This is Fate Sunday Update 14 June 2020


This is Fate Sunday Update 14 June 2020

This is Fate  Update 14 June 2020: Karan comes to the stage,. He apologizes to the media for the outburst, he says that his family did not support his decision, he asks everyone from the audience to come to his wedding, and Preeta is disappointed and walks away.

This is Fate Saturday Update 13 June 2020

Prithvi comes to Sherlin he says that Manisha is about to marry Karan because of love or some sort of deal, he says that whatever the reason if they both get married then she will tell Karan the truth which will be his downfall, she asks him to shut up and leaves. Prithvi thinks that he will go to jail if something like this happens.

Rakhi come sad locks herself in her room, she thinks that what has come o Karan as he did not think of Rishab even once and has decided to marry Manisha, their is a knock on the door at which Rakhi asks Karan to leave as she does not wants to talk to her, it is however Preeta who asks her to open the door even when Rakhi says that she does not want to talk but she does not listen and opens the door hugging her in emotion.

Rakhi says that Karan has disappointed her because he did not think of Rishab who loved him so much, she says that she never thought that Karan would be so selfish and would think of only himself, she goes on to cry when Preeta says that she also did not do the correct thing and slapped him, she says that she could not bear such a thing and is angry with her.

Preeta says that it is not the case and Karan is only sacrificing his life for Rishab, Rakhi does not understand but Preeta says that he has gone to Manisha and made a deal for marrying her in exchange for Rishab’s bail, Rakhi asks her if he said this to her but Preeta says that those with a big heart never say anything that includes their own sacrifice and have a very big emotion.
Rakhi says that she has done something very wrong with Karan, they must stop him from ruining his life, Preeta says that what he decides can never be changed and he will not back out from saving his brother, Rakhi asks what she can do to which Preeta says that she can stop crying and trust her son.
Karan is very angry and beating the wall, Preeta asks him to stop but he is not able to control his emotions, she gets scared and when he backs off, she takes his hand, she is relieved to see that nothing has happened to his hand, he says that whenever he is angry he hits the walls, even though his hand hurts a little but the walls feel the pain.
Preeta says that not only him but all his family members are also hurt and broken, he says that he has nothing to prove to anyone and she along with is family members can do whatever they wish but he loves Manisha.
She does not listen and ask him to shut up, she says that he is lying because she is his best friend and knows what he is, and the person behind him at the present is only trying to destroy his image, he says that she cannot talk to him like this, she however says that he tries to show that he is very bad and free but is in reality soft hearted and knows his limits around girls, she says that she knows that he is marrying Manisha to protect Rishab and is the only one who is doing anything.
Preeta says that she is very thankful for being his friend and he is lucky to be Rishab’s brother, she says that he must not cry because the Karan she knows will never cry. He asks if she is also angry, she agrees but says that she is only angry but not so much that she feels angered but so that she is sorry for him.
She ask him if after marriage Manisha asked him to not talk with Karan then would he listen to her, he asks her why she would do this, Preeta says that it is because she thinks that Preeta has feelings for her, Karan ask her if it si true, she immediately dis agrees, Karan however says that she is just his fan and they do not have any b care for what happens in his life.
They both hug each other emotionally and for a long time, when they get away and starts to walk in opposite directions they feel as if something is wrong with them and feel the constant urge to go back but cannot because of the conditions, Preeta runs away while crying.
Manisha opens the door and sees Prithvi and Sherlin standing.
Prithvi and Sherlin come to Manisha’s house. He shouts at Manisha for agreeing to marry Karan. Sherlin says she is aware Manisha is wrong, but Prithvi must calm down. Manisha questions what’s wrong, she reminds it was Sherlin who convinced her to marry Karan last night.

Prithvi says Manisha must use her mind that she is going to marry her Ritwik’s killer. Manisha says when Sherlin suggested her to marry Karan she didn’t pay much heed, but when Karan proposed her then she thought there was surely something right about it. Prithvi says till yesterday situation was different, but if she marries her boyfriend’s murderer she will regret watching her the Luthra brother together. Manisha says its Prithvi’s fears from the murderer hidden in himself, what if he comes out to be Ritwik’s murder.

