This is Fate Sunday Update 28 April 2019

Preeta and Sarla are both hugging each other, Shristhri asks her as to how did this happen Preeta tells this that when she went outside then sarla also came and told her to go to the court and tell everything that she knows,they have a family reunion and then Karitia asks them to come with them.

Prithvi and Manisha are all fighting as to what will happen now that Mansiha might go to jail, Mansiha’s boyfriend
says that they are in this problem because of him even when he promised that nothing will happen to her, they all start to blame each other, Prithvi says that it is all because of Mansiha but then they start too fight saying that it is because of him, Sherlin also says that it was Prithvis fault because he was not able to keep Preeta way from Karan, they both start to fight and she gets call from her mother asking her to come hurriedly, she is about to leave when he hugs her saying sorry but she shows him attitude and he also gets angry.

Prithvi goes to sarla s house bit none comes out and the he sees the lock on the door he wonders where they would have one and then realizes that they will be at the Luthra’s house.
Rishab and Karan are both in the house, he asks him as to what he is seeing, he says that he is seeing how good their town looks and that he always felt that he hated this but now realizes that he really likes this, Rishab says that he knows everything about him, But Karan says that it something but he is confused now, Karan asks Rishab about his feeling but he doesn’t say anything, Rishab says that Karan must understand that he is in love,
karan takes it as a joke saying that it is nothing but Rishab says that he cannot be wrong and will tell him his hidden feelings,Karan says that he will say what he has in his heart
but Rishab says that he will not say anything Karan starts to make him laugh and so he bumps into Preeta then blaming karan.

Sanjana and Sherlin comes saying that they must leave, Karina says that she can but Sherlin must remain with her, when she leaves Karina asks her if she really wants to marry her son
because she was offering Manisha money but then when she refused she let her arms down and that girl Preeta who Karina says she hated so much and made her not come back to their house
is the reason that Rishab and Karan are in the house again, and so she can not be hateful for her even if she wants to because of whats he did for their family without caring for what will happen to her life. Sherlin feels like vomiting
Karina turns back saying that Sherlin must listen somthing from Preeta as she ws hugging Mabnsiha even when she could not do anything
Karina says that if she was able top crack the deal then everyone would be praising her instead of Preeta, she feels like vomiting and leaves, Karina asks Kartika to go after her, she goes to her aid and
wonders if Sherlin is really pregnant and Karan was right, Sherlin wonders what Kartika is thinking and tries to explain herself but she doesnot listen

Rishabn and Karan are bopth blaming eachother, Preeta stops them asking wwhy they are fighting like cjildren, Karan syas that he will teel the secret only then wil they alow him to leave, but Preet asya that
takhi is calling them and so rishab leaves, She hits Karan saying that he kust not doa nything like this as Rishab is his big brother,he asks what she feels at which they have a argument then Kartika comes and say sthat
she saw Sherlin vomiting and they must take her to the hospital, she says that she is fine but Kartika says that she looks really bad and they must take her to the hospital, she gets worried.

Preeta says to Sherlin that she must go to the hospital and that they all fear for her health, karan also says that he wasnt sher to feel good and he will take her, Preeta says that she must come and they will also call Rishab, Sherlin does not agree but they force her, she gets a call from Prithvi and it is named as Mom 2 and when she didn’t listen and was thinking of a way to get rid of this, she yells at them and leaves
Karan says that she is very clever an d left, Preeta says that this means she is still pregnant and didn’t take the abortion because she wants to put the blame on Rishab, Karan disagrees but then falls on her, they both share a romantic moment and then she says that he will get up, he moves away and helps her, they both get nervous and she syas that she will go to get water.

Sherlin gets into he auto and calls Prithvi who starts to argue and she says that she got ill and stated vomiting, Kartika saw her and then told everything to Preeta and Karan who then forced her to go to the hospital with them,she refused but he must then stop Preeta from going to the Luthra’s house,she says that she is getting dizzy and he must end the call.

Preeta is drinking water when Karan comes and drinks water from hr glass, she asks him to stop but he doesn’t listen and still drinks saying that nothing will happen to him, she then give shim more water and he holds her hand, she syas that he must stop this but when she turns he places his hand on her dupatta, which is about to get torn
but nothing happens and when she checks it he says that it is because he no longer has any war with her clothes, she hears Shrishthi voice and leaves.

Rakhi thanks Sarla for coming, Dadi says that they must leave now as it is getting l;ate, Rakhi hugs her saying that she wants to hug her again and again, She asks Preeta about the time she will come in the morning, Preeta says that she will come early and they will all have something for breakfast together. Preeta starts to look at Karan and they both stare at each other,Shristhi sees this after that Karan leaves.

Sarla gets a call from Prithvi who starts to say a lot of bad things regarding Karan and Preeta and their relation,she hers everything that he says and then says that she stopped her from meeting Karan because she
wanted to keep her safe and it was not because had any bad feeling for the luthra’s,she forgot how much the are different in everything including their thinking and acceptance, she says that now she will cancel their
engagement and he must delete both the numbers from his phone, Shristhi gets very happy.
Sarla is scolding her when Karan also come sand she says that she went to give the statement when she was given permission after that she did this, Sarla says that they both have a strong bond and she will
not do anything that will hurt them as they have done so much for them,Sarla gets angry and ends the call they all hug each other, Dadi also hugs karan and after that they leave.
Karan takes the blessing and then they leave, Karan heads back, Preeta also looks to find him,he is waiting, when she sees him she comes to know and leaves. Prithvi is very angry and syas that he must not get angry and must things come in his favor by any means necessary.

Karan is on his bed and thinking of Preeta defended both of them in the court and Rishab is also thinking of her,How she is so beautiful and loving, Preeta is again awake pondering over all the moments spent with Karan and all his childish acts.
Rishab sits and calls Preeta, he says that he loves her and says that he loves her and wanted to tell this to her
but was never able to, he says that he was in a difficult position and felt pain, she gets worried, Shrishti asks her to stop, but she tells her to shut up, she picks it up and says that he can do the steps not listening to Preeta, she hands the pone and he thinks
of how she came to know of this,Preeta says that she will call him later in the morning, Shrishti looks at her but Preeta tells her to shut up,they then start to have a fight.

Preeta gets out of a rickshaw, she sees a car and Manisha come out of it, she asks why did Mansiha call her here, she say that she told everyone that she was a witness, Manisha says that she knows that Preeta belongs to middle class family and will give her any amount she wants to take back her words, Preeta says that she is not like her and will never do this,