This is Fate Sunday Update 28 June 2020


This is Fate Sunday Update 28 June 2020

28 June 2020 on This is Fate Update: Rakhi ask Sanjana to not worry as Preeta will talk Sherlin into marrying Rishab, Dadi also agrees to her decision, Mahesh objects but is calmed down by everyone, Sanjana worries for her daughter, praying to god that he removes everything wrong that has come in the way of the marriage, Karina comes and consoles her to not worry.

This is Fate Saturday Update 27 June 2020

Preeta asks Sherlin whys he wants to marry Rishab because she is rich and does not need any sort of money, Sherlin however taunts her for her incapability to prove anything, pushing her away. Sherlin challenges Preeta to go outside and prove that Sherlin is not a good girl, as she has made everyone realize that she Is innocent, also her husband came to stop her from crying and calm her down, she also threatens her that if she tells the media then there will be a lot of problems for the Luthras. She ask her to go and send Rishab because she is tired of all this drama. Just then Rakhi comes, Sherlin turns to her saying that’s he will not marry Rishab because he does not want to marry her and does not even like her, Rakhi says that Rishab will have to apologize.

Karan asks Preeta why Sherlin confessed the truth in front of her so boldly, Preeta thinks that same thing and asks him to think, he tells that it is because of fear and when someone si scared then he tries to scare to cover up the nervousness, He explains that they do the same things in cricket and it is because they want to win, Preeta understands what Sherlin was trying to do and says that none would believe her even now because he has opposed Sherlin too much and now Rakhi believes that he does not like Sherlin.

Preeta starts to blame him and makes him realize his mistakes, he gets angry after which she asks him to leave, but he threatens that he will make everyone come to the room by throwing some large object and saying that she called him to meet her,, Preeta gets sacred

asking him to not do it, they both start to struggle upon which she falls on him, they both share a romantic moment, Shrishti and Janki are shocked to see them both in the same position.
Karina goes to open the door, seeing Chachi closes the door, Dadi and Mahesh also come asking her who it was, at first she denies to say anything but when she Is forced she o-pen it, Chachi comes and greets everyone, Karina comes and ask why she is here she says that she came because her children have gone abroad and so she came to celebrate he festival with them all, everyone ask Karina to not speak so much but Karina says that she must not talk too much with anyone and keep quiet.

Shrishti ask someone to turn the switch on, they both go to open it and hit each other, they starts to quarrel, Shrishti turns the lights on, Janki questions them what they were doing in the dark,, Sarla calls them to which Karan gets scared and leaves,

When he leaves Preeta ask them, both to leave and do Janki and Shrishti start to ask them questions about what happened between the both of them, Preeta gets paranoid and asks them to go.

Shrishti goes with Janki on the bad and they start a discussion about what Karan said to Preeta and they start to talk, Janki says that Preeta shares the same values like her mother and is nothing like them both, Shrishti thinks of devising a plan to make Preeta confident and brave, Janki says that they will have to do nothing and it is only Karan who has to do it because he must propose to her,


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