Manisha blames everyone as an enemy of Ritwik. Prithvi says he never used Ritwik, it were the Luthra who killed her. Manisha says she will gain a lot by marrying Karan, she will be rich, celebrity wife, all the money and property and her revenge. If Rishab is her Ritwik’s murderer she will made them suffer, else she won’t spare anyone else involved in it. She feels lucky that Luthra family needs her, and she will give her verdict in favor of Rishab in court tomorrow.

The next morning, Rishab comes to the court box and notices everyone seemed tensed. Karan nods at Rishab. The defense lawyer calls Manisha in witness box. Manisha tells the court that it wasn’t Rishab who murdered Ritwik. The judge asks Manisha if she is aware what it means about changing her statement. Manisha says she doesn’t want an innocent man to be punished because of her misunderstanding. She was looking into a few of Ritwik’s belongings, he used to write diary and was appreciative of Rishab. On the day of murder he had even sent her message that someone wanted to kill him, Rishab’s name wasn’t mentioned. She couldn’t earlier see the message as her phone had been stormed by sympathy messages. She says she was extremely tensed on the day of her accusations, she requests the court to leave Rishab as he is innocent. She speaks to Karan from witness box for bringing all the trouble to his family. The judge warns Manisha that she can be caught in a new case. The court release Rishab Luthra for an unavailability of proof. Karan emotionally runs to the witness box and hugs Rishab tightly. Prithvi thinks this Manisha is really shrewd, she has full plan to destroy these Luthra once again. The police inspector says they must take Rishab Luthra to police station for some official work, he will be released after 2 hours. Rishab walks with police and thinks his family is happy but equally tensed by his release, there is something wrong for sure.
Shrishti comes to Preeta and asks why she isn’t yet ready. Preeta was upset that Rishab won’t like about Karan’s Haldi ritual. Rishab thinks she is sensible and left his family over her, but she failed. Rishab was released but Karan was caught. Sarla comes there and tells Preeta she did what was right, and Manisha won’t be able to trap Karan for lifetime. Rishab will surely find some solution for them. She says Rishab would surely need Preeta’s advice ahead, and she must now get ready. Shrishti jumps to take her mother into a hug.
Rishab comes home with Mahesh, and feels excited about all the wedding arrangement set up. Mahesh looked nervous. Rishab assures his father he won’t go to police station again, he must cease to be tensed anymore. He asks Mahesh about the arrangement but Mahesh says Karan has forbidden to tell him. Inside the hall, Rishab was shocked to see the function of Haldi. Rakhi comes to hug him excitedly. She asks Rishab to stop Karan. Kareena and Dadi also convince Rishab and were hopeful that Rishab can handle everything. Manisha comes to Rishab and introduces her parents to Rishab, as her future husband’s brother. Rishab looks towards his family in a state of shock. Manisha says she is extremely happy that Rishab came over before Haldi could begin. Rishab asks about Karan. Preeta and Shrishti also arrive in the function. Rishab questions Preeta what’s going on, he tells Preeta, Sameer and Shrishti to come along him. Manisha thinks its good that there will be family drama.

Rishab is very frustrated about what Karan did to save him, Preeta comes after that he says that he trusted her with Karan more than him, Samer tries to explain that all that is happening is not because of Preeta, he says that he is not talking to him. He says that he only trusted her because she is sensible and knows how to make decisions and cares for him.
He does not listen to anything, she says that she felt that he was going to do something very wrong but before she could do anything he made it official in front of the media, he says that she no longer has to say anything because it was just emotion and he cannot blame anyone, Karan placed himself in torture for the rest of his life just so that he can save him, he asks Shrishti to call him so that he can ask what he has done.
Karna is standing when Manisha comes and asks him to meet her friend because she is his fan, he thanks her for the love, she also calls her cousins they all are talking when Shrishti comes and asks him to come because Rishab is calling him, when they are walking he says that he is thankful that he saved him from those people, she says that she can do anything for him but cannot save him from Rishab.
Preeta asks Rishab to not be very angry with Karan, he walks away but then as soon as Karna walks in Rishab gets very angry and ask how could he take such a big decision of marrying without telling him, they start an argument where Rishab is very frustrated and constantly asking him to back out but Karan does not listen and leaves. Preeta thinks that she will do what needs to be done to save Karan and walks out.
Shrishti leans towards Rishab saying things eh will now think of some other ideas, he says that she must do all that is necessary save Karan.

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