This Is Fate Sunday Update 31 October 2021


This Is Fate Sunday Update 31 October 2021

Karan asks her to stop as he cannot bear when anyone lies to him, he walks away and takes up his pillow when Preeta tries to explain how she did not want to lie but Karan mentions that even then she still lied and also exclaims how if trust if broken once then it cannot be mended so he walks out of the room.

Karan walks to the terrace wondering why did Preeta had to lie to her however he then wonders why he got so angry with her because It was not a problem even if she lied because it was nothing to worry about, he gets worried because he was so angry with her.
Karan sleeps on the roof when Mahira comes and she takes his hand, he immediately sits up asking what is she doing on the roof, Mahira exclaims of how she was not able to sleep but Karan responds that he was sleeping but she woke him up. Mahira explains how she felt bad as he is in pain so she just desires to ease his suffering, karan exclaims that she can help him if she desires, Mahira immediately asks how she can, Karan asks her to leave him alone when Mahira mention show she was just saying it because she cares for him so leaves the roof.

Karan lies back down thinking of the times which he spent with Preeta and the incidents that happened between them both, Preeta comes with a blanket and is shocked to see him so she places it over him and he immediately takes it up, Preeta thinks of how he badly desires his support however if she was asks him then eh would deny it which is why she knows that he is not wrong, she is about to leave however sits by his side thinking of he was always there for her the times she was in trouble, she starts massaging his hair and falls asleep.

In the morning karan wakes up and gets worried when he feels the hair on his face, he removes the hair while Preeta is still sleeping and is not able to take his eyes off her, he sits up in such a manner that Preeta doesnot wake then he places the blanket on her while she is still sleeping, Preeta then also wakes up but Karan looks away. Preeta sits exclaiming how she brought the blanket for him but doesnot know when she fell asleep. Karan responds that caring is not just by placing a blanket, but she should also listen to what he is saying, he then leaves even when she tries to stop him.

Preeta stands thinking that both of them are worried and she is also worried for him however when he comes to know of the truth about Akshay then he would be with her, she thinks of informing him about the entire truth.

Sherlin and Mahira are both preparing for the wedding when Sherlin is about to bump into Preeta then she taunts Preeta asking her to get away from her as she has a lot of work and they do not have the leisure like her to sleep for so long.

Mahira stops Preeta when the decorator comes asking about the decorations on the door, Preeta orders him to use flower but Mahira mentions how he should use mirror, Preeta gets worried, Mahira explains how Karina gave her the responsibility for the arrangements because Preeta was not able to fulfill the duty which she gladly took.

Preeta receives a call from Akshay who mentions that he was not able to reach Kritika and she should hand her the mobile, Preeta goes to the room of Kritika and Sherlin opens the door mentioning that she no longer is responsible for the marriage and if Akshay desires to talk with Kritika then should call on her mobile, Preeta mentions that he called on her mobile however Sherlin should have called on her mobile then shuts the door.

Preeta asks if he has heard what Sherlin told her, Akshay mentions how he only desired to know what he said was acted upon, Preeta doesnot understand when Akshay mentions how he was the one who asked Karina to remove her from the duties of arranging for their marriage and she should not have meddled with him as she also knows what has happened among them both then should not worry as Kritika is now calling him however he doesn’t desire to talk with her.

Preeta walks in her room and is about to fall but Karan saves her, she exclaims how she knows that he would always save her, karan mentions that he would always save her but if she walks on the path which he doesnot want her to then would not be able to save her.
Preeta tries to explain how she has something to show him but he is not interested then finally gives in and when she is about to show him, Karina comes in the room asking Karan if he fulfilled the duties, she explains how he cares for Kritika which is why he acted for her benefit otherwise some people do not think of her, Karina says to Preeta how she has given Sherlin and Mahira the responsibility so she is now free and if she wishes then should come downstairs to the function as Kritika thinks of her as her sister in law so would feel nice, Karina also warns her of not creating any problem in the function then takes Karan with him.
Karan comes the hall when his friend Jogi comes and they both greet each other, karan praises Jogi saying a lot in his praise to which he pleads with Karan saying that he should also say this in front of Mahi.

Karan call Preeta when she also bumps into Mahi, she says of how she is a cab driver and that brought Jogi because her dreams are her ambition and work as she is a cab driver and brought him, Mahi asks Preeta if there is anything that is troubling her, Preeta mention that she has some worries but knows that she would take care of it however is worried that her relation might Karan stumble.
Jogi asks about Kritika however Karan explains how she has gone for the parlour but asks him to wait however Jogi says that he has to leave, Preeta and Karan both try to stop them, but they say that they have some important work so Karan and Preeta should watch their show from twenty seventh of January after which they leave.

Preeta in excitement explains how cute they both are but Karan leaves her which worries her as she is left alone.

Sarla comes out of the room with the Parshad and gives it to Janki so sits on the table, Janki asks what the matter is because he looks worried, Sarla mentions she is worried because of Preeta because she thinks that something might happen which she cannot bear, Janki also says that she is worried so asks Sarla to call her and ask that she should come to the house, Sarla explains how Janki is mad because just last night Preeta suffered so much even when she thought that Akshay’s true face would be revealed in the entire family but he instead accused Shristhi she then thinks of video calling Preeta because then she would feel nice.

Preeta is in the room when she gets a video call from Sarla, she immediately ask her mother what has happened then Sarla explains how she should not do anything of the sort as otherwise she would be questioned and then her relationship would be ruined which cannot happen, Preeta then says that she should not worry because she is really clever and would be able to fight with everyone.
Sarla sees that Shrishti is trying to leave however stops her asking where she is going, Shrishti tries to make an excuse of going to the market but Sarla explains how she is aware of her desires but she would not be permitted to go to the Luthra house as then Preeta would be worried about her wellbeing so she should not go there, Shrishti explains how if they both are together then would be able to deal with everything a lot better however Sarla doesnot listen to anything that she has to say and sends her into her room, Janki also explains how she feels Shristhi is telling the truth.

Sarla asks her to come and stand in the front as she would explain her once again, Sarla mentions how if Preeta is alone then would deal with everyone however if Shrishti is with her then she would instead look after her which is why he got the chance to place such a heinous act on her as if Preeta is alone then she would take care of everything, she orders her to leave and go into the kitchen and not worry about Preeta.

Shristhi in the room wonders why her mother is not letting her go as she has to see the face of Akshay as they have gathered the proof against him so now he would not be able to deny anything and she desires to see what the Luthra family would do to him after knowing the truth, she thinks of running from the window mentioning that she would not stay in her room because of the truth which they have to reveal, Shristhi thinks of closing the door first before as then Sarla would think she is still in her room, Shristhi then walks out of the window.

Karina exclaims of how every function is happening without any problem, Akshay’s mother explains that he told her and that there is nothing to worry about because under the circumstance it is better to have the functions in the house.
Rakhi asks Karina if she has sent the Haldi to the mandir to which she mentions how Mahira has taken it, Preeta thinks of how it would be better if the proof reached before the Haldi as then they would know the true face of Akshay.

Preeta calls Sameer asking if all the preparations have been made after which she ends the call, karan comes saying that he desires nothing wrong should happen in the function because of her, Karan goes to Kritika mentioning how he is really going to miss her after she is married, Karan then leaves after getting a call.