This Is Fate Sunday Update 19 September 2021


This Is Fate Sunday Update 19 September 2021

Pawan gets in the car and is about to leave with Preeta when Janki comes from behind she is about to stop him but is not able to, she wonders what he is taking as he left the dupatta behind, she worries about what he has stolen so she runs after him however is not able to catch him then thinks that she should follow him, auto driver stops asking where she wants to go, she asks how fast can he drive, he mentions that he can drive according to the wishes of the passenger, she instructs him to drive as fast as he can.

Sherlin is in her room drinking water, she remembers Prithvi who was really drunk so she decides to call him as he is her love, she mentions that he got drunk because of Preeta however he would realize that Preeta us now the wife of Karan so he would leave her. She tries calling him however he doesnot answer, she gets angry saying that this is his biggest problem because he doesn’t answer her call, she calls the landline and his mother picks up, Sherlin demands that she give the phone to her son, however they both get into an argument, Prithvi’s mother asks Sherlin why is she still coming after her son when she is married and also threatens that what will happen if she informs Rishab about what she is doing, Sherlin challenges her to fulfil her threats, so she should come to the Luthra house if she has the strength, Sherlin exclaims that she knows that she doesnot have that much strength and should know that Sherlin Is doing all this for aher son, however his mother exclaims that she would not give her respect and would call her what she is.
Sherlin gets really worried thinking she could take the name of them three and if his brother was still with them he would have been a challenge but he has left the house and is not with them but if he was here then he would be a challenge for them all, she gets scared as Pawan was a challenge for them all.
Pawan is driving in the car when he thinks how different everyone was in the house, he thinks that Janki was the most different however he keeps driving the car, Janki asks the driver to inform her if he sees a white car, the driver says that he has a family so she should get out and take some other auto, however Janki makes an excuse saying that that the man is her husband and she has a feeling that he is cheating her so she wants to catch him,, she makes an excuse explaining that she would kill her husband and his second wife so that he comes back to her house, she starts making a threat of leaving if he doesnot try to help her, however the driver agrees then when they reach the signal, Janki sees that he is calling his helper to come and take care of the situation as he is bringing his sister in law.

Rano comes to Karan mentioning that she doesnot what he likes in Preeta because there is nothing to like other than her name, then Ranuka jee also arrives to the function, karan exclaims that she ahs also come and he also knows her so would come back after meeting her, he bumps into Sarla and they both go into shock, Rano asks what the matter is, He explains that it is the mother of Preeta, rano exclaims that they hug eachother but not hold their hands, Rano asks Karan to take the blessings of Sarla.
Ranuka comes mentioning that she is really happy that they both are together as they look really good together, she asks her to lift the veil as they all are her family members, Maira gets worried about what she would do as now her plan would be ruined.
Janki is wondering what the person is stealing as he came into the house and stole something, then Pawan looks for her so she hides then when the signal opens, the auto is stuck and they finally go after Pawan.
Pawan reaches the house and the goons ask who he is, he calls Gaucho asking who these people are, then he exclaims that Pawan is their boss, he asks where Prithvi is, then takes Preeta inside, he exclaims that when he first saw her he could not understand what kind of a person she is because his brother is madly in love for her, he mentions that when he came the first time his brother was in love with Sherlin, but he doesnot know what she has done to her brother, then Gaucho comes explaining that prithvi has regained conscious so they all go to meet him.
Sarla also orders Preeta to lift her veil, however Karan exclaims that he would help her, he asks why is she not lifting the veil as everyone is standing , however Dadi comes explaining that they decided to do both the ceremonies together so he should wait till the guests arrive, she asks Preeta to go in her room as they would call her when everyone arrives.

Maira is running in the hall, she accidentally bumps into Sanjana who looks at her with amazement, she inquires what Maira is doing then Sarla comes from behind calling her however is stopped by a guest, Ramona also sees her from a distance then realizes what her daughter is trying to do, she sees Sarla then goes to stop her mentioning that she has something important to talk about, Sanjana meanwhile takes away Maira.
Janki reaches the house, she sends the auto driver away and is shocked to see that there are a lot of goons in the house who are with weapons, she decides to call Preeta and explain the entire situation she thinks that she will request her to search the house as the thief might have taken somehting that is worth a lot, she tries calling both Shrishti and Preeta however they donot attend the call, she assures that she would have to stop them as the Luthra’s are now the family members of Preeta so they cannot lose anything worthwhile.
Pawan slaps Gabbar when Prithvi is still unconscious, he says that it was because his men mentioned it to him, Pawan sits then says that it would be better if they shift Prithvi to the same room as Preeta as he would be happy to see her, Gabbar mentions that he has the best idea and is the only one with the brains, they then shift Prithvi into the room, when they are walking out Preeta wakes up and starts wondering where she is, Pawan heads back into the room.
Preeta is sitting on the bed, Pawan mentions that he has brought her to her own house and she is not the one to be kidnapped, however Pawan exclaims that she is at her own house so must not worry, Preeta mentions that she knows who he is and he is Rawan who was sent by Maira because she hired him, Pawan mentions that he did not introduce himself and so points at Prithvi, this makes her worried so she asks him why he kidnapped Prithvi jee hearing which he bursts into laughter, she mentions that she can say whatever she wants but he should let them go, she tries to walk away however gets dizzy then when Pawan tries to touch her, she throws the vase thrashing the room, Pawan exclaims that she did not listen to his introduction that his name is Pawan Malhotra meaning that he is the younger brother of Prithvi, he is for the Rawan.

Sanjana brings Maira into the room asking what is she doing and the reason she is wearing Preeta’s dress, Maira answers that she is acting as the wife of Karan, Sanjana gets worried however Maira asks her if she has some soft corner for Preeta, Sanjana refutes her statement exclaiming that she is worried about what would happen to Maira, she gets worried then sends her away from the room however Sanjana stops thinking that she feels Maira is acting little paranoid. Maira seeing that she is still standing there sends her away.
Janki is standing in front of the house and tries calling Sarla however stops thinking that she cannot understand what that person has taken from the house and the reason why he has to hire so many people to guard the house.
Ramona is pulling Sarla she asks her the reason she pulled her like this, Ramona exclaims that she behaved very rudely with her so wanted to apologize to her, Ramona leaves then thinks that she had to protect Maira so apologized to Sarla.
Rishab sees that Sarla is crying so asks her what the matter is, Sarla responds that she got emotional when Ramona talked nicely to her as she has never been nice to her which is why she is nervous, Rishab tries to calm her down then Shrishti also comes exclaiming that her mother is right because he always takes care of everyone so is a really nice person. Rishab exclaims that he was trying to calm Sarla when she started crying, they all are having a blast when Sanjana after seeing them from the corner wonders how he is talking with Sarla when he never dared talk with her except to greet her and leave.
Pawan starts showing Preeta the proof that he is the brother of Prithvi and she is about to be his sister in law, however Preeta is still really tensed then he shows her his driving license mention that she is about to be the wife of his brother but Preeta mentions that she is the wife of Karan Luthra so cannot marry Prithvi, this angers Pawan so he starts thrashing the room and even points a gun at her but apologizes for the foolish act, the Gabber comes pointing a knife at Preeta when she tries to leave explaining that she cannot fight as they four against men. Pawan throws the knife away before slapping him.

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