This is Fate Sunday Update 19 May 2019

Shrishti and Rishab are in the room and trying to connect the cameras, they are able to succeed and see Prithvi, they are left shocked, Dadi is not letting Manisha go away from the room, she stops her and doesnot let her leave, Rishab asks Shrishti to go and follow Prithvi, she agrees, then she makes fu with Sameer, Rishab notices it and says that they both are having something, because they are interested in each other, they both try to deny it but Rishab is not convinced and asks what is the matter with them, they both say that they are just good friends and nothing else, she then looks at Sameer and smiles, Rishab starts to make fun of her and she leaves.

Karina comes into the room and Dadi leaves, she makes Manisha stop and says that what she has is Sherlin’s reports, she gets a call and is scared to hear it, just then she leaves out of the room, Manisha tries to call Prithvi but his phone is not reachable, she then texts him hoping that he will see it and come directly to the room.
Prithvi calls Kartika and asks how she is, she asks where Karan and Manisha because it is the time for the engagement, she says that she is in Rishab’s room, Kartika leaves, he thinks that it is right because he was able to find the whereabouts of Manisha, he goes to meet her.

Karan asks Preeta why she is mad, she says that she is not talking because elders says that it is sometimes wise to remain quiet in some matter, she says that she knows he does not like Prithvi because of what he has done in the past but this does not mean that he challenges him in every matter, Karan makes her occupied and places ear pieces, he does not want to hear Preeta praising him.

Prithvi is being followed by Shrishti, she knows that he is going to meet Manisha and that he Is the one who is behind everything that is happening, he gets curious and tries to look for her but is not able to find her just then she is sure that it is him, he enters the room, Manisha is very angry and says that she will not marry Karan because everything the Luthra house are after her, she is about to leave, Prithvi stops her and sees Shrishti standing there, she comes in and makes Manisha say the truth, just then Prithvi thinks of running away and is about to but stumbles when Shrishti puts her feet in front of him making him fall. She starts to call everyone, he pushes her away, and Preeta catches her from falling.

Prithvi pushes Shrishti away, Preeta catches her and ask why he did such a thing, he starts to apologize, Shrishti however rejects this claim saying that he is the one who hired Manisha to file the Molestation charge against Karan and is the one behind everything, he tries to explain himself but Preeta is not listening and about to slap him, he threatens that if he cannot marry her the n no one will , also pushing her away, Karan catches her, Shrishti is thinking all this , Prithvi catches her asking why she is following him.
Prithvi asks Shrishti where Preeta is, she says that she does not know and leaves, Prithvi thinks that she was the one who is planning all this and have known that he is the one behind all this, he remembers that Kartika told him that Manisha is ion this room, it is

the same room where they had set the cameras before, he gets really sacred at what will happen.
Preeta ask Karan to drive slow because she has to drink water, he does not listen, she shouts after which he takes out the ear pieces, she gets mad at him for not listening to her, he drives slow, then he applies the brake and the water spills on her face, she gets mad at him.
Rishab is shocked to see that Karina is not in the room, he rushes and find Karina is the hall, he asjs why she left the room, she says that Dadi got injured so she must go and check her, he rushes to Manisha and does anything he can to keep her in the room, Karina remembers that she left the reports, she goes back and takes thinking that she will read it first.

Karan and Preeta reach the house, he starts o annoy her, she pushes him away and goes ahead, he starts to taunt her by saying that she touched him on purpose and will take advantage of him, she gets mad, saying that he has no mind and can do anything that is worth mentioning, he starts to argue with her talking about himself in an realistic manner, she gets really annoyed and he feels embarrassed.

Sherlin is running from the hospital, she is stopped by the nurse, she says that she must go and can leave anytime, the nurse tells her that she is pregnant and cannot leave, Sherlin gets shocked asking why did she do the tests, the nurse says that she did it because Preeta asked her and she knows of the Pregnancy.

Preeta and Karan come asking everyone if a parcel came for them, they do not know of it, Karan taking advantage of the moment leaves the room, Karina thinks of what they can do to [prevent the engagement, she looks at the envelope and is about to read them when Samer bumps into her and she drops the reports, she scolds him for not walking correctly, he apologizes, she looks for the reports but they are not there.

Rishab is forcing Manisha to drink the water,, she is adament to not have any, he then spills water on her on purpose, he sends her to washroom, she leaves, he takes her phone and unlocks it, Prithvi calls Manisha and her phone is in his hands, he accepts the call and Rishab hears Shrishti and Sameer fighting each other, he thinks that they must be close to each other, Manisha is about to leave the washroom but the door is jammed, they both are fighting, Rishab wonders if the guy will speak, then Manisha starts to shout asking Rishab to open the door, Prithvi hears this and quickly cancels the call.

Manisha says that the door is locked from the outside and he must open the door, Prithvi cancels the call, he deletes the number and opens the door, asking her why the door was locked from inside, she asks about her phone, he says that he does not knows she quickly picks it up.
Mahesh is walking when the servant comes and ask him to make into na account everything that they bought, he looks for a piece of paper and takes the re[ports of Sherlin,. Karina comes after them and is not able to find it.
Sherlin enters a cab and asks the driver to move fast, she assures him that she will pay any amount that he will ask.
Prithvi is in the room, he is really tensed about if Rishab had seen his name on Manisha phone, he says that he is really annoyed with Karan and Rishab’s behavior, he thinks of what he can do now.

Prithvi gets a call from, Sherlin he thank god and answers it, he says that he is very happy to know to that she is fine but he cannot talk right now and ends the call, Sherlin ask the diver to remove fast, he asks what the matter is.
Mahesh is with the waiter and doing the total of the amount that he has to pay, he is not able to fully understand what is happening and so gives more money to the waiter, saying that he will do it later.
Manisha is saying to Rishab that he must not have locked her in the Washroom, she starts to yell at hi insulting that he is the one who is wrong,. Rishab starts to defend himself saying that he is not like this, Manisha says that they must go for the wedding and leaves, Rishab thinks that he is not able to do these things, he must go and asks Shrishti and Samer because they were close to the mastermind.