This is Fate Sunday Update May 5th 2019

Karan is looking, Mahesh comes and is very angry at Rakhi that they should not have been so kind to Manisha, he doesn’t listen to what Dadi is saying, she then tries to stop him but forcing him to bring the clothes from the roof, he says that she is not understanding him, she sends him away but then gores after him saying that he must not say things like this in front of the outsiders and that he must stay quiet.

Prithvi comes to Manisha room and says that she has done a good job, she warns him about what will happen to him if someone comes and sees them, Prithvi says that nothing will happen because if someone does come then he will diaper like magic so that he is invisible, they hear a knock on the door, thereby getting stunned. Prithvi immediately hides, Manisha opens the door and it is Sherlin, she calls Prithvi but he asks her to be quiet but then Sherlin calls him, he comes out so Sherlin says that she is going to meet Karina and will meet him at his house, Prithvi asks if that was all, he says that the Luthra’s are only playing a game with her, that what Rakhi said to her was a just a lie and that they are all playing a game, she at first acts that she is really falling for it but then she says that she knows that they are playing a game but she only wants to talk to her boyfriend, he says that he will make a call soon but she is adamant, Prithvi says that she must work with a plan that will help to ruin the Luthra’s, he says that he has a plan, Manisha listens to everything that he has to say but then ads that it will take only a second for her to end all this drama, she only wants to talk with her boyfriend otherwise she will tell the truth, Prithvi and Sherlin are both shocked.

Prithvi makes Manisha call her boyfriend and when he does not pick up the phone, Manish’s asks why he is answering to which he says that he is in London and is very busy, Manisha is very angry and says that she only wants to talk with him and will back out from the marriage if he tries to do anything like this, he goes after Prithvi asking him to stop yelling at her like this because e if someone sees this then they will be in a lot of problem, Prithvi asks her to go inside because no one knows of them and she must leave, when she does not he pushes her away, she also fights back and leaves, Prithvi decides to go back inside but fearing what everyone says he decides to go away.
Karan says that nothing was right, Preeta says that she really thought that Manisha would melt and their plan

will work, she says that he told her that he really likes Preeta, Karan says that he meant it, Rakhi asks Preeta about what she planned, Preeta then tells her that she even told Dadi about what she must do and even Dadi was in her plan, Rakhi says that this means that she thought that Dadi loves her, she then says that what Rakhi herself said and even when she was told by Preeta what she must do but then she was tried to scare Manisha and even she failed, Rakhi looks at Karan who is staring at her, he says that she is really sweet and must not talk like this, Shrishti and Sameer make fun of her, Dadi says that she wants to go home an leaves.

Preeta says that Karan must not lose hope and they will find it very difficult to get into her nerves, Rishab also says that they must work very hard, Preeta then starts to yells at Karan about why was he so touchy with Manisha and that she feels that he really likes her and seeing that she also feels that he loves her and then they start top fight, Rishab and Shrishti plan that they will come back after their fight is over, Preeta and Karan ask them who they all th9nk is right, they all try to avoid it. Karan listen s to Rishab’s plan that they will trap Manisha after some time as there are a lot of events before marriage and they can surely come up with something better, Karan agrees but soon leaves, Rishab asks Preeta to not worry and that he will take them home.
They all reach the house and Rishab asks for their leave but Sarla and Dadi says that he must come and cannot leave like this, Dadi asks Preeta to make him come and when they leave Preeta says that she knows that he wants to go home but Dadi is very adamant t and will not leave them, Rishab asks her about her choice to which she says that she wants him to go and rest after that when he is about to leave, his watch gets stuck in Preeta dupatta ,he say that this is an indication that he must come with her, she says that this means that he wants to come in the good books if her Dadi and then they both enter the house.
Dadi seeing him says that she is really happy that he came, he says that he cannot deny anything which she says , he sits when Shrishti comes an d Sarla says that she will bring tea meanwhile they all can talk, Shrishti also bring s some sweets which Sarla and they all force him to eat them.
Preeta entering the room opens her cupboard, she sees Karan s photo and says that she really does not went to talk to him, she sees her phone ringing and it is Karan, she does not pick it up thinking of what je said that he only trusts his brother, she thinks that what is the problem with talking with him, when she picks it up, he has already ended it, she thinks of why he has ended t already she says that she will never call him again, Karan is also very angry with Preeta he says that he was continuously calling her but she never picked it up and that he will not call her, she is thinking that she has a lot of attitude and she must call him.