This is Fate Sunday Update 27 September 2020


This is Fate Sunday Update 27 September 2020

Karina and karan announce in front of Rishab and Rakhi that they will arrange the function in the Kumkum Bhagya hall, Rishab mentions that she never liked this decision and only agreed to come to his wedding because of Rakhi so he must not do anything that makes him regret his decision, karan however says that he is doing this to help the Auroras cover their loss, Rakhi is forced to agree to the decision, Karina mentions that they have booked the hall and also made the payment.

Sarla asks Preeta to come and asks for the payments, she explains that she will confirm the payments and then will be able to buy the dress for her, so she wants to make karina feel jealous and will make her wear the dress.
Karina along with karan are trying their level best to explain each and every clause to the lawyer, he asks the reason they want to book the Kumkum Bhagya hall, karina explains that she is aware he is thinking that it is a little below their standard but they would still like to book it, karan disagrees saying that it is alright, then the lawyer makes the call asking Sarla to provide them with a booking for the very next day, she disagrees to which he mentions that he is ready to give her double payment and will also really publicize their hall, she gets perplexed with his offer. The lawyer assures that they will publicize their hall if they give the booking to them, Sarla immediately calls her other client as she is really happy that they will be able to get the double payment, Shrishti sends the bank details after which they get the payment but all are worried how they knew the amount, they are talking about it when the lawyer again calls asking them to forward the picture of the receipt as they will keep it for proof when they receive it the lawyer leaves.
Maira explains that she would have invited her on the mehndi but is not doing so because the hall belongs to the family who worked for the Luthra’s so it is just a favour for them, she walks down stairs so sees Sherlin sitting there, she ends the call greets Sherlin who is more interested in the reason for arranging the function in the Kumkum Hall, Maira explains that she never wanted to but was forced to because of karina and karan as they both had a wired idea, Sherlin is also left wondering about what is happening.

 And the reason they decided it, Maira explains that they wanted to teach them a lesson at their own hall, Maira explains that she is fed-up Sherlin then warns that she will have to face her at every moment in her life and so has to be careful then leaves after warning her, Maira thinks of what rubbish she was talking off as Preeta was never her competition.
Karina explains that they have received the details and now even Sarla wouldn’t back out as they have proof.
Sarla explains that she thought that she was short of money so they have gotten a very big order and now they can buy the dress which preeta wants, they all are rejoicing and happy as they would work together to complete the project. Karina thinks that the Auroras will be rejoicing but will cry when they will see who their guests are.
Sanjana asks Sherlin what she is searching for she mentions that she is searching for a box, Sherlin gets angry at her but Sanjana is constantly asking what is the reason and then she finally explains that she got all the letters which she wrote to Prithvis, Sanjana asks why she has kept and should be angry, she says that she is and even went to his house so brought back the letters, she removers where she has kept them and leaves before explaining that she should not come to the Luthra house as she has told them that Sanjana is ill.
Sarla asks janki to make some tea, when Kappu comes with another boy, he greets her and when she asks of Rahul he explains that he was busy so she brought his friends son who is also very hardworking, Both Preeta and Shrishti come complaining that they were not able to find fresh flowers at which Shrishti suggests that they place the old ones, Janki scolds her by saying that she ahs never ;et her clients down so how can she do it now.
They all are really optimistic that they will deliver their best for the function, Sarla explains to Rohit that they have not worked with any outsider, so she wants him to make it the best function.
Karan is in his room getting ready for his function, he thinks of how Preeta pushed him away then plans to make her pay as she had pushed him away and now, he will make them pay.
Karan reaches downstairs where the Pandit explains that he will meet them in the hall when karan asks if they are going together, Rakhi explains that he will come and join them after praying for them. Then they plan that they will go in two cars, when everyone leaves karan wonders that he will make Preeta pay for what she did to him.
Preeta is decorating the hall, they all are really happy with the decoration, then she thinks of a job which her mother had assigned and so leaves to complete it> Sarla gives Bi jee her tea after which they hear the bands which makes them wonder if the function has started, Sarla immediately leaves.
Preeta and Shrishti are standing when everyone arrives and they are finally able to see Karina coming with Dadi, Karan enters and comes to hit Preeta as if he is taunting her,

Karan is staring in Preetas eyes, Sarla is looking at Dadi then gets an awful feeling when she finally sees Karan she starts to cry, at which Karan turns his face, she takes Preetas hand and signals her to follow her, she then takes her away into the house. Bi jee is very worried asking why they came so early, Sarla asks them to wait as she will come really soon, Shrishti wonders how can Sarla take on karina and Karan when it was them who have booked the hall after deceiving them all.
The entire Luthra family are celebrating with full zeal and zest when Sarla comes saying that they have to stop everything and leave, karina says that they should leave the hall immediately at which karina asks her to follow then when she asks the reason karina says that she has booked the hall from them for one day and she would take advantage of them, they would have to follow all the orders which she gives and also that she would have to welcome all the guests but Sarla refuses to take orders and leaves, karina thinks that she would have to work for her as she is karina Luthra and never forgets anything so she along with her daughters would have to work for her like servants.

Sarla reaches the hall and is constantly searching for something when she asks Preeta where all the cash is she mentions that it is in her wardrobe so she then takes the money and is adamant to throw them out of the hall.
Ramona asks karina why she booked the hall as it is not according to their standard after which Karina explains that she was insulted by the Auroras and so wants to take revenge, Sarla comes from behind trying to give karina the money but she does not leave saying that the money is not even half of what she has given to them and so if she wants to make them leave then she will leave after she returns the entire amount, karina also shows a contract which Sarla has signed then she cannot do anything so has to work for them, Shrishti also comes and is about to burst with karina, Sarla stops her saying that she will let the Luthra’s do their function but will not stay at the hall and so leaves, karan hearing this thinks that his plan would not work if Preeta is not at the hall.
Sarla comes home asking Shrishti why she came after her when she ordered that they all remain in the house, Bi jee ask the reason they came back with the money, Sarla answers that they did not take it, Shrishti mentions that karina insulted Sarla when she asked her to leave showing a contract and threatening to shut down their hall, Sarla is really tensed explaining that she has always tried to buy some happiness for her daughters but is not able to she cannot understand why she is always deceived.
She warns that they will not attend the service and let them end their function and leave, Sarla goes to her room followed by Bi jee, when Bi jee says that she should not break down as she is a brave women, Sarla explains that she has not won a single fight for her daughters and so feels the pain Preeta is feeling because she knows that she still loves karan and that is why she has not removed the Sindoor and Mangal Sutur, Sarla explains that they have built the hall after a lot of struggle and wanted that anyone who gets married in their hall live a happy life so why is it happening to Preeta. BI jee explains that she can cry if she wants to but the voice should never leave the room as Preeta has always seen her as a strong women and would never bear that she cries, Preeta can bear the load of the pains that are in her life but would not be able to witness and survive the pain which she is feeling, Sarla leans on Bi jee’s chest before crying abruptly

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