This is Fate Sunday Update 21 June 2020


This is Fate Sunday Update 21 June 2020

Sunday Update 21 June 2020 on This is Fate Update: Manisha tells Karan that he knows that their marriage is not because of the molestation charges, Karan knows this very well and even if she wants to even than they cannot end the marriage and he will have to do it at any cost.

This is Fate Saturday Update 20 June 2020

He will do it at any cost and whenever she starts to trust him he ends up hurting her so he must marry her at any cost, Karan leaves her hand and says that he will not marry her so what will she do.

She says that she will make sure that gets thrown out of the cricket team and it will make the headlines of the newspaper, She ask Preeta to convince her to marry Karan, Shrishti comes from behind and injects something in her neck which makes her unconscious. Everyone gets worried asking her what she ash done.

The Pandit asks them to bring the Bride and groom, Manisha

mother gets worried about Manisha, and her cousin says that he saw her going to Karan s room.
Prithvi is dragging the box, Billa is continuously hitting it from the inside and even when Prithvi threatens him he does not stop, when they reach the corner he sees Janki and quickly tries to take the box away from the hall.

Everyone tries to wake Manisha but she does not respond, Shrishti asks if she has died which makes Preeta worried.

Prithvi takes the box in a room and closes the door, he is about to open the lid but thinks that as soon as he opens the lid, Billa will attack him so he must be fully prepared and goes back outside. Dadi calls Mahesh and tells him everything about what Shrishti did and Manisha got unconscious.

Preeta makes Manisha lie on the bed, they ask Shrishti what she gave her, she says that it was a truth serum, Kartika spots Ganesh and ask him what he is doing here, Rishab asks him to be quiet and not tell anyone of what happened in the room also ordering him to bring a water bottle.

Mahesh and Dadi are talking, Ganesh comes and tells them that they are wrong and she is just unconscious and Rishab told him that Manisha will be fine. Dadi gets relieved, Prithvi hears this and when Ganesh leave she goes after her and tries to ask of what happened, Ganesh remembers what Rishab said and makes an excuse.

Mahesh is with Dadi, she says that she heard that if they talk of something bad it actually brings the truth and she is only wishing that they do not get married.

Janki is in front of the god and praying that Karan and Manisha and instead he marries Karan with Preeta, when she is praying Sarla comes from behind and asks what she was praying she remembers how angry Sarla got when they first said that Preeta and Karan should be married, so she tells her that she was praying for her own marriage with Amitabh Bachan as there is no one to care for her so she is praying by herself. When she leaves, Sarla again prays as she is worried for Janki because she lost her memory.

Prithvi comes back to the room and locks it from the inside, he goes to the box and says that how good Billa is because he did not make even a single voice so he could get reward for this from Prithvi. Prithvi thinks that it might be possible that he could have died because of suffocation, he thinks that this cannot be possible because Billa is very powerful and will not die so easily.

He opens the lid and Billa tries to break free. Prithvi makes fun of him and takes him outside saying that he will shift Billa to a bigger room, he takes out a medicine and rubs it on Billa’s nose, making him unconscious after that he hides him in the wardrobe.

Prithvi thinks that now he will have no problem from Billa and will enjoy the wedding without any worries.

Rishab asks Ganesh to bring the water quickly and they all throw the water on her face, Preeta says that the way Shrishti gave the medicine than it will take 10 to 15 minutes to wake up. Rishab and everyone start to target Shrishti, Karan takes her side asking them to stop it. Preeta gets angry at this and says that she will teach her a lesson when they get back home.

Manisha mother come with her friends. Kartika gets annoyed and asks if Manisha has died

Rishab asks Kartika to stop, Karan is seeing Manisha and pints that she is waking up, Shrishti asks her if she will tell the truth he nods her head agreeing, she ask her if she loves Rithwik, Manisha says that she loves, Preeta comes and asks her if she loves Karan, she says that she doesn’t even when Karan tries to make her stop saying anything. Preeta asks her the reason for marrying Karan she says that she wants to take revenge, Rishab asks her if she is sure that Karan was behind her molestation, Karan asks her to stop as even they cannot understand anything sop who would believe them, Preeta asks her again and when she is about to say the truth there is a knock on the door and it is her mother who is adamant that’s he come outside otherwise she will have the door broken. They all get worried

and think of a plan to make her mother stop from coming inside, Samer asks her to stop while talking in the voice of Manisha
Shrishti says that Preeta should marry Karan and till than they will be able to make Manisha tell the truth, both Preeta and Rishab are against this but Karan says that this will be the best plan, Rishab asks Shrishti to sit in the Mandap but she says that Preeta cannot do anything that is wrong and she will ruin their plan. Preeta agrees and they try o get the dress from Kartika’s wardrobe.

Samer makes Manisha mother go away and they get a couple of minutes.

Kartika and Shrishti are not able to find a copy of the Lehnga and work out a new plan. Preeta disagrees and says that they must think of a new plan, Kartika and Shrishti take Manisha to the bathroom and change her clothes, Shrishti takes Preeta inside.

Rishab says to Karan that if he feels that something is wrong and they are not back then he must get up and abort the marriage, Karan however says that he will marry her if they do not come because she is better than Manisha, Rishab gets tensed requesting that he does not do anything of the sort.

Shrishti comes outside saying that she was very tensed and not listening and even scratched her face, just than Preeta comes outside everyone is left looking at her, Karan ask her where Doctor Preeta is because she is a bit different. Preeta says that she will walk from the Mandap after ten minutes.

Rishab says that he had swore that he will not let him get married and if this happens than he will be married so he will go instead of Karan, Karan says that he knows that Rishab loves him a lot of but if he goes than everyone will see his face and then a new problem will arise so he must go himself. Preeta and Karan leave which makes Rishab feel nervous as he was not able to tell Preeta the truth which was in his heart.

Karan and Preeta are in the Mandap while everyone around them is tensed. Prithvi prays that they both get married.

The Pandit asks the permission to start the ceremony and her mother says something, Preeta asks what she said, he says that she meant that she was with Karan alone in his room, than she must understand what Manisha mother meant.

Kartika and everyone else are trying to question Manisha but she is not saying anything worth much, Rishab takes over and again asks her to tell his name and the name of the mastermind who was behind all of this.

The wedding ceremony continuous and they reach towards the end of the wedding, Karan and Preeta are told to stand for the ceremonial circles that have to be completed to conclude the wedding.

Karan asks Preeta to come but she disagrees he however says that everyone is watching but she does not listen and even when he is standings he does not give in but getting scared finally give sin. Karan takes the Haar and then they both place it on each other’s neck.

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