This Is Fate Sunday Update 10 October 2021


This Is Fate Sunday Update 10 October 2021

Sameer is anxiously waiting in front of the door, Ganesh apologizes explaining that he would just now close the door, Sameer says that he should not worry as Shrishti is coming so he is waiting foir her, she enters the house, he says that she should not ask any questions about where everyone is, Sameer explains how he knows she would react so is warning that she should stop saying anything like this,

Shrishti warns that he should act sensible and if desires to know what she Is thinking then should understand what she is thinking as she only desires to meet her sister.
Sherlin explains that she feels Sarla has tried to kill their unborn child however Rishab stops her scolding that she is just creating a scene and he doesn’t feel that Sarla would have done anything like this, Karan also supports his statement saying that he also knows Sarla would not go so low and that he also has a feeling that she is not pregnant at all as they all did not know of her pregnancy before leaving. Mahira blames Rishab explaining that his wife is pregnant and needs his support however he is blaming her, Rishab stops her mentioning that they all are just creating a scene and nothing more, Sherlin blames that he doesnot care for her which is why she was not telling him, he stops her responding that he doesnot have to prove that he cares for her and she should just rest as she requires it for herself and the child, he leaves, Sherlin starts crying mentioning how rudely Rishab talks with her, Dadi responds that she doesnot feel both Karan and Rishab are wrong as she also feels Sarla would not dare try to kill her child, Karina tries to stop her however Dadi leaves, Sherlin starts crying so Karina consoles her, she goes to talk with Dadi after advising Mahira to take care of her.
Mahira runs to her explaining that the plan is not working as they desires, Sherlin assures that it will and she just has to make sure that it stays on path, they both are talking when Kartika enters the room mentioning that she was sent to take care of her so she should just rest on the bed.
Shrishti enters the room, she immediately hugs Preeta mentioning how she got scared after she came to know that Preeta was ill on her karwachot and decided to meet her, Preeta responds that she got all

better as her sister is with her, she inquires if their mother has also come with her, Shrishti mentions that she lied to them both as otherwise Sarla would have taken too much tensions so she made an excuse by saying that the Luthra’s have a party at the club and when they would come back home she will call them, Preeta warns that it is not right that she lies, Shrishti also nods in agreement of knowing it is wrong but worries that their mother would take stress and come to meet her and has also heard that it is right to lie if it causes some pain, Sameer mentions that he was the one to inform her, Shristhi inquires why does he always has to take the credit, Preeta thanks him, Sameer says that he asked Shrishti to come so she can make Preeta eat something as the doctor told them that she has been poisoned and if she doesnot eat anything then it will spread, and she would feel better as even when everyone forced her she refused to eat anything, Shrishti asks why is he saying that she has been poisoned because she ate the food from their house, Shristhi thinks that Sherlin and Mahira might have poisoned her so they both plead with her to think.
Karina inquires Dadi what is she doing and why did she take the side of Sarla, Dadi responds that she has seen the world so knows that Sarla would not have done anything of the sort, Karina explains how Rakhi used to think that Preeta was her lucky charm but even then she felt bad when Preeta wronged their family, Mahira also comes to the room, she blames that Sarla has come from a society that would feel wrong when their daughter doesnot have the first child which is why they might have tried to harm the child, Mahira further explains how they would have done anything for the sake of revenge. Kartika comes saying that Sherlin is not in the house and that she is not in the house, Karina inquires why how she doesnot know because she was with her, Kartika says that she went to attend the bathroom but when she came out Sherlin was not in the house, Karina and Dadi both leave to search her.
Someone knocks at the Aurora house, Janki says that she would open the door but Sarla must not scold Shrishti as she might have come back, she opens the door to find Sherlin standing at the door, she asks why it took so long for them to open the door, the police inspector also comes ordering that they bring Sarla as there has been a complaint against her for attempt to murder, Janki pleads with them explaining how Sherlin is a liar and might have tricked them so she cannot arrest Sarla however the police inspector forcefully takes her away, Janki wonders what she can do as when she tries to call Preeta the call doesnot connect.
Shrishti pleads with Preeta to think, she worries for her mother so says that she has to talk with her, Shrishti assures her that she would make the call but for now she must think, both Sameer and Shrishti start arguing, Preeta stands up, Shrishti immediately asks her to lie down as it is not right for her, Preeta explains that she wants to get her mobile as she needs to talk with Sarla, Karan also comes in the room, he makes her lie on the bed then asks Shristhi to talk some sense into her as she would otherwise not be able to get healthy, Shristhi also pleads with Preeta to eat something, Preeta responds that she is keeping the fast to strengthen her relation with Karan and cannot think of breaking the fast as then she would not be able to get the wishes of the elders. Karan is left amazed by her decisions.

