This is Fate Sunday Update June 2nd

Rishab is on the phone yelling at Sameer asking why they were not able to take care of Dadi, Sameer says that she was pushed by Sherlin and Dadi is asking for him only, Rakhi takes the phone asking him to come hurriedly and also to make Preeta co me home, he says that he will come and take Dadi to the hospital s Preeta cannot come, Rishab assures that he is coming. When he ends the call everyone asks what happened, he says that Dadi feel because of Sherlin and he must go to help her, he ask Preeta to take care of everything, she also assures him that everything will be fine.

Mahesh asks his mother to come with him, he will take her to the same hospital where Rishab will take her but she is not bugging and only asking for rishi, she also says that Mahesh should not be jealous of him. Karina asks Sherlin to come hurriedly with the glass of juice.

Sherlin is bringing the glass thinking of how b ad her luck is and when she was in a hurry she bumped into Dadi who made everyone e fall for her act and to help her. she is walking slowly, Karina yells at her and she drops the glass, Karina gets angry at this and takes her to a corner asking what he matter is and why is she acting like that there is something really wrong with them. Sherlin makes an excuse that she is not well, Karina asks her what the problem is. She starts to think that when Rishab will come she will go to Prithvi, Karina says that she must come with them to the hospital and she will make sure that Sherlin gets all the correct tested.

Karan is looking for the inspector, he is walking surrounded with media persons, they all ask him different questions regarding the murder of Rithwik, the inspector is not able to cope with the questions and they ask for Billa, when the inspector does not question him, the media people themselves starts the interrogation, Shrishti asks him to tell the truth, Karan also starts to fight with him, he is pulled back by Preeta.

The inspector says that it is their job and he must let them do it, Karna is calmed by the inspector who tells him that media is telecasting it live, they ask him why was he there at the spot of the murder, Karna says that it was just a coincidence.

Prithvi seeing that everyone is busy tries to buy Billa before he says something, Shrishti sees and gets curious of

Prithvi intentions. When she reaches constable says that he feels Prithvi is with Billa, Shrishti also agrees with the constable saying that h is truly right and she also feels that Prithvi sit h one behind the murder. He goes to try and convince the inspector that he is a good person and cannot do this, he says that she is his sister in law and is only joking, but she says that he is lying and is not married to her sister of the present time. Inspector doesn’t listen to anyone and asks his staff to their media out of the station.
Karan decides to call Manisha but Preeta says that they must first file FIR.

Everyone is waiting with Dadi, Rishab comes and sys that she must go to the hospital as she wuill only the get better, she is not ready to go but when Rishab and Mahesh force her she agrees, Sherlin tris to help her but Dadi gets upset and asks Rakhi top come instead of her, Karina asks her to not worry as everything will b alright.

Sherlin gets a call from Prithvi but she is not able to pick the phone, he is really frustrated with her actions, she is worried thinking that she cannot help Prithvi as everyone is around her and she cannot do anything.Priovhi9 is thinking that Sherlin is not picking his phone because she wants to take revenge from him, he thinks that he will also take revenge if he goes to jail and so will also destroy her as well.

Sarla is in the kitchen preparing food when Janki comes and is walking like she is nervous, Sarla comes asking her to go and rest, Janki says that she is fie and has some thought s which she feels that are a memory, she ask that she remembers hitting some goons who came to their house to kidnap Shrishti and they all beat them really bad. Sarla is left astounded hearing that Janki has started to remember the past events. She ask her what else she is remembering she says that she has remembered that she went in the night to fight the person who was trying to hurt them but cannot remember his name.

Janki says that she remembers that she went to find the person but cannot remember why she went and for whom she went to fight, she says that she cannot understand why they cannot remember the good things, Janki remembers what Shrishti said to her and she feels that she has also said this to anyone.

She calls Shrishti and ask her where they both are and why they are not coming home and what has happened, she ask her when they will come home, she says that she will come home very soon and just then the constable come, Sarla asks her where she is but Shrishti quickly ends the call, they go the police station wondering that what Shrishti said was a lie.

Kartika comes home and is left shocked to see that Dadi is hurt, she quickly asks what happened, Rakhi’s says that she fell from the stairs and got hurt pretty bad, Karina also enhances the statement. Kartika says that she will come with Samer when Dadi is not willing to go with Sherlin.

Dadi ask Karan about Karan’s whereabouts, he says that went for some work and Karan sis till there, Rakhi asks him where Karan is because they all went together, Mahesh says that they will know that he is a true Peron and also caring but cannot lie, Dadi says that she will not go to the hospital until he tells the truth, he says that they are in the hospital because Rithwik got into an accident and died, Rakhi asks if he told Manisha about Rithwik, Rishab feels that he must not tell the whole truth otherwise they will all get very tensed.

Manisha has prepared a date for Rithwik and is anxiously waiting f9or him, she decides to order the food and decides on Italian, just then she gets a call from, her friend who ask her to turn the TV on, she does not understand why her friend is asking to turn the TV on, then when she turns the news channel she listen s to the news of Rithwik death and is shocked to hear it, she does not believe that it is real. She says that Rithwik was killed by a mu7rderer and it was either the Luthras or Prithvi and she will make them all pay.
Sherlin is thrown out of the hospital room, she calls Prithvi and tells him everything as to how bad she was stuck but now she fears that she will not be able to keep their secret. Prithvi say that she must go to Manisha and bring her into her confidence, she ask him

where he is, he says that he got stuck in the police station where Shrishti caught Billa who killed Rithwik and he has to come, he syas that she must do anything to keep them both safe. Sarla asks Janki to call Prithvi, Sherlin says that he must not get scared but he says that he never gets scared and he must make everyone realize that he is a honest person and not indulged in anyone’s killing.

Janki walks to his backside and hears everything which he is saying regarding Rithwik murder, Janki touches him from behind and when he turns it is Janki, he tells Sherlin to do what he has said and cancels the phone.
Sherlin wonders what Manisha will do now that Rithwik is dead, Rishab is behind her and asks her how she knows his, she tries to make an excuse but he says that he has heard her saying that Manisha will do something bad but how does she know about it now that she has never met. She goes to Dadi and tries to calm the pressure but Dadi asks her to leave and she moves away with Rishab, Sherlin wonders that she can move away from the hall now that everyone is busty with Dadi.