This is Fate Thursday Update 15 October 2020


This is Fate Thursday Update 15 October 2020

Shrishti is crying in the auto, she is thinking that karan has to take the side of Preeta, as he has given her a lot of pain but she will ask him the reason and doesnot care what anyone thinks of her, she plans to talk with karan no matter what happens.

Karan comes into Maira’s room asking if she is ready, she explains that she is nervous explaining that she wants his help, she then offers him tea which he takes after she insists, she then asks him if he is doing this and is also happy as otherwise it will be really bad as he means the most to her, she then requests him to hug her, he obliges but only as a friend, after which she apologizes, he again asks her to follow him to which she explains that she will come after meeting the doctor, he leaves the room.
Karan comes downstairs asking everyone to hurry, Rishab asks about Maira he explains that she will come by herself so they all must leave, Sherlin gets a call from Preeta’s lawyer, she wonders what she will do now, Karina turns asking her to come as everyone is waiting, she says that she will come with her mother.
The lawyer is waiting in his car, Sherlin comes outside of the house, she sits in his car and immediately asks why he was continuously calling her, the lawyer explains that he has only taken half of his fees from Preeta only to keep them from going anywhere else, so he wants Sherlin to give him his full fees, She however refuses, he reminds her that he is the lawyer who is handling the case of Preeta and she must know that in this capacity he can mold the case and make anyone the criminal hinting towards Sherlin, which makes her nervous.

The lawyer threatens that he can manipulate the case in any direction if he desires, Sherlin inquires if he is trying to blackmail her, he assures that he is only explaining what he is capable off, so he can do whatever he wants and either can win the case to make his reputation and also has the option to make some money but if he doesnot get his money then he will make sure that he wins the case even if he has to go to any extreme, he explains that he has some proof which will ruin her entire life, she gets worried and assures him o fulfilling the deal, when they are talking then Shrishti comes, she is shocoked to see them both so then decides to go and explain each and every thing to Sarla.
Karina is with her family she explains that she will be relived one they win the case, Karan and Rishab also come where they first greet Sarla who bars Karan from doing so, the Lawyer of the Luthra family arrives and also points towards Karan explaining that they all are also from the same family, Dadi orders Karina to bring them as they should be with their family, she is about to leave when Preeta is brought to the court, everyone is shocked to see them, She comes in front of Karan where Sarla explains that Karan has promised that she will be released, Rakhi also goes to Sarla seeing which Ramona is worried, Dadi explains that she should not stop her as Rakhi doesnot want to believe what is visible, The lawyer is worried that the soft corner might ruin their case, Dadi assures him that she will control her daughter in law. The police take Preeta inside when Sarla is worried about where their lawyer is, he comes then gets a call and explains that he has to take it, assuring that he will win the case.
Shrishti also comes explaining that she has something to tell them, she explains that their lawyer has switched sides and is working with Sherlin, Sarla is worried about what they will do then they all too slap the lawyer, who explains that he will not take their case and so will make sure that they lose the case, Sarla is crying when Karan comes asking about the reason for their worries, Shrishti explains that their lawyer has backstabbed them so now they donot have a lawyer, he stops a lawyer then when Sarla is worried he explains that he has taken concrete steps to assure the release of Preeta, so now Maira will confess that there was a misunderstanding, Sarla is really impressed with him so kisses him on the forehead when they thank him he explains that he has done all this to impress them all.
Everyone reaches the court, then Preeta is worried about where her family members are, then when they arrive she also sees karan, Shrishti sees a man and is confused about his identity then remembers that he was the one driving the truck on the day of the accident, Preeta is also worried about what will happen and the reason he has come to the court, the inspector gets angry when he sees Shrishti with Preeta, she then sits, Janki explains that she is really angry with Sherlin as she tried to ruin their case and so goes to ask her to explain that there is someone waiting for her outside the court, when she leaves Janki also goes after her, Shrishti is wondering the reason Janki went after her.
Sherlin is wondering why the lawyer is calling her, Janki comes from behind and so Sherlin asks the reason she is spying on her, Janki explains that she asked Sarla to come with her but she did not want to hit the filthy mud which Sherlin doesnot like then tries to hit Janki when she is slapped, but Shrishti stops her explaining that she should never think of harming her family members as they all know what kind of a person she is so is warning her to never think of slapping her family members. Sherlin is not able to understand so asks what she really means, Shrishti explains that they all know that she has bribed their lawyer to lose the case, but they will make sure that everyone sees what kind of a person she actually is when the case is over, Sherlin is really tensed hearing how adamant they both are.

Shrishti explains that Sherlin is afraid that if Preeta is released from jail then she would be thrown out of the Luthra house so that is the reason she is afraid. Sherlin asks them to think what they want as it is too late, Janki mentions that she is not aware of what they know, Shrishti then explains that they have hired a new lawyer hearing which Sherlin is left stunned, Shrishti then points towards the lawyer whom they dismissed, she then explains that she will now do something which will not harm her baby, then hits her feet before leaving.
The lawyer also turns after hearing the scream, Sherlin thinks of taking revenge from them both after what they did to her, she then goes to the lawyer and slaps him, he asks what she is doing she explains that she had paid him so also has thought of giving her a slap.
Karan is trying to call Maira but it Is not connecting, Sameer comes explaining that the judge has arrived they both are worried as Maira is not accepting the call, then Sherlin comes while limping, Sameer asks about the reason to which Sherlin explains that she might have changed her mind and so is not coming hearing which Sameer takes karan away.
Everyone enters the court, Sherlin is shocked to see the truck driver, then when they all take their seats after the judge, then the prosecutor explains that the case is based on personal grudges and somehow his client Maira is not present but will come really soon, Sherlin threatens to have the driver locked up if he does not leave to which he explains that it was her who was behind the accident so why does she want to blame him, she offers him more money after which he leaves, Preeta sees them both and wonders why is she talking with him so feels that there is something going on.
The prosecutor blames Preeta explaining that she had always hated preeta and so tried to kill her, then he asks the defendant to raise his questions, but the lawyer is really nervous and is not able to present his stance properly which leaves everyone in confusion. There is a debate amongst Sameer and Risahb and even Sarla and Shrishti about the credibility of the lawyer but Sarla is optimistic that they will win as he was just hired.

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