, Shrishti comes from behind asking if she is calling Prithvi, Preeta explains that he is not even answering her call because she wants to request him to back out from the wedding because she ahs explained it before that he cannot marry him, she also told him when they both met in the hotel but now she wants to explains that she cannot even remain friends with him, Shrishti explains that she feels Prithvi is desperately wanting to marry her for the sake of revenge from Karan as he sat when Prithvi was about to get married. Sarla comes and they both are left with no choice but to keep quiet and plan ahead after she leaves, Sarla explains that the wedding dress and jewellery have come so she should come to see them.
Prithvi is explaining that Karan said he cannot marry Preeta but it is not the case as he is surely going to marry her because Sarla came to his house asking him if he can marry Preeta again, Karan responds by saying that he should first listen that he can marry Preeta because she has no affect in their lives, Prithvi agrees that it was his misunderstanding and he thought that karan is warning him that he should not marry Preeta.
Prithvi again invites them all to his wedding explaining that he is aware that it is on the same day when karan will be engaged with Maira so he would not mind that anyone else doesnot not come but whole heartedly wishes that Rakhi along with her two sons come to his wedding. He asks their permission to speak with karan alone, he taunts Karan by saying that he challenged him to marry Preeta now but he has proven that he can marry her which will make Preeta his wife, Karan gets frustrated asking him to leave, Prithvi asks Rishab to hug him but Rishab asks him to leave as he feels that they are good for nothing, Prithvi sees their faces from behind and then comes to hug Rishab, he explains that he felt that hugging will make him feel better so he did it as he wants that their wedding doesnot have any bad signs that can ruin it.
Karan throws the card, Rakhi leaves in disagreement, Both are standing ,Rishab responds by saying that he is going to marry his wife, Karan exclaims that she cannot be his wife otherwise would not have agreed for the wedding, Sherlin asks Maira to give the phone to Rishab as then she ahs to go with her friend for shopping, Maira comes but after seeing them both says to Sherlin that she feels that they have both fought with each other then comes to hand Rishab the phone, she sees the card and gets happy knowing that Preeta is marrying Prithvi.

Rishab takes the phone, Sherlin asks the reason Karan came but Rishab doesnot listen to anything saying that she should not worry as he can take care of everything.
Sherlin is calling Prithvi to ask him what has happened with him and the Luthra’s even when they get into a fight after seeing him, Prithvi thinks that he should not worry for her otherwise if she comes to know then she would not let him marry preeta so he has to keep the fact that he is marrying Preeta hidden from her otherwise she would not let them get married.
Karan gets into his room thinking what Prithvi said about marrying Preeta and that he lost the battle, he calls her, she wonders why he is calling her, then she calls him again and they cannot connect, both are thinking of the beautiful moments spent together, karan says that he does not want to talk with her, she asks why he phoned her, then they both agree that they do not want to talk with eachother and so end the call, she plans to block the contact but is not able to do as she was not the one who is wrong, he deletes her contact saying that she can do anything in her life, both of them are baffled after talking with each other, remembering the beautiful moments spent together.

Sherlin asks Prithvi why he went to the Luthra house, Prithvi explains that Karan bursted the tires of his car, Sherlin asks why Karan would do such a thing, Prithvi explains that he was somewhere and there karan parked his car and then busted his tires which is why they would be fighting, Preetas call is coming but he does not answer it as otherwise Sherlin would get suspicious then he assures that she ends the call.
Prithvi wonders why Preeta is constantly calling him, he thinks that she might try to call off the wedding, but he will not let anything happen so will meet her at the wedding. Sherlin sits with her friend who asks her to leave Prithvi and move on in her life with Rishab as he is a nice guy but Sherlin is not ready to hear anything against Prithvi which forces her to stop talking.
Maira asks Kartika what the problem is, she blames that preeta was the one behind the dowry case against their family even then she is supporting her, Kartika does not hear anything that Maira says as she is convinced that Preeta would never dare do anything of the sort, Maria asks her to explain if she has any problem with her marrying Karan, Kartika explains that she has changed and is no longer the girl they once knew.

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