This Is Fate September Teasers 2022


This Is Fate September Teasers 2022

Preeta asks everyone to leave the house if they dislike her being the owner. Coming up on ZeeWorld This Is Fate September 2022 Teasers.

ZeeWorld This Is Fate September 2022 Teasers

Thursday 1 September 2022

Episode 57

Sameer goes towards Sonakshi’s room. Karan gets angry at Vinod when one of Sonakshi’s recruits gets killed at the hands of the police. Preeta arrives at the kidnapper’s hideout.

Friday 2  September 2022

Episode 58

Preeta tells her location to Srishti, who leaves the house with Sameer. Sonakshi and Rajiv attack Preeta, but she escapes in a car with Pihu. Sherlyn suggests Sonakshi a plan and leaves for the Luthra House.

Saturday 3  September 2022

Episode 59

Rajiv tries to leave the warehouse, but Sherlyn forces him against it. Later, he makes some serious accusations against Preeta. Sherlyn accuses Preeta of abducting Pihu to save Sarla’s marriage hall. The Luthras begin to suspect Preeta.

Sunday 4 September 2022

Episode 60

Karan tells Sonakshi how he feels for Preeta. Pihu gets grievously injured and breathes her last in Preeta’s arms. Later, Preeta returns home and blames it on Sonakshi.

Monday 5 September 2022

Episode 61

Preeta pleads with Karan to let her in, but he avoids it. Later, Sonakshi tries to get close to Karan, but he ousts her from the house. After two years of separation, Preeta leads her life alone.

Tuesday 6 September 2022

Episode 62

On the way to the hospital, an incident reminds Preeta of the past. A team of mental asylum staff visits Preeta and asks her about a lunatic. She gets shocked to learn that it is Mahesh and decides to help him.

Wednesday 7 September 2022

Episode 63

Preeta visits the Luthra Mansion to talk to everyone about Mahesh’s state. However, she gets shocked to learn that Prithvi has become the owner of Mahesh’s property by deceit. Prithvi brings in Natasha and asks Sherlyn to use her to usurp Karan’s wealth by deceit. Later, Preeta sees a nightmare.

Thursday 8 September 2022

Episode 64

Sarla decides to tell Preeta about Pragya.

Friday 9  September 2022

Episode 65

Prithvi overhears Kritika telling Rakhi that Preeta will come home. Prithvi gets angry when a sage tells the Luthras that their daughter-in-law’s arrival would change their fate. Soon, Preeta arrives there.

Saturday 10  September 2022

Episode 66

Payal worries about losing Karan due to Preeta’s arrival.

Sunday 11 September 2022

Episode 67

The Luthras try to oppose Preeta taking charge of the house but in vain. Preeta asks everyone to leave the house if they dislike her being the owner. Prithvi loses his cool when she takes his room. Rakhi supports Preeta and asks her the reason behind the change in her.

Monday 12 September 2022

Episode 68

Preeta locks Mona in a room and vows to punish Prithvi for torturing Mahesh. Prithvi calls everyone out to know who tried to visit Mahesh secretly. Sherlyn and Prithvi decide to overpower Preeta soon.

Tuesday 13 September 2022

Episode 69

Prithvi asks Mona to increase the dose of drugs being administered to Mahesh.

Wednesday 14 September 2022

Episode 70

Srishti tells Preeta that she has broken up with Sameer. Nagre’s arrival reminds everyone of his misbehaviour. He warns Preeta that he will get her arrested if he finds her papers fake.

Thursday 15 September 2022

Episode 71

Nagre threatens to get Preeta killed by an assassin, Munna Pandey. Preeta records Nagre’s confessions and threatens to get his license cancelled. Karan, Sameer and Rakhi rejoice over Nagre and Prithvi’s helplessness. Later, Preeta asks Karan to quit drinking.

Friday 16  September 2022

Episode 72

Nagre and Prithvi frame Preeta and get her arrested by pressing false charges against her. Rakhi and the family argue over Preeta. Karan gets into a heated argument with Prithvi when he says that Preeta has been arrested.

Saturday 17  September 2022

Episode 73

Nagre’s recruits push Preeta off a cliff. Later, Prithvi gets into an argument with Nagre over Preeta. Karan and Sameer visit the police station to look for Preeta.

Sunday 18 September 2022

Episode 74

Karan brings the police to interrogate Nagre, who shocks Prithvi with a piece of news. Nagre reveals to Sherlyn how he was forced to support Preeta. Srishti misbehaves with Sameer and Rakhi, who talks to Janki.

Monday 19 September 2022

Episode 75

Karan’s questions leave Preeta perplexed. Sherlyn helps Prithvi regain consciousness and tells him how Srishti and Preeta foiled his plan. He decides to execute another plan to take revenge on Preeta.

Tuesday 20 September 2022

Episode 76

Prithvi and Sherlyn wait for Natasha to execute her plan to humiliate Preeta. Sherlyn and Natasha get into an argument, and Janki notices this. However, Prithvi and Nagre give Natasha a chance, which angers Sherlyn.

Wednesday 21 September 2022

Episode 77

Preeta tries to clear the air and wins him over whilst dealing with Sherlyn, Prithvi, and Mahira, a trio that becomes a thorn in her side. Karan runs to save Preeta’s life after learning about Natasha’s plan from Sameer.

Thursday 22 September 2022

Episode 78

Prithvi claims that Mahesh is a lunatic, and Preeta pushes the latter out of anger. A furious Prithvi decides to use the occasion of ‘Lohri’ for his plan. Karan thanks Preeta for looking after Mahesh.

Friday 23  September 2022

Episode 79

Prithvi visits a mechanic to ask him to make a bomb with some special features. The Luthras welcome the guests to the ‘Lohri’ celebration. Natasha gets upset to see Karan with Preeta. Prithvi gets upset to learn that his henchman needs more time to make the bomb to kill Preeta.

Saturday 24  September 2022

Episode 80

Sherlyn and Natasha get into an argument. Shambhu brings a special bomb for Prithvi, who tells Sherlyn about his plan to kill Preeta.

Sunday 25 September 2022

Episode 81

Preeta saves Karan from falling. Karan suspects Prithvi and stops Preeta from breaking the coconut. Meanwhile, everyone misunderstands that Mahesh is having a seizure again. The doctor claims that Mahesh is still mentally ill.

Monday 26 September 2022

Episode 82

Srishti’s indifference hurts Sameer. Kareena and Kritika take Prithvi’s side and blame Preeta for Mahesh’s situation.

Tuesday 27 September 2022

Episode 83

Karan and Preeta fight over who’ll sleep on the bed. Sameer sneaks in to speak with Srishti but she rebukes him. Kritika feels grateful for Prithvi.

Wednesday 28 September 2022

Episode 84

Kareena creates a scene and Karan gives Preeta an ultimatum. Rakhi’s health worsens. Natasha taunts Preeta and then instigates Karan. Later, Preeta fails to convey her true intentions to Karan.

Thursday 29 September 2022

Episode 85

Preeta feels dizzy after eating the salad prepared by Mona. Prithvi taunts Preeta, but she gives him a befitting reply. Srishti and Dadi arrive and learn about Preeta’s condition.

Friday 30  September 2022

Episode 86

Prithvi comes up with a plan to berate Preeta but it falls flat when the doctor reveals the blood test results. Preeta fires Mona, which angers Prithvi and Sherlyn. Later, Preeta tells Daljeet and Srishti a shocking truth about the poison.

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