This is Fate Sunday Update 4 October 2020


This is Fate Sunday Update 4 October 2020

This is Fate Sunday Update 4 October 2020: The robbers are getting electrocuted everyone stops when the police arrive, they at once arrest them all, everyone is relieved, the robbers are shocked as to how the police arrived as when they are needed they never come, when they ask who called them then karan and Preeta start to fight over who called them, the police explain that the hall comes under the jurisdiction of two police stations which is why they came to arrest them all.

The police come and search the hall once again and then they are about to arrest Prithvi but Sarla stops them explaining that he is a member of their family, Rakhi comes to Preeta thanking her for all the help which she leanded then she hugs her and leaves.
The police explains that the one who came up with the idea to electrocute the robbers was really clever as otherwise it would have been difficult for them to catch the robbers, Rishab abruptly mentions Preetas name after which the inspector leaves, Rishab thanks Preeta however Sarla explains that there is no need as she did it for their hall before they all leave. Karina also calls Rishab and Karan to come out.
Bi jee hugs both Preeta and Shrishti saying that she feels really proud for both of them, Sarla also mentions that she told them to not go and work in the hall and even told Janki that children do not listen when they grow older however she is really happy that they did not listen to her but she is proud that both her daughters are really strong and can fight anyone.
Bi jee mentions that they both are her daughter first, Janki comes with milk for them both to which they deny saying that she should make a sweet dish for everyone, Sarla sees Preeta’s hand so feels that she is really brave as she is not crying even when she is hurt, Sarla hugs her which angers Shrishti after which she also has to hug her daughters.

Rakhi is with Mahesh explaining all that has happened with them all in the hall, she explains that she is really proud of her sons as they were the ones who protected her when she was held at gunpoint however she does not want to die as she feels that she needs to live a lot longer for her family including Rishab and Karan, she mentions that she was saved by Preeta and Shrishti, she is aware of the fact that there are a lot of differences between their families even then she was not able to do anything, Rakhi mentions that she had the chance to do everything for Preeta when she was supposed to but she was not able to do anything even when she is their daughter in law and is Karan’s wife, Maira is standing behind her listening to each and every word, Rakhi explains that she could not undo what has happened but it is now time for Mahesh to wake up and fight for preeta as she is now a part of their family and he should fight for her cause, she demands that he explain and say something, Rakhi gets emotional and starts to cry beside him.
Ramona is really tensed and is wondering if she should answer a call as it would create a lot of problem, she is really relieved when the call has ended, Maira is walking when Sherlin calls her but she does not listen which makes Sherlin wonder what has happened. Maira comes to her mother explaining that she heard Rakhi saying that she was not able to give Preeta the right in their family, Ramona is about to explain something else but Maira demands that she has to talk with Rakhi as she still wants to accept Preeta as her daughter in law, Ramona explains that her father called which also makes Maira uncomfortable but she demands that Ramona talk with Rakhi, Sherlin is standing beside the door, she wonders that if Rakhi accepts Preeta, it would create a lot of problems for her as she would not be able to compete her mission, she therefor thinks of creating further in the heart of Karina with regard to Preeta.
Preet is in her room and feels really loved looking at the Mehndi, karan also looks at the scar on his hand then thinks of the way Preeta pulled him near the hall, Sameer comes asking what the matter is, Shrishti comes explaining that she ahs seen her smiling and knows the reason behind it, she knows that Preeta was thinking about karan, Sameer also asks Karan to remain happy as he looks really nice and so asks if he was thinking of Preeta, Shrishti also requests Preeta to at least not lie and leaves after hugging her as she ahs left the tap open in the bathroom. Preeta wonders how childish her sister is.

Karina arrives with Sherlin to greet Dadi and Kartika, she asks about Rakhi to which she comes with the breakfast which she likes it so explains that she really likes that Rakhi takes care of everything that she wants so she is really lucky, Dadi explains that she is really happy to see how happy they all are, Rakhi asks Maira to take a seat and enjoy as she would have to take care of these matters once she is married, Ramona also comes and is really happy to see that she is worried about her daughter, Ramona exclaims that they all have heard it in the movies that one takes immense care of their daughters but she has really left no stone unturned in the upbringing of Maira so she expects that they would all take care of her, Rakhi assures her of the care which they will provide to her daughter.
Karan and Rishab come to the table where Maira serve him, Karan immediately asks about Ganesh, Rakhi advises Dadi to have some dry fruits as Preeta told them that it would be better for her health. Rakhi tales the name of Preeta which angers everyone but Rakhi stands Infront of them all, saying that she has the right to expect some respect from Sherlin behalf, Karina gets mad at this so leaves the table, Dadi explains that she knows that Preeta saved their life but they should avoid talking off them, Ramona also constipates that they might have been the ones to hire the robbers this makes karan furious and he says that he is sure that they would never do anything of the sort as they are honest and good people, Ramona is left stunned asking even when they have done so much wrong to the Luthra’s, karan is still defending them as he says that Rakhi was saved by Preeta and she means the most to him, Maira asks what she means to her, Sherlin takes her side which really angers Rakhi and she is forced to scold her,

Karan takes her side explaining that she also says wrong stuff which is really frustrating, Rishab gets up from the table as he cannot handle the madness anymore, Rakhi Stops him, Sherlin ask what wrong did she do and why did Rakhi take Preetas side, she explains that she will take it and would take her side as she ahs taken her to be her daughter which anyone cannot change, she would stand for her as she loves their family and stands for them all which is why she will take her side and no one can change this fact so it would be better if Sherlin realizes this fact, Rakhi asks both Karan and Rishab to come with her.
Sherlin enters her room wondering what to do, she starts to tear the room apart in frustration, she thinks of how could Rakhi do this as she is bearing all of this for Prithvi but he did not think of calling her, when she calls him he thinks of why is she calling him as she was angry with him, he answers so mentions that he was thinking of her, she says that she knows he does not care for her anymore as she has seen him walking around Preeta to which Sherlin asks him to not lie, he vows to take revenge from anyone who has harmed her, she explains that Rakhi has insulted her and did this only when she said something bad for Preeta, Prithvi asks if he should kill her as anyone who goes against them both will have to pay, Sherlin starts to cry and when He asks why she is crying to which he asks the reason, she explains that she has no listened to him talk so nicely with her, he plans to harm her, Sherlin says that she has a plan and will make sure that Rakhi is dependent on her doe all her chores.
Karan and Rishab are not able to comprehend their mother, she explains that she has brought them both to scold them as they should not have talked to Sherlin like the way they did as they are children and should not talk in between, she explains that the three of them are elders and the three of them have different views but this does not mean that they should talk in between so she asks Rishab to explain this to karan, Rishab says that he will make sure after which they all hug.
Sherlin is walking beside the door when she sees the three of them huffing each other she wonders that she will make her pay as Rakhi should not have said anything to her, she goes to the stairs and spills oil on the stairs thinking that no one is seeing her but Maira sees her and wonders what is she doing, Sherlin plans to see the dramatic seen by herself as she cannot control her anger, Rakhi comes to her apologizing for her behaviour, she forgives her and Sherlin also apologizes to her, Karan and Rishab are following her and when she is about to step on the stairs they call her, Rishab explains that she has invited Karan to be a chief guest so she should advise him on what to wear, she mentions that he will look handsome in anything that he wears, Dadi also comes with Karina who also apologizes to Rakhi, they are talking when Dadi gets a call after which she starts walking towards the stairs, Sherlin wonders what she can do as if she calls her then everyone would suspect her of this act, she stays quiet which ultimately leads to the incident where Dadi falls from the stairs.

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