The police take Sarla into the van, Sherlin comes pleading the police to punish Sarla for all the crimes which she has committed her and the family, Sarla calls her saying that she knows that Sarla can never hurt her or the child but she knows that Sherlin might try to harm Preeta, Sherlin says that she should stop talking as she is the culprit.
Janki comes pleading and apologizing to the inspector saying that she wronged her when she refused to let her enter their house but they should not arrest her as she has done nothing wrong, the police inspector mentions that whenever there is a complaint against a person they have to take action, she should hire a lawyer so that they can attain the bail for her, Janki sits at her feet pleading that they let her go, Sherlin seeing the opportunity goes to Sarla exclaiming that her daughter brought the police

when she came into the Luthra mansion, which ruined her entire plan so now she made them all pay in just a day, she exclaims that it is a Karawachot so now she would break her fast as she needs strength to fight with them which is not possible until she eats something, the police then come to sit in the van while Janki is pleading with them to not take Sarla away.
Sherlin pleads with them to make Sarla pay for all the crimes which she ahs committed against their family, Janki starts crying on the road, Sherlin exclaims that they all are already of a very low class so should go back to their house and cry, Janki thinks that doesnot take pain but is responsible for giving them.
Dadi and Karina are both really worried, Mahira acts as if she is really worried but thinks that she is glad that they both are worried because they refused to listen to Sherlin, Dadi asks Karina to go and call her friends because they are really worried where she has gone, Dadi then sees Sherlin coming, Karina inquires where she had gone because they were all worried, Sherlin acts as if she is dizzy, then Mahira mentions that she would make her feel comfortable while they should bring something to drink, when they both leave Mahira closes the door.
She asks Sherlin to inform her of what has happened and did their plan work, Sherlin explains that everything happened exactly the same way they desired as the police have taken Sarla to jail, Mahira exclaims that she has also forced Dadi and Karina to believe that it was Sarla because of whom Sherlin got ill because she tried to murder her child, Sherlin gets scared asking her to not say it again and again as they say that sometimes it might become the truth, Mahira gets worried however she exclaims that she was just playing and when Sarla would inform Preeta she would have to break her fast, Sherlin responds that it will not only be her fast but the entire life as she is really close to Sarla and they might also leave the Luthra Mansion.
Preeta exclaims that she is feeling better ever since the doctor gave her the injection, Karan responds that it is not true as she is only saying this because of her stubbornness and this would not be okay for them both as when she is wrong he would also be worried, Preeta exclaims that she only has a slight pain in her head which would go away, Shrishti sits with her to help her relieve the pain.
Sameer asks Karan how can she be so nice as he knew that wives are selfish but she cares so much for him that she kept the fast for his long life, Karan asks Shrishti to come as he would sit with Preeta, he sits and is massaging the head when she realizes that it is Karan, Sameer and Shrishti both say that they are witnessing what they desired for so long because the relationship of Karan and Preeta is getting strong day by day so they should be happy, Shrishti exclaims that she is remembering what her mother that the relation between the husband and wife is cemented after the function of Karwachot because of the blessings of mother Karwa.