This is Fate Sunday Update 12 July 2020


This is Fate Sunday Update 12 July 2020

12th July 2020 Sunday Update on This is Fate Update: Soon, the bike slips off a rock. Sarla jumps off the bike and attacks the goon with stones, saying she knows he would take her to Sherlin. She runs on the street and stops a van for help. The van driver offers her a lift. Inside the van, three goons appears and takes Sarla along.
In the hall, Rishab thinks about Sarla requesting to listen something really important. He now thinks about the false information of his mother. He spots the waiter in the hall.

In the van, Sarla ties the hands and face of Sarla.

This is Fate Sat Update 11 July 2020

In the room, Rishab asks the waiter why he brought the false information. The waiter says he wasn’t lying, someone sent him to inform Rishab that his mom had fallen. The waiter doesn’t reply. Karan joins Rishab, who explains everything to Karan. The waiter didn’t recognize the man, he wore a mask. It was Prithvi, and had asked the waiter to inform Rishab Luthra his mother had fallen, he just came over from UK and doesn’t recognize who Rishab Luthra is. The waiter says he can recognize that man. He is in the same party. Rishab sends the waiter to find him. They look around in the party. Karan tells Rishab may be it was a real joke, why he is so worried. Rishab says their parties are always spoilt, they must be careful.

The goons bring Sarla at a desserted spot and wonders what she had done that they had to kidnap her. The two men leave the van. Sarla grabs a cylinder and hits the driver making his nose bleed. The other two get Sarla, but she now grabs a steel rod and beats them over their heads.

Rishab tells Karan that Sarla was in a hurry, and severe panic. She said they must stop everything else there can be trouble. She was extremely tensed. Karan wonders if she got to know about Shrishti’s accident. Rishab was tensed and concerned at once. He calls on Shrishti’s number and asks her to put the cell phone on loud speaker, then asks Sameer if he took her to doctor. Sameer and Shrishti assures Rishab they went to doctor and everything is now fine. Karan asks the waiter about the man, the waiter says the man wore a full mask over his face. Karan recognizes a lady and a man wearing that mask. The lady signals the mask man who runs upstairs. Karan and Rishab follow him.

Sherlin smirks as Sarla fell in front of their car. Prithvi complements Sherlin’s strike and asks if she also plays like Karan. He tells her to fix Sarla’s body now. Sherlin says she first needs to speak to Sarla, like she held her hand in the temple. Sherlin walks down the car and kicks Sarla. Prithvi had worn a mask over his face. Sherlin says if Sarla is left alive, she won’t even allow us to live. Before she kills us…. Prithvi stops Sherlin from hitting her with the iron rod and takes her aside. He says Sarla is the only lady who supports him at Preeta’s house, anyways he won’t stop Sherlin from killing her. Sherlin held great hatred and intended to give Sarla a terrible death.

Rishab and Karan caught the man in the mask. They inquire about the lie for Rakhi. The man was entrapped

between the two brothers, he twists Rishab’s arm and runs away from them. Inside a room, he jumps off the window. Though Karan holds him and tries to pull off his face. Karan was attentive towards the knock at the door was washroom, the man runs through the window.

Sherlin asks Sarla how the surprise was. Sarla was awake and says she knew it could be none but Sherlin. If this is the man Sherlin wanted to marry, she spits over such a coward man who can’t even reveal his face. Prithvi was furious. Sherlin calms him down. She helps Sarla stand up, but clutches her neck. She gives another chance to Sarla and asks her to run and cross the van till she counts five, only that way she will let her run to Luthra house. Sarla turns around, but Sherlin hits her back with a metal rod. Sherlin now clutched her jaw. Sarla says she is ready to die, but till her last breathe she will continue her struggle and won’t let her destroy Luthra family. And even if she is dead, her daughters Preeta and Shrishti would continue her mission. Sherlin deters to kill them as well. Sarla was now aggressive, and attacks Sherlin. She pushes Sherlin down on floor and clutches her hair. Prithvi comes to help Sherlin but Sarla pulls off his mask. He had to hide his face and run on opposite direction instead.

Rishab and Karan unlock the door of washroom. Sherlin’s mother was lost in some thought, she recalls Sherlin warned she wouldn’t want to lose a son in law like Rishab. She replies that someone might have locked the washroom from outside by mistake. Rishab and Karan wonder what’s happening in their house. Karan says this Prithvi is surely doing something at their home.

Sarla chases Prithvi while he hides his face from Sarla. She hits Sherlin by the steel rod again and goes behind Prithvi over a bridge in the forest. Sherlin follows them. Prithvi was at once hit by a blind ended wall with no way to run. Sarla turns victoriously to see Sherlin heavily gulping. Sarla moves to Prithvi and drags him towards herself, forcing him to show his face. Sherlin comes to rescue Prithvi and pulls Sarla. Sarla slips from the bridge. Prithvi held her hand tightly as she hung down the bridge. Sherlin says now her daughters will bear the punishment in place of Sarla. She pulls off Sarla’s hand. Sarla fell into the water with a splash.

There, Preeta feels a strange sensation and call Maa. She finds a rudhraksh Sarla had gifted her, then holds it closer to herself.

Sherlin smirks while she and Prithvi watch Sarla struggle in water for some time, then gets still.

Preeta feels upset and extremely tensed for Sarla. She dials Sarla’s number but it doesn’t connect. She then dials the landline. It was Dadi and says Sarla isn’t home. She will reach party soon.

There, Karan felt curt over Prithvi for telling that lie for their mother. Rishab tells Karan they needn’t worry because of Prithvi’s acts and enjoy their party. They turn around to see Preeta coming from behind, upset. She felt upset for Sarla. Rishab tells Preeta that Sarla ji has arrived at the party.

Sherlin cheers watching Sarla get still and tells Prithvi she is finally dead.

Prithvi and Sherlin reach the spot when villagers had gathered around Sarla’s body. The villagers accuse Prithvi for killing her.

Shrishti and Sameer come home, their hands touch each other and they smile while holding them. Karan stood right in front of them and inquire what happened. Sameer says nothing, it was only an accident. Karan says he is asking about what’s going on between them. They reply at once, there is nothing. Karan says he has no problem with anything, he only wants to be the first one to know if anything is there. Both Sameer and Shrishti look towards each other. Sameer’s phone bell rings, he leaves to charge his phone as the battery was dead. Shrishti hurries behind him as she had his charger. Karan thinks they are hiding their love from him. Tanvi comes to Karan and

says they haven’t confessed to each other yet, whenever she is around Sameer Shrishti gets angry and when Sameer makes her up. They speak to each other about the world, but not about their love. They discuss they are badly caught with each other. Karan decides a plan and asks for Tanvi’s help. Tanvi agrees to help.